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Kyra Woods Dec 2016
Y'all tell em' to focus on school, keep ya head the books
and stay out of these streets.
But what is He supposed to do, when the Streets have him tripping over his own feet?

lurking around every corner,
confronted daily with His own eyes,
that's where He is meant to be.

The glamorized life of the Hustle,
You'll never know pain unless you the Struggle.
The same pain that causes them to shoot, but never aim.
what is He supposed to do when the streets are calling His name?

Y'all hold His hand and guide Him in the wrong direction, but then tell Him to do the right thing.
does this even make sense or is He confused by the bullet's sting.

Did you forget that He loves you,
that He wants to be accepted,
Gotta be just like You, even though you never said.
what are you supposed to do when the streets are coming after you?

Hiding in every shadow,
lurking in every crevasse.
Not a single OG could ever prepare us.

3 bullets to the chest. ringing in his ears.
blood gushing out black,
his mama screaming through her tears.

the Streets will watch you your whole life,
****** you up from home.
Do you how they Do you.
til most of You is gone.

Yea, times are tough
and this mentality is rough.
But what are you supposed to do, when the streets are after you?
those looking from the outside looking in.
These young black men aren't choosing a life that'll lead them down the road of despair.
they do not choose these situations, the situations choose them.
The battle between the streets and Young Souls is gruesome.
this is a battle of a nation.
Kyra Woods Dec 2016
even in the late midnight hour,
when the drizzle of tantalizing pain quickly turns into showers
when **** is coming down and getting Heavy
You are Enough.

even when you remember all the lies that he fed you,  
how he swore on his mama's life that he would rather die than hurt you.
maybe, he lied to her too.

Baby Girl, You're still Enough.

when you remember how he stressed leaving you wasn't an option
that went up in flames,
right along with his conscience.
Baby Girl, You'll always be Enough.
He couldn't see the light in you, but that doesn't mean stop shinning.
He was never right for You, stop wasting your time trying.

trying to understand, trying to make him a better man.
trying to make sense of things, when no one else can.

Baby girl, You are more than **Enough
for the girls damaged by rejection and false affection.
Just because the relationship is over, doesn't mean you're over.
breathe and heal through the pain and Don't let it consume you.
Never stop loving yourself because He didn't know how to.
Kyra Woods Jul 2016
We weren't taught to love ourselves,
We, instead were taught to see everything we are not.
Programmed to see our failings.
Programmed to see why we are not enough.
that lack of knowledge leaving us consumed with misunderstood pain.
Leaving room for wounds and self doubt.
why, did it not cross their minds to teach us how to love ourselves.
  Aug 2015 Kyra Woods
You were just a raindrop in my ocean but my god you created waves,
You rippled throughout my life and I just wanted more of what you gave

