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Sep 2012 · 1.0k
L B Sep 2012

the bars of the cage are cold on his nose
his large brown eyes, expressive with soul
sadly watching people come and go
some of them pause to look at him
and others just shake their heads, and move on
his brindle coat is speckled, and looks at bit rough
not smooth, like some other dogs' coats
his markings look muddy under the lights
but still, he stands hopeful, one ear up, and one down
just like the hope, in his big loving heart
his tail, a happy flag that wags at each passerby,
and then, stills... as they walk away
till a little girl sees him, and suddenly, she stops
her bright eyes meet his brown ones, on her face, a big smile
and she calls to her family ... "over here - this one, Daddy!"
oh, the sweetest sounds ever heard in this world
is the opening, of a cage door...
and a fuzzy, warm little dog cuddles and wiggles
estatically held in the arms, of a big hearted child
and, that hopeful little dog finally has found... his forever home

by LB
Sep 2012 · 855
old wolf old man....
L B Sep 2012
snoozing in the twilight gleam
two old wolf eyes gazing
where he roams into the past
when he was young
now he is old his muzzle gray
eyes still shine in twilight....
recalling times with his family
now he is left alone on this shore
old man old wolf
born raised live and die
a sunrise of youth in their eyes
bright morning a summer of memory
dimmed now in old wolf old man
close together on this shore
sworn enemy of wolf... this old man
now the old man rests his hand gently
on old wolf's head.... and asks forgiveness
for the wrongs he has done
old wolf sighs he looks into old man's eyes
sees a family a young man roaring inside
the wolf sees more but keeps silent
the man's fears he's long held within
things man has done acts of violence
made his spirit puny indeed....
the wolf knows...far more than man
even now as the old man pats his fur
the wolf closes his eyes
for the last time...
and opens them wide on the other shore
his family running to greet him...
and no humans in sound or view

by LB
Sep 2012 · 640
shadow song...
L B Sep 2012
shadow song  
in flowing currents  
i hear your voice
i see your form in rocks
a luminous face blue eyes
it's been so long
since i lay beside you  
here in the dark
the grass holds your scent
the breeze caresses me  
like your fingers
i feel your touch  
heaven sent in my thoughts....
my skin tingles with memory
listening to your songs  
singing in flowers
in the waterfalls...
a shining rainbow you  
dancing in the light
naked as a dream....
you skin glowing like a pearl
water droplets sparkling  
in your hair
i see you now  
stripped before me  
in moonlit radiance
dancing in your sinuous way
a wildcat a tiger... a snake
roaring purring a kitten soft
you are here no distance  
between us
slinking in the shadows  
of my fantasy
never far in mind
my dreams you haunt...
a living ghost
i love you till i die
i live for you i dare for you
i dream for you...
i dive for you...
'neath dark waves of passion
into the realm of blue
i find you where you are...
waiting for me
with open arms
by LB
Sep 2012 · 780
loving you
L B Sep 2012
crazy feeling lazy
soft dreamy kisses
on your face
laying here enraptured
in a dream world
hazy sleepy day
a night of loving
a day of holding
onto each other
so warm
feeling the sleep
cascading like raindrops
in my arms...
you so soft
sweet like a baby...
your hair on my cheek
i play with its softness....
your fingers
entangled with mine...
we lie here breathing
saying nothing...
just feeling skin on skin...
loving the sweetness
of loving...

by l.b.
L B Sep 2012
the girl was always strange...a little different from the rest...she stayed to herself in her room after school...and loved animals the best...talked to them out loud in funny voices...her long hair covering her face and one day it really came as no surprise to her to find she was growing a funny bump on her backside...that sorta looked like a first it was easy to hide...she stuffed it in her pants and no one was wiser...except it felt a bit strange sitting on that thing...and when she was happy, darned if it didn't start to wag...all by itself...a few weeks went by and that tail started growing...longer and furry red like a setter least the back part anyhow....and her parents wondered why she never wore shorts day she answered a question at school...and a happy bark slipped out of her mouth!....classmates eyes round looking at her...teacher smiled and thought it was a joke...of course that is how she passed it off...but by golly if she didn't control... her cheers for a team....yips and growls popped out in excitement...her friends really thought she was strange...but the more it happened the more the girl liked it...she enjoyed being different...and by golly...her dog loved her just the same (as he always did.)..but her folks wondered why there were furry dog hairs inside her clothes...just down the one pants leg...hmmm...
well that gal grew mighty strange...funny things like barks and howls sang out in the middle of church choir....they started calling her wolf girl at school....and darned if her ears didn't start pointing at that night she'd stick her head out the door...gaze at the street waiting for a bark...from a little yorky across the street...and when that dog caught sight of her... man...the barks went crazy...all from her!....soon she got the urge to down she went when no one was about...and raced like the wind on all she could rip...faster than her dog...they'd zoom about the back yard...after a ball...and she caught it first...parents watching her one day...seeing her playing like a pooch...worried the heck out of them...they wondered what to do...they took her to a saw that growing tail...well he scratched his head in puzzlement...and darned if the girl didn't lick his face!....and offer him her hand to a dog!....well time went on since then...that girl is still stranger than strange...running round barking scratching at a collar now and tags that say her name....guess she's got the best of both worlds..being human...and being man's best friend...''

