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Oct 2016 · 552
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Call it Judgment
Whatever you May
If not  Love
Light the Way
Entrance the Imagination
To Guiet Fortitudr
No thanks
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
When Did The Shyness Come To Town?
Was it After
Or Before...

Taken Up in An Airplane
They Said
Some Sort of Space Craft

What I didn't tell them
Was that I had Become One of Them
Except for My Feet

When It Meant Leaving My Family
The Family of Man
I couldn't Do It

And Fought To Save The Soul that
Left Me During The Dark Ages
And The One
That Blew Away
During Nagisakii

Yes, I fought
Every Screaming Word that Came out
Sounded Like A Foreign Language
Nobody Did Come

They Heard The Screaming
The Shredding
In their Own Way

That was the End
Of the Second
Oct 2016 · 718
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Birds in High Sierras Reign
Calling Winters Heart
No Blame
Living Lifted Loving Free
This Stair that Rose
Behind that Tree

Lovers Carved Theirs Names
In Trust
With Vows of Care.
And Nights of Lust

Its Up the Stairs  
Past Lights Well Known
To Seek Hearts Mysteries
Beyond What's Grown

New Dreams
Öv Ancient Wisdoms Z.  
Past X and Y
Now Joined as Three

In tThanks we turn
With Mountains Share
Best Wishe is Friend
Be Blessed All Care
Oct 2016 · 359
The Collect
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
He loved me like no one else
No one..
A Lineage of Voices
Calling out, Speaking
Each Word an Invocation
Rites an Ancestry
Holy Ghost
We Soul This Bonding Bring  Forthwidth
Tears upon the Flesh
Growing Brighter We DO SEE
A Way
Above The Prayer
Now Rise
Oct 2016 · 607
Covenant Arc Qe
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Is Your Sacred Weapon Against the Unknown
Use It Wisely
shhh It Will Guide You Thru This Test of Fortitude and Challenge
Few Are Those Who Find and Make their Way Both

From Creek Beds Dried
To  Mountains
In Mourning and Back Again

Do Not Be Fooled By Visions
For You Truly Have Your Own

Eyes Of God
Ever Present
For Her Is Only Ones
Oct 2016 · 1.3k
Portugal Croenn
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Gratitude and Grace Awoke This Morning
Twin Adventurering Path of Light and Gird
Throwing Down the Stairs of Life  
Tiger Adventure of The Day
Grateful And Grace Paired
Together Within  Footsteps
Heavenly Full Leo
Yes!! Ayes Roar!!
Start Again
Never Slain
Eternal Life
Precious Gratitude
Lifting Elixars Vice
#happy #inspired #golden #evaporation #guided #caring #worship #heaven
Oct 2016 · 225
Lunar Whatchglow
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Lures Dangling
With Scents of Unknown  Bearing
Watch Sideways
For its the Corner that Bends the Light
Oct 2016 · 444
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
There was never so much Light
All that Love Being
Brilliantly Being
Never the Darkness
Children Born Happy
Blinding Light Broken Open
Everywhere Gyrating Joy
With calm Darkness
Waiting to Give Birth
A Living Hive of Light
Mother to Them All
Surprise Awakening
Sudden Feeling Everything's Wishes
Her Magic
Never Knowing  
Their Hunger was Her Food
Dance of Solar System Imbibing
Touching Touching Claiming Claiming
Wanted to Return Home
Simply To Say Thank You!
For the Excitment Was Real
Night Dance Miraculous
Universe of Wisdoms Order
Divine Intelligence
Knowing of the Cell
Oct 2016 · 266
Pleasure Party
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Last Years Tapes
Wont Open This Years Truths.
Beliefs are Nothing
Harry Potter
Bright Purple Light Illuminates
The  Void
Nothingness Forward
Wisdoms Playmates
Saluted Moonlight
For The Full EnJoy
Oct 2016 · 261
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
He Is My Son
And She My Be
Combine them Both
The Choice I See

With Love
Each One
Were Children Made
To change The World
Be Good Be Brave
Oct 2016 · 542
Peace Treaty
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
There is Another Way

By Choices Given
There is No Life
For All Who ToiL
Set Down
That Knife

And Turn
To Clear Decisions Made
Set Down That Hive
Refuse the Blade

With Love And Ease
Each One Made Whole
To Share Heart's  Please
Our Greatest Role
Oct 2016 · 368
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
It Ended in the Flame
Two Steps Higher

