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l0nelyhearts Jan 2014
My mind and heart,
Have been fooled
By a sweet-tasted feeling,
Called lust

The first line, lust whispers me was,
"you're beautiful."
The naive side of me,
Began to follow it everywhere,
Because it feels likeĀ love

That time I thought,
"maybe this time it is really love....",
But time uncovers everything,
it's just lust disguised as love


So, lust , tell me...
When will love actually comes to me?

-l.m, (02.21 a.m)
l0nelyhearts Nov 2013
"what are you smiling about,
little miss hypocrite?"
my mind whispers
as my eye slowly release
the pain it can't handle anymore

"never once have you felt accepted,
never once have you felt loved,
and tell me, how many times have they left you,
after knowing how broken you are?
So tell me, what are you smiling about?
What kind of hypocrisy have you been
hiding all this time?"
my mind starts to scream
as my hand
tear itself open

l0nelyhearts Nov 2013
i feel like
a poisonous flower
planted in a garden
full of beautiful flowers

and maybe,
that's why
no beautiful butterfly
will come
to pollinate me
some love and happiness

l0nelyhearts Nov 2013
i thought you'd color up my black and white thoughts
i thought you'd cast off all the demons inside me
the demons creeping up in me
at 4.15am
i thought you'd show me
what happiness feels like

but time goes on
and you're starting to realize
how miserable
and torn
and broken i am


so it's true what they say,
broken things never once meant anything


— The End —