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Kwasi Boakye Mar 2019
It was a beautiful morning from Seoul

Strawberries and grapes

Breakfast and brakes

Stretches beyond ignore

Cuts deeper than a samurai blade

Slippery a morning to make you fall.

Oh what a beautiful morning to wish to come and come again.

Strawberries and grapes
Beautiful mornings are a sight to see
Kwasi Boakye Jun 2018
Dear Reggie
I am trying to remember
Too bad I can't
Too good I don't
I only remember how it felt
More than words
But a feeling
A bliss feeling of bliss
A Sunny sunshine
A Funny laughter
A beautiful smile
My typing fingers
Are where the words evolved
Volcanoes to being
From a sweet thought of events
Possible because you did

Dear Reggie
I can't recall exactly what was discarded
Although it felt good
So good its memory can't fade

Dear Reggie
She loved loved loved love
She still does
And showed me just a bit of it
Just a little I can not forget
Good my heart remembers

Dear Reggie
This is not a poem but a feeling
Thank you for letting her go
Trying to remember a deleted poem is not easy, It is good the heart remembers.
Kwasi Boakye May 2018
"Life with its ups and downs
Its smiles and frowns
are usually not understood
Why ought worried
Why ought depressed
Why ought anxious
Your thought is not option
Do you not know
that you are of a master plan
Why worry if you can worry not
worry not my friend

For it is well"
You have just two options, to worry or not to worry. Whatever choice you make is up to you.
Kwasi Boakye Nov 2016
Oh I have been mean
She cried but there was no tear
She asked why but I could not tell

She asked again but I could not say
How have I been to have this day

She asked me to leave and never come back
And gave me what I had given back

"On a more serious note, I need the space and a break
So lets cut the calls and text she said"

I asked for how long
She said until you are sure about what you really want I will be here

Now I miss her
I miss her more than I ever had
And I hope this is not it

I wish I haven't been mean
This is the story of my sad face. A story of needs and wants. A story of where we are and where we want to be. A story of my girlfriend and my wife. A story of repeated happenings. A story of regrets. A story I want to do right.
  Oct 2015 Kwasi Boakye
Jessica Head
Tie me up
If you love me.
  Oct 2015 Kwasi Boakye
when you look into a persons eyes
you see inside
the part they don't want to open up and show you
you see who they are
their past
their present
and you see if you want to be apart of their future
you see the hurt
the pain
the loss
the everlasting memories burned into their brain
leaving burns and scars and scary thoughts
you see their life
their adventures
their misfortunes
but you also see their good times
the treasures that they hold close
to make them feel like it's not all bad
looking into someones eyes is a journey
exploring the little fragments and seeing what they hold in their nooks and crannies
so look someone in the eyes
when you talk to them
when you lie next to them
and just wander
feel their spirit
their energy
just by looking into their eyes
into their lost soul
getting lost with them
within them
for eternity
I don't know where I was going with this.
But I like it and I spent a lot of time on it.
Hope you enjoy!
  Oct 2015 Kwasi Boakye
Sedoo Ashivor
I live in a town
Where one has to be tough
I've been up
But mostly, I've been down
I know you mean well
When you say you care
I hate to disappoint you
But your loving me is not enough

I know you saw me
Taken away in handcuffs
No, I was not falsely accused
It was me, I did those things
You think you can heal me
With your love
But I must be honest, my dear
Your love is not enough

I am not mean-spirited
I know I seem cruel and gruff
I have to appear so
To keep up the image
That makes men dread my visage
You saw through me
I find it beyond belief
But my sweet darling
Your love is not enough

I had a vivid imagination
I'd view my life in high-definition
Dream the photos of my future
In a colourful panorama
These days, I'm very lucky
To summon the will
To survive day after day
To be loved by you is an honour
Still, your love is not enough

I ignore the whispers of my heart
I laugh and I bluff
When it mentions you
You see, I have nothing to give
I've been broken, crushed
You deserve the world
I am mere shards
I would give you everything
But my love,
I, I am not enough.
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