by L B
Sep 2012 · 902
The road I know...
L B Sep 2012
the road i know is gone now

the one with weeds and trees

wildflowers blooming

beside old evergreens.

our little yellow home

my mom grandmom and I

a winding garden path

tended so lovingly

a porch with a swing

three graceful maple trees

i named the three princesses

they were great friends to me

in back was a wonderland

of greenery

a little swirling pond

reflected autumn leaves

mushrooms grew in rings

on old weathered bark

i so fascinated by colors

beside our humble home

grew a flowering bush

white blooms heralded spring

from my window i would see them

in the morning

...memories are golden now

as twilight sweeps o'er me

wish i could go back there

and relive childhood... once more

by L.B.
Sep 2012 · 1.2k
withered hands
L B Sep 2012
beauty in withered hands
soul shines in wrinkled skin
lines and folds
a lifetime unfolds
a man a woman aged and gray
a heart full of memories
many stories of old
whisper in weathered faces
spirit soft in silver patina
not loud in vivid shades
a shadow across life's path
a mystery dwells within
behold in faded eyes
a light inside
a garden of faded roses
souls closer to heaven
unfurl sweeter petals
nearer to God

by l. b.
sept 2012
Sep 2012 · 744
universal thought
L B Sep 2012
lightning strikes a thought an idea
an emotion...
a painting a poem a sculpture a song
universal to us theories and conceptions
memories imposed stamped in minds
like raindrops....
trickle down in the air round us create
like gods
visions soar... free your dreams
let them crystallize....a monument
a sky scraper a bridge a home
the chair beneath your ***
once an inspired notion
whispered in a brain
from the great beyond...

by l. b.
sept 5 2012
Sep 2012 · 591
under the seas...
L B Sep 2012
under the seas
a ship sunk many years ago...
rusty now and fishes slip in and out
of her dark depths....
wandering corridors once floated
drifting dreams and chandeliers
people on a quest....
now lies dank cold and wet
their bones white as snow
sunk far beneath the waves
ghosts shimmer in the gloom
where sharks swim...
a woman's hair in currents sways
her eyes long gone...
her bony fingers grasping... reaching
for something far above
as fishes hide and seek
in her bones

by l. b.
sept 2012
Sep 2012 · 818
blazing sun
L B Sep 2012
he awoke in the blazing the sound of rattles....his eyes sealed from dried tears...crack open to slits...before him a hazy light...and a snake slithering by....coils and recoiling....patterned in diamonds...a mirage of death in still he lay scarcely daring to breathe ******* the air into his the rattlesnake slowly retreats...from his prone form...and slides away into brush....he heaves a sigh and reaches for a canteen...shakes it and feels a slosh...the heat scorching his he slowly rises...and sees a horizon rippling end in sight....he was left alone when his partner robbed a bank and away they ran into the night....he drove the vehicle into the desert and ran out of gas....peddle pumping hopeless...his partner took off ...for help he said but waving a gun crazy he let him go he faces an endless hike...water nearly gone...his legs stiff and sore...cramped from lying on the hard ground....he stumbles on...and sees something hovering...a strange bird with red rings and wild eyes....speaks to him in a strange the man wanders and stops...the bird stretches out his wings...and soars off taking the man's soul with they fly over rocky ground...the man sees his life unfold....he was a runaway at the age of nine....he sees a sister walking selling her soul on rough streets...he sees a needle in his arm before he was fifteen...and losing the battle of life so young...he flies with the bird and sees more...he sees a life of crime start from little hope...he sees love so little of a girl who once believed in the bird turns in flight to gaze at him...he sees her eyes...dark with the man is flying...he cries...and his tears water the baked ground the bird settles lightly upon his soul...and frees him back to his body...where he find himself back in his one room cell....bars before him...and a ******* the other side...who loves him

by l. b.
sept 2012
Sep 2012 · 1.0k
Elect This!
L B Sep 2012
election time again
time for lying politicians
never saying good things
how can we expect them
to do good for us
go in that booth
push that button
may as well be a trigger
for all the good it does
one is just as bad
as the other
two choices...  
really none
write in a candidate
hope they win
in elections nobody wins
the same old game
replayed a thousand times
with same results
a broken system
ain't gonna change
it needs a whole new way
of doing things
a government for people
not for rich sons of guns
who make us tap dance
to their tune
i vote so they don't
take away that privilege
those in control would love it
if we all stayed home!
stop the wars
who will do that?
feed the poor
c'mon politicians
fund that!
educate our kids
healthcare for all
would be Great!
Vote for a new
the real change starts
with me and you!