I Go I Go

Four Its Mystery
That Lifted
These Thoughts

Sister Mine
Silver Chain Forgiveness
Ours Together
By Virtue
Of A Shared
LinK In US
Oct 2016 · 247
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Fight Club
They Throw us in the Ring
And Ask Us To Complete

Let Me Wash Your Feet Beloved
For Your Skills And Majesty
Far Outweigh Any
Oct 2016 · 518
Share Croanw
KathleenAMaloney Oct 2016
Be Not Afraid
All That Is Taken
Will Bee ReStored
Gladsomw Well

Moore is the World
Of Moorish Goings
Vandals Taken
Thru Gaytes
Once Impeccable

Occult is the Focus
Space ReExistant
Ein Stahl
Ist Er Lieben
Grogen Eisner kinder
Du Bist HA  
A Wit  Fure
A wit Fure
Sep 2016 · 316
Chalice Stone
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
How Now Brown Cow?
I said Starting the Day

I'm not budging
Said My Soul

I signed Once
It had Already Made Its Decission
Refusing Manipulation
And Tears

Something More Than Faith
As Each Wave Came Thru

To the Bottom of the Ocean
It Once Fell
Past All Loves And Hopes
Life And Death
To The Secrets
True Creation
Where Life Splits The Immoveable Place
And It Becomes the Seed
Never changing Essence
Pure Reason
Made Into Life
Black Mahic Made Real Blackwr than Black
Stillness of The Suns Lightfe
Born certainty
Of Unknowing
She Knew Not Man
They Said
The chills reverberated Throughout Her Bide as She Became Him
Just For a Moment
He Was Born Within
Her Flash
Fully Grown
It Was True About Herthey Said
And It Was True
Feminized Was sHe Made. The Rock Called Stone, softened By the Waters of Time, and Never sHe More  Beautiful.  and the Word THEY sprang Forth . Wishing Well of The Tribe.
Sep 2016 · 414
Clovers Miracle
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Lions Gateway
Sumerian  Locket
Made from  a Boys Curly Hair
Worn upon the Head
Of A Lions Let
Decisions Fearless Walk
Swaying Boldness
Thru Valley's
Parched Fertility

For Scripture is Not Subject
It Is Wrought
By Pen
Is Prayer A Blessing

Clovers Miracle  Life
Carried Upon the Shoulders Live
UnAccepted Ending
Children Mine
Gracous Holy
Gracious Holy

This Vine
Shall Be
And Evermore
Free Life
For Those
Who Welcome
Sep 2016 · 387
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
They Taught
There is No Such Thing as Time
There is No Sin Sickness or Death
There is NO POWER TO Hurt
There is NO...
Said the Angel Risen Free Soul

And Ishee,
Why She Believed It
Believed it

Awoke To
I Am Happy
Each Day
Reclaiming  More
To Her
Passing Friend for Another
Once Rung With Laughter, Friendship
It was A Gift
Freely Given
IAM Heart So Glad Enjoy It Still
And What Was Taken
Take What You Need
I Am Endless Supply

New Words Now...
Secretly Returned R
Circulating Beloved Adoration
I Am Grateful
Time.  It's Nothing to Me . Sorry Melinda. Can't buy it.
Sep 2016 · 348
Heavens Starlights
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
By Your Faith
You Shall Know Me
Rise Now, Oh My Soul
As the  Illuminated Voice
Of Harmonizing Blessing
Be Love In All That You Do
Color the World Beautiful
And Know Peace
Love Grace Well
By Her Law  Resurrection
Life Abundant
Visioning's KingShip
True Compass
For The Direction
Of The Earth
Holy Spirit . Prove Yourself
Demonstrate Thee IAm
Sep 2016 · 236
Moon Worship
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Whispers Comfort
Carried From the Belly of
Deepening Breath
Dark Riverbed of Remembrance
UnSeeing Security

Final Embrace
Living Illumination
Sep 2016 · 213
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Your Prayers
Our Life
Sep 2016 · 404
Grimms Fairy Tales
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Security Breech Children
Risk, Listen or Don't
Harps Play
While Battlements
Thru Open Watchers Gate Adore
Here the Wind Roar  
Loves Vacuum Stealing
Fine Laughters Filial End
Drawn thru an Opening
As Above, So Below.
Sep 2016 · 307
Pax Ire
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
The Poets First
A Heavens Nation
A Nations Heaven
For Past Times
Have Paved the Way
Given Freely
Carried Moonward
To These
Our Soul Does Wed
Loves Pure Intention
Within the Spheres
Sep 2016 · 213
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Black Buddha
Your Red Is New Becoming

