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Kyla Duncan May 2018
sure he's cute
and funny
and compassionate
but that's not why I like him -
I like him because he asks questions
no one else does
and he remembers my answers
better than I do
Kyla Duncan May 2018
her lips stained my lips
hair so soft, tangled through
my fingers –
She pulls me closer
gasping words into me
I want to speak
   but her voice,
   wrapped up in three little words
   crawls down my throat
      and chokes me

~ her love is suffocating
but I always come back for more
Kyla Duncan May 2018
I used to think
I broke everything I touched
but then I realized
that wasn't true
it was only that
I was hoarding memories
of all the broken things
and forgetting
that which I'd kept whole.
Kyla Duncan Jun 2018
to be bored
is to be restless
a dull sort of pause
counting those
until you lose track
and you listen
to the people –
     the dogs –
       the cars –
wishing you were somewhere else
with someone else
where it wasn’t
Kyla Duncan May 2018
I wanted to believe
I could fly
but I was out
of happy thoughts
Kyla Duncan May 2018
without war
we wouldn't know the meaning of peace
but I'd rather stay in the dark
and not appreciate the word
than learn the hard way
how fragile it can be
Kyla Duncan Dec 2018
This weight
on my chest
slipping into my core
and pooling there
eating away at everything else
and leaving only this hollowness
I am empty, I say
I am hollow and cold, I say
fill me, warm me, fix me
But you don’t need fixing, they say
You don’t need anyone but yourself, they say
I know I know I know
what do I do with this heavy hollow feeling?
it drags me down like an anchor into the dark depths
I want to laugh and dance and go wild
I want to breathe in life
and exhale everything else
I want to be held, to be touched – anything please
I want to talk to kiss to love – something please
I want meaning
burning desire
but more than anything
I want calm, quiet, perfect happiness  
I want love
I want to be known
Kyla Duncan Jun 2018





SO KINDLY *******
Kyla Duncan Dec 2018
I want a love that devours me
not in one big bite
with a snap of sharp, hungry teeth
but piece by piece
nibbling around the hard edges until it meets the soft and chewy center
until it tastes the very core of me
the heart – my heart
I want a love that devours me
not all at once
but slowly – slowly now
so slowly I don’t even notice until that last crumb dissolves
I want a love that consumes me
I want a love that makes my pulse go wild and steals the breath from my lungs
I want a love that makes me smile at the thought
a love that threads itself through dreams
that holds me close and keeps me warm through the coldest nights
I want a love that’s all mine
I want love that envelops me in its tender embrace
and drowns me in the weight of this new
Kyla Duncan Jul 2018
Breathe me in
Let me slip past the part
of your lips
And run down your throat like honey
like thick sweetness
soothing and smiling

Take me into you
Let me take a part of you
and make it mine
And I will have a piece of you
a souvenir of this love
that I will cherish always

Hold me close dear
Wrap those arms around me
Feel my warmth bleed into yours
My breath your air
as our mouths touch and transform into a kiss

Kiss me sweetly dear
Whisper of our love
of how our two hearts beat as one
Touch me softly
and pull me into you

Forever is a fantasy
only fools fall into
But I would be a fool for you
If you would be a fool for me
Because this?
This is perfect happiness
This is love, truly
And, baby, it's ours.
Kyla Duncan May 2018
she reached up,
fingers dancing in dapples of sunlight
weaving paths through the trees

her laugh
mingled with birdsong
and twirling through the breaths of wind

the forest
embraced her
the daylight tenderly wrapping her with warmth

she sang to the music of the earth
together they found harmony
as he marveled at her magnificence
Kyla Duncan Jun 2018
I lived with a monster once
without quite knowing it

My suspicions were drawn
on shaky lines
sneaking about on tip-toed feet

His attacks were just jokes -
insulting jokes

I seethed and I cried and,
maybe just a little,
I died

Wishing on distant stars
to take me away to distant shores
where I
would be free

And I thought
it was fine
that I could just
grin and bear it

But she told me the truth
of what he'd done
of who he was
the monster, that horrible wretch

And I could grin and bear it
no longer

filled me

Looking at him now
makes me nauseous
and furious
at the same time

I am scared of that monster
with whom I once shared a home
scared of his temper, of his wrath
and I just want to be left alone

I despise that man
who violated her so
hurt her
terrified her
wanted to take her as his own

I live with that monster no longer
I have no more smiles for that loathsome,
vile villain
no more laughter
no more tears