by l b
sept 2012
Sep 2012 · 504
loving you...
L B Sep 2012
inside your arms
a thousand miles away
we lie close
as one throbbing heart
your words on my lips
your eyes in my lids
your skin over my bones
your fingers on my tips
we are merged one soul
blending light dark....
shadow in sunlight
your moon in my stars
soul to soul in flaming love
we lay here love making...
a thousand miles apart

by l. b.
sept 2012
Sep 2012 · 1.5k
Wild candle...
L B Sep 2012
hidden from human sight
whilst glowing like a candle in the night
a ghostly wolf floats through the woods
staying to the shadows
as rays of light dance round her
a wolf white as frost pauses by the water
she lowers her head and sees a burning sky mirror
in the distance bells toll from a church
the clip clop of hooves on a bridge spanning the lake
as white wolf pauses... lifts her head
water drips golden ripples
the night settles soft as a raven's wing
as the cart sounds drift slowly away
leaving the sweetly singing woods
crickets loud in the gloom
as wolf waits sniffing the breeze
her spirit calling from a secluded glade
she walks alone her family now gone
all souls lost in a hunt
now she trots slowly in gathering dusk
each step brings her closer to her heart
a lone gray wolf pup in a hidden den
...awaits her

by l. b.
sept 3 2012
Sep 2012 · 507
reflecting pool
L B Sep 2012
a silent rippling pool inside my soul
reflecting all i am and all i want to be
hope to be dare to be... dare to dream
bigger than i am... i feel very small
but when i see her reflection... shining
in me.... i can believe in anything
hope grows in her eyes... mirroring mine
full of fear? no... her eyes are strength and
loving kindness.... in the flowing soul before me
liquefied and unified.... my love is timeless as
the water... changing and growing brighter
with each new tear drop each new rainfall
i believe in that girl in the mirror.... when i feel
defeated feeling low.... i see her smile beyond her tears
holding her head proud.... and i know i have that in me
she is holding my hand... reaching for my hidden heart
so we both glow... this is me in the mirror me.... this is she
in me.. wild child.... let her shine... set her free.... see her soar!

by l. b.
sept 1 2012
Sep 2012 · 763
Living prayers
L B Sep 2012
prayers are living energy
traveling in time and space
into Creator's heart
we are star memory
star dust light particles
spinning in space
whirling in time....
we are past present future
we are prayer in action
part of the beautiful life circle
we are love we are harmony
we are truth one with all  
and all hidden from view
let our truth shine in our eyes
let freedom in us sing a unity song
may we be children in our hearts
never growing old
dancing in our souls
let yourself go let your song sing let yourself shine
may our children grow as flowers of many colors
let them sing let them pray in their own way
may their lives be a rainbow of hope to all
may they blossom from shadows to the Light

by l. b.
sept 2012
Sep 2012 · 530
L B Sep 2012
he rolls his wheel chair each day
looking for food others toss away
checking dumpsters for old bottles and cans
a large trash bag in his one good hand
he rolls from town to town always searching
a scraggly dog trots by his side
crossing streets in blazing sun or biting cold
he rolls with the punches sleeps with the moon
a man hit by the hard knocks
still he smiles pats his dog in shade of life's dark side
a smile for others who see him
some who don't
doesn't faze him... he's been them all
still rolling along the wild streets of L.A.
homeless in the richest land of all... America

by l. b.
sept 3 2012
Sep 2012 · 807
Will you remember me?
L B Sep 2012
will you remember me
in your deepest heart
sing for me...
when the moon is full
over frozen tundra our family would hunt
forever running and playing together
loyal to each other
now so few left of the multitude
the pups...who will bring them up?
those who survive harshest winter
will they fall prey to merciless humans....?
why must it be this way...i cannot understand
but in the realms of heaven i roam far...
and see from above
a picture of humanity stains the earth
wolves not the lone victims of their wrath
my soul bleeds for those who lose...
their lives each day and night
from those who walk on two legs  
some have no heart....
and a soul colder than icy snows
biting winds...
blow in those armed with guns
one day will awaken...
in a vision revealed
upon their knees i see them
those heartless humans
begging forgiveness...
from wolves
will we give it...can we...?
forgive... for precious lives so greedily taken
loved ones shown no mercy
at their command
torn to shreds from traps and guns
i howl for them...
i cry for them...
i plead... for them
my family who remain are shorn in two
one half on earth one half above
will we forgive those inhumane ones....?  
our souls are saved theirs are not
in heaven a wilderness is secured for us
humans one day must face their own conscience....
and that burns hotter than any fiery furnace hell

by l. b.
sept 4 2012

— The End —