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We are two different worlds
And it *****
I wish I wasn’t
Wish I was better suited
We both deserve better
But the world plays games
I can’t tell if she knows
or if she's even into me
Or if she’s just creeped out
Because, different worlds
But I want her… badly
and I'm afraid she knows
not that it stops me
a boy still dreams
I want to ravage her like there’s no tomorrow
I imagine her whispering my name in the dark
Her blonde hair dangling over my face
Her eyes trapping mine
her smiling shining in the darkness
She smells like a garden in my dreams
She always wears black
But I see her in a white dress
Her hands soft against my face
They melt me with her heat
I swear…
I’m afraid she’d be worth every consequence
I’m scared because I wouldn’t regret her
She paints her lips in a glossy pink
Reminds me of donut frosting
But they’re probably sweeter
And in a more natural
Addicting way
Not that it would stop me otherwise
I’d wanna kiss her
Even if she made my teeth hurt
She paints her nails blood red
I pretend it’s my blood
From digging them into my back
****, she caught me
I’ve been staring at her nonstop
“What you thinking about?” She asks
And I shrug her off
“Just thinking about something…
You know...”
She laughs, and I laugh
And we pretend it’s not weird
But you know
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