Age Old Question of
Lions Paws
Within the Answer God Unique

Stay Listening
You Say
Under this Tree

Hear the Horns of

Comforting Presence

Not Order KEY

For One
Is Not Forgotten

IT Is the Number
Of All of Us

I Am Grateful
And So It Is
Sep 2016 · 362
H Ome
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Soul Ripened Sun
Light’s Saving Love
Sailing Reach

Word of Light
Born of Nothing

Creator Once Dark
Mother of Thought

Reflected Mirror
Descended Risen

Upon The Moon
A Footprint

Impressed Life
We Now
Thee Take

Still Seas
Virtues Living Oneness
Spiraling Upward
Un Nameable

Rocket Ship
Apollo Aphrodite
Pen Tips Scroll

Ome’s Voice
Beyond the Earth
Sep 2016 · 315
Sharon's Speech
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Drumbeat of Sunlight
Upon Tamborine Sky

Shaman Whisper

Hissing of A Wisdom
Called Present

Add an I and a D
And I'd Be There Too

In Fact

Probably Be
THE President
Wouldn't I?

Thank You.  
Always a Good Ending



A Military Test
To Prove
God's Grade
Of Metal Born
By Light and Dark
A Spectrum All
From InfraRed
to X Ray Mean
For Me
Life Unseen
Sep 2016 · 357
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
How Odd
By Fate Of Charm
Now Carried
Ire the Pasture Green
Life Ivory
Knots of IRIS Night
This Sung Now Sung
In Palace
Nights Quiet Ways Of Grandeur
Err Discovered rifb
Upon a scRoll
Do Find
This Music One
AGree Di Made
C Once Lost
For Music
Compass come pass come pass Komonon
Who Wome WombWhomb
Mae B
Lol look look lllllllookinlookinlookIn
LookInK LookInK Look In K    In K
Four This
K Is
Garden of Eden
Garden  Hole holy aura circle aura halo
Wine Plan
Chalice PlN
Go Hid
Go Hid
Go Hid
His King
His Duke
Grandpa Grandpa Duke
Loving Cup
Our Family
Stolen die stihl
De Stihl De Stihglen
Dee Stihl

Silver Mine

I Kng kn. kin kin
Join All Now
ICANN  ICANN saVe as Save
Save Save Save Save Save Save SavevSave

Look SisternMine
Find The Vine
Way Way Star Star Heaven Word Star
Of  The Timeeeeeeêß

By Majesty
Upon His Rovkïn b v a
Śûn is wrï te So on  üpön
Mmk jjjjjK sßsßßßßßßßßß
GatesMuses Four
Key Garden Give Back
Sep 2016 · 237
Star Charte
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Star Boats Floating
Upon Water Clear
Starry Night  Girl
Oh Starry Night

Intention Set
By Fires Flame
Long Ago Girl
Yes Long Ago

Of Love Divine
Starry Night Girl
Ire Starry Night

By Red Your Dark
Still **** Mine
Turn Your Eyes World
Turn Your Eyes

For Her
This turn
Dru Shift
Gra time

Gratis Oman Gratins OEM
#chartre #charter SacraOme SacraRose
Sep 2016 · 243
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Thought Voice
Be As You ARE

Let the Forms Remain

Lifted Holy Spirit
Ministry Divine
C0-Create Walk Forward
For Create
We Good Do Shine

Title, Name True Given
It Always Was Born  ine
By Birth By Faith
By Truth
By Way
It Lives Within Sublime

For Each of Us are  Given
A Life as Holy Grace
Grace Calls Us Forth
Loves Faith Our Door

For This We Do Now Shine
Sep 2016 · 454
Star Fleet Commander
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Where in the Hell
Did I Ever r get these People?

Socks are a good Investment  says One

Oh yeah, says I
Wiggling My Toes
It's An Investment Eight

If you Care What a Fat Man Thinks
Get Back in the Car and Drive

Pure Intention
Gonna Find A Beech
Cool Toes  Dipped Into Warm Granules
Tesla was A Dreamer
Look at the Notes
Sep 2016 · 290
And Then They Were One
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Do We War For Money
Or For Fame
Is It Power
Or Hidden Shame?

And Then They Were One
Sep 2016 · 276
I Love You
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
He Said His Words Again
Take No Thought...