But then the sun returned and away went my cloudy day,
And sadly I'm left sitting here and there is nothing left to say
  Jul 2015 Kyra Woods
When did girls start becoming so self-conscious of their looks?
When did the focus shift from baby dolls and fairytales to makeup and skipping dinner?
One day we are pretending to be moms, the next day we are taking measures that could ruin our chances of being that
Scraped knees and muddy feet turn into nylons and stilettos
Girls slowly come to the realization that they must become the objects pleasing to the eyes of men if they want to get far in life
Beauty becomes a job and we put in our hours day in and day out
Our only payment becomes the compliments, the catcalls, and the brief feeling of acceptance
These are only temporary and it isn’t long before we begin to feel withdrawals of our need for acceptance
We push harder for the attention of others, but we can never measure up to that prettier girl next to us
Scrolling the Internet for remedies to make our not so soft skin softer, trying to buy the newest eyeliner to make our not so big eyes bigger, sticking our fingers down our throats to make our not so skinny waist skinnier
When will this madness end?
No matter how hard we try we can never reach perfection, someone will always seem better in our eyes
But then comes the ridicule for being “fake”
You can’t wear makeup anymore, it’s false advertising!
But when you don’t you are ridiculed for how imperfect your skin is, how small your eyes are, and how thin your lips look
Girls are made fun of for being too fat, and they are made fun of for being too skinny
Insults ranging from “Hey fatso!” to “Oh my gosh! She must have a eating disorder”
Girls get thrown into this circus, forced to walk the tightrope while the crowd shouts and throws their opinions in hopes of knocking someone off
“Come one, come all! Lets see how far she gets before she falls!”
No matter which way you go someone will root for you to fail
The little girl who dreamed of being a princess now dreams to be let out of this hell she has been put in
And one day, our daughters will have to face the same things…
Unless we fight for them
It’s time to take care of each other
A single compliment, a smile can go a long way
One day my little girl will look at me and ask
“How can I be beautiful?”
And I will answer
*“My darling, beauty isn’t defined by looks, beauty by looks is fleeting, you will be beautiful by how you find the beauty in others, you will be beautiful in the way you are respectful to those superior to you, you will be beautiful for your love for the hurting, and you will be beautiful because my darling,
God made you beautiful in your own way,
From the Inside Out
Kyra Woods Jul 2015
There are many side effects of being ambitious, but having the desire and determination to succeed is not and will never be a bad thing.
when you've encountered so many tribulations and you want something as desprestly as you want to breathe, you know that giving up has never been an option and will never be,
but the most challenging thing is that most of these people only try to minimize our aspirations and what we wish to be.
but I guess that's what we get when we're living in a city full of sorrow, deceit and unfulfilled dreams.
And nobody wants to listen when we try to tell them,  but There's this  yearning inside of me that everyone is failing to see.
and I have every intent of satisfying this hunger no matter how difficult it is to achieve.
I guess a side effect of being ambitious is not knowing when enough is enough.
I was taught that nothing good comes easily, We have to fight for what we want and most likely it'll be tough.
but we were born fighters with purpose running through our veins zealously, causing us to be relentless when it comes to what we crave to be.
now don't get me wrong I'll put on for my city KC, but it's not at all the place I aspire to be, and to put it simply I have to leave and I owe all of that to my ambitious personality.
a side effect of being ambitious is having unnerving passion, making others feel threatened as they try to reconstruct our visions into ideas that they can understand.
but just because they do it does not mean we have to give in.
the ball is in your court, this is your life. take control.
it wouldn't make sense to throw everything away to appease the mind of someone who has already lost their soul.  
A side effect of being ambitious is having unwavering Faith.
I just wish for you to never be discouraged, because ambition will forever and always be one of the most attractive traits.
Personally I believe that Ambition and faith are two key things when it comes to prosperity in life. as long as you are motivated and strong willed there is nothing that can hold you back, except for you.
Kyra Woods Jun 2015
Tell them they're pretty,
Tell them they're Beautiful,
Tell them everything is going to be okay.
These days there's so many questions, but not enough answers.
So the amount of tedious hours you spend contemplating does not matter because in the end You'll never know why.
You'll never know why people prey on little children, why they hurt something so defenseless and weak.
You'll never know why people question their existence, why they think it's okay to play God.
But most certainly, You'll never know why people need to be told they're pretty or beautiful everyday to feel complete and intact when they had the unappreciated pleasure of seeing a new Day.
They have the privilege of waking up and the privilege of breathing, walking and seeing.
Yet they still feel their lives are invalid because no one has verbally praised them for their physical appearance.
Their Mundane troubles of validity can not compare to what this young child carries.
As She lays along the side of her father's hospital bed with heavy eye lids, not able to speak, the last words on her mind are pretty and beautiful. She suffers from wounds both emotional and physical and even though she can barely breathe on her own, She is not her main concern.
Her life and the lives of Her family members has been torn, but this baby was born a fighter.
She does not question Her existence, it's the very thing she's pleading for.
The only thing she questions is why someone would do this to them.
why did someone feel as she did not deserve to live.
She does not want someone to whisper that she's beautiful to her paralyzed Body.
All she wants is for her Father to breathe.
So You'll never know why.
why people act like breathing is the worst thing in the world,
why they think fighting for what they believe in is wrong,
why Children are no longer safe.
You'll never understand why families are now strangers,
why the love of power is stronger than the power of love,
Why the color of my skin automatically makes me guilty,
and why people believe that being called beautiful and pretty are the only achievements in life.
You'll never know why,
You don't want to know why.
So tell them they're pretty,
tell them they're beautiful,
tell them everything is going to be okay.
As a young teen, around the age of 15 I wrote the original version of the poem in 2013.  I had planned on reciting in during a pageant the following summer but soon changed my mind. The plot of the young girl and her father was not apart of the original Piece, but after everything that has been happening to our Black communities and individuals I can't seem to get the trouble of my people off of my mind. This poem is not solely focused on the tragedies of black men, But the focus is more on how we tend to forget the simple blessings in life. We become unappreciative and rely on something else to make happiness valid, as if Being alive isn't enough to be Happy about.
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