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 Jul 2015 Kyra Wilder
**** boy you took on way more than you can handle you thought you could tame this wild *** driven fear driven impulsive girl you thought you could tame her unruly curls and her firey green eyes which shine in the dark night illuminated with lust and desire you thought you could make her into one of your gucchi girls with manicured toes HAH those are the kind of girls she sets to fire and watches them burn while she laughs and howls under the moonlight you thought you could teach her manners and poise when all she wants is your money and your body shes a free soul, brother, she's a wild child grown up with no one to hold her down she runs free she has no chains she has no loyalties she has no reason or purpose all she knows is that she's going nowhere and she's in such a hurry to get there you'll never be able to keep up she's barefoot while you're still shining your dress shoes
tell me when you were 17 did you ever look twice at the ***** girls passed out in the alleys? tell me did you ever help them up or ask them their name? tell me did you ever give a **** or did you turn your face away from them and tell your little brother to shield his eyes from the filth of society?
now that shes older and maybe a little cleaner doesn't mean you have the right to tame her or tie her down, boy, you can't handle a girl like her, boy, *you can't have me
// let's count our sins tonight //
 Jul 2015 Kyra Wilder
 Jul 2015 Kyra Wilder
I live for myself,
I don't worry about what others think,
I don't care if I'm not wearing make up,
at the end of the day I come home,
feeling happy,
because whatever I did,
I did
**for me
 Jun 2015 Kyra Wilder
 Jun 2015 Kyra Wilder
the best addiction is
because you can
drown your pain into
the sweet taste
of alcohol,
and forget all
about it.
the hardest part about not drinking
is how quickly that number of days
can be
ruined and
just by cracking open
one beer.
 Jun 2015 Kyra Wilder
That first puff,
the first sip,
the burn in my throat,
light headed
and shaking,
another hit
another shot,
I remember when I promised

I am not
the person I used to be,
I am not
a beacon of hope,
I am a shipwreck
and I can see
the smokestacks falling
into the sea.

Sometimes I have to
remind myself I am awake,
that this is not a dream,
maybe one day
I'll wake up
and it will be.

Do not look at me
like a sob story,
do not ask
for a happy ending,
there is no ending,
this is my life
and it is
smoke bumming
***** stealing
blunt passing
cold turkey

Red ribbons
and markers on posters,
this is not
the person
I was
Written instead of drinking
 Jun 2015 Kyra Wilder
 Jun 2015 Kyra Wilder
in your darkest times
you reach for the bottle
running from your problems
drinking the night away
along with those memories

but darling
just one drunk night
repeats after another
and you will fall into the habit
and lose yourself
 May 2015 Kyra Wilder
I bet we're going to kiss like addicts hungry for a hit and I'm sorry I'm not made of much except bruises and bleeding knuckles. Your words mostly touch me but I'm begging for your hands to instead. My mind used to be made up of cemeteries and all I thought about was writing eulogies to how dead I felt inside.
I want you to stain my teeth and leave your taste in my mouth permanently. I want you to swallow me whole and take me daily like I'm apart of your well being like you are for me.
A lot of the time I want you naked and quivering for me and a lot of the time I want you wrapped around me so tightly that nothing could tear you apart from me like this ******* distance is right now. I want my name bruised down your spine so you don't leave yourself in ruins.
This is messy and scattered but so are we and I love you more that I know how to breathe.
 May 2015 Kyra Wilder
Nicole Dawn
Am I okay?

I cry every night,
And can't breathe most days.

I sometimes want to die,
And feel buried by all the lies.

I have a broken heart,
And trust issues.

But also,

I smile at the little things,
And laugh for no reason.

I have hope in my heart,
And light in my eyes.

I am getting stronger,
And I will keep trying.

Am I okay?

Will I be okay?
Just keep going
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