I know the truth now
Even if he doesn't know I know it

I am done pretending
done forgetting the pain and the misery

Now I just want the monster slain
Kyla Duncan May 2018
is music to
the trees their leaves
rustling in the dance of the
wind’s fingers, like love after hours
sweet and tender so filled
with joy I wonder why the trees
make their music into a lullaby that
so many choose to ignore? But I, I listen and
it is the sweetest song. The
song of eternity, the melody of
forever. The leaves tremor – shudder
in delight so divine. It is nature, at its essence
so pure and
simple yet
it goes, sadly,
Kyla Duncan Jun 2018
The bed was too small for
the two of them
so he had to hold her close
his arm
a protective lock
secured around her waist
she fit into him
like a puzzle sliding into place
and he savoured
every point of touch
his lips to her neck
breathing in the smell of her
their lungs kept pace
with each other
and he cherished
every time
he felt her inhale
felt the beat of her heart,
and he wished
for that perfect moment
to be endless
Kyla Duncan Jul 2018
There's nothing he can say
to make me forgive him

and maybe that's unfair
but not everyone deserves a second chance
Kyla Duncan Jul 2018
Sing a siren song for me, love
Draw me in with empty promises
and sugar sweet lies

Hold me close
Kiss me dear

Take my breath, pull it from my lungs
I'll long for your embrace long after you're gone
My broken heart an anchor lost to sea
Kyla Duncan Jun 2018
I think about smoking sometimes
on dreary days
on quiet nights
when I'm cold
or lonely
or sad
and I just want to inhale the numb
and exhale the ache

but aren't I just inhaling the poison
and exhaling it too?
I take it into myself
and breathe it out into the world

I think about rainy nights sometimes
dark, with the taste of a storm in the air
faded music playing in the background
door half-open
me, leaning over the balcony railing
with death perched between my lips

I think about smoke
spewing from my mouth
carrying all misery away
burning through the walls I can't tear down

I imagine cigarettes
come with leather jackets
sly smiles painted red
and sharp eyes lined black
with a devilish spark in them

They pair so nicely with
the blackest of nights
with bonfires and quiet laughter
and with silent solitude

But then I remember
crooked smiles with yellowed teeth
lungs, withered and black
coughing, gasping for clean air
because they're so infected with smoke
Kyla Duncan May 2018
She was the first –
the first to ensnare the attentions of my heart
She stripped away the loneliness
and warmed me with smiles
with laughs
A touch opened up an ocean of possibilities
But those dropped like a stone into water
The ocean was an illusion –
really it was a shallow pond – no, a puddle
I latched onto Hope too soon, too fast
Eager for the chance
But she soon reminded me of the sting of indifference
of being ignored
And loneliness had never left
and it wrapped me up in its heavy embrace
and I embraced it
And I said I would forget her
as she had forgotten me.
Kyla Duncan May 2018
every fleeting moment
of an accidental touch
a stolen brush of fingers
grazing skin
of eyes met across a room
of whispers
of secrets
shoots a thrill through me
because it brings me closer to you
Kyla Duncan Dec 2018
love me
thrill me
kiss me
**** me

wrap those arms around me
and tell me i'm yours

keep me close
close to you and close to your heart
warm me with sweet kisses trailing down my spine

tell me you love me
but show me too

laugh with me
play with me
be with me

whisper to me in the darkest hours
find your way to me down the fading path
we'll be together, darling
we'll hold each other up, always

i'll be yours if you'll be mine
we'll tangle ourselves up in these hearts
until the knots are too much
and it'll tear us apart to break free

the leaving would ruin us
ruin me
to thrash and struggle to walk away
would be apocalyptic

but don't think of that now
i know nothing lasts forever
but our love will blossom and grow
within this fleeting gasp of eternity
Kyla Duncan Jul 2018
whisper to me
of death and misfortune

sing me a song
of tragedy and terror

lull me with a lullaby
of pain and sorrow

do not whisper
sweet nothings
that mean nothing

do not sing
of love

there will be no lullabies
of elegant happiness
picture perfect

tell me your truths
your lies are only empty words
and a waste of breath
Kyla Duncan Jul 2018
spare me your lies
and i'll give you my truths
Kyla Duncan Dec 2018

are my salvation


save me

I live without you
but it feels lacking and lonely
how did I do this before?
I want to breathe your air
I want to fall into your arms
and feel your lips against me
I want to feel your love and know its true
I want you
I want all of you

without you
it's cold and it's dark and I can't get away from myself
I want to be with you
every hour of every day
I want you
I miss you

I miss you so much it hurts me
it hurts me
it hurts me so much I don't know how I get through it
I don't know how I make it to sunset without falling apart

you kept me together
you held me together
you made me want to stay that way
you changed everything
I gave you everything

I poured my heart and soul into loving you
you're gone now
and I don't know how to get it back

where am I without you?
I am lost, adrift out at sea
I can save myself
I know I can
but the wound you left feels like a bullet
shot through my heart
and all I have are bandaids to patch it together

I have to live without you
I have to live with missing you
one day this will be over
one day I'll stop feeling the ghost of your touch
one day I'll erase your smile
your eyes
your voice
from the workings of my soul

and I will learn to breathe again
and I will learn to save myself
and be my own salvation

— The End —