When She Looked Around
It Was At the World
Not 12, Not 100...
The World

By His Simple Coming
He Had Released  Grace
No Longer on the Cross
Or Barred By Gifts

She Held Out Her Hand
And the World Was Fed
Each Child, Her Child
Bending Down Before Them
She Was Raised

Stahl's Vision
Halo Upon the Earth
By Your Faith
They Did Know Her
By Her Presence
She Did Know UnSelf

Her Hand In Theirs
Hope Within Hope

Fallen, Pain, Accusation, Sorrow
She Raised Up
And The World Did Kneel

Death Gave Everything
And With It
She Anointed the World
Tempt Me, Test Me, Diminish Me
Thou Art Me
3 Times The **** Did Crow
3 Times The World Did Fall
# Times The Stones Were Set

And Yet
The Waters Leaped Freely
WaterFall of Eternal Beginnings
Life's Livingness      
Love Without Condition
For All To See
Sep 2016 · 582
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Blue Apple

Thinking About You
Even Now
Make me Turn a Holy  Shade
Of The Forbidden Fruit
After All
What Am I doing
About You

Might Just Be My Prince
So I Have to Ask
Are You Just a Pixel on a Screen
Or a OMan made of Flesh and Bone
My Touch Your Prayer
Your Strength
My Release

Love's Wisdom
All the Barriers Removed

You Are My Blue Apple
A Dream
A Fantasy
An Advertisement

Biafra Falls, Or Bangkok....
Sep 2016 · 396
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Black Pearl
Strung Together Secret
Of An Intermitent Doorway
Comes and Goes
Comes and Goes

Dot Dot Dot
One After the Other
Emergent  Hope

Birth Secret
Of Another Time
Sep 2016 · 287
Safe Passage
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
The Remnants of a Ship
Softly Washed Upon an Everpresent Shore
Daylights Peace
A Walk Upon this Tranquil Beech
Sep 2016 · 324
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Take No Thought

When You Stand in the Face of It
When You Willingly Become
When  You Allow it To Devour You
When You Return From These  Fires
Come to Me
With Your Laughter
And Your Tears
True Love
Dancing In The Rain
Sep 2016 · 275
Right Work
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
When They asked Me
What I Did

I Told Them

I Paint the Dot
On the Butterflies Wings
Really. I paint the Dot
On the Butterflies  Wings
Sep 2016 · 836
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Shall We Dance on the Dance Floor
Or Just Pretend


Mounted Skyward
Prow of Ship
Prow of Ship

Adventures Heart
Awakened Fervor
Higher Looking
Higher Looking

Gods Ear
Do You See It
Do You Feel It!!
Golden Chalice Paintbrush
Looking Inward
Seeing Skyward

Black Indigo


From the Parchment
Of Dust
Sep 2016 · 553
Grocery Store Smiles
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Beautiful my Friends
Sweetly together
Shopping the Isles of  Joes,
Like it was your best date yet
We knew each other
Except we didn't
You knew me , of course..
For all the looking
that we spend time on
ROWW perhaps, Agraced Up agates Love
I am Yours
No Mystery here
Nor deployment
Robe made
Sweet friendship
Hellos in the World
Sweet Hellos
Blind Partaking
For Favor Recognizable
You Love
Spoken Dimension
In the Eyes

Do not Seek
But Rather Know
Dispel Shyness
Costly Maiden Sure
Set Feather
To the Breeze
Once again
Once again
Sep 2016 · 238
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Eye Hurricane
Dead Three by Now
Killed By the Force
Of A Sad Wind
Ginger Forsight
Mill For The Tallying
Too Many Yessus
Missed  Masseur
Love support my family .. all
Sep 2016 · 271
Red Spring
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Mey Say Mey Say
Fishmonger Delights
Jennies, They Call Them
Mirror Pennies  Alas Bolder
Copper Colored  Halo
Bridal Veil
For The Initiated

Why Not?
Temple Goddess

No Truth HER
Say I
Christlionecarmadora Carmedora
All In One True Certainty
I Am I Am Am I
Sep 2016 · 239
Ball Park
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Best Friend
The Bat Swings
Your Hit!!

Said The Echoe
All The World


On the Catchers
Sep 2016 · 363
Sun and Moon
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Upon  the Winds of Change
A Lovely Thought
Carried Along
By the Soft Sharing
Of Another Truth
So imperceptible In Its Majesty
A Dance Upon the Waters of Time
My Lover Called
And With His Sweet Sujjestion
And Easy Flow
For Peace and Grace
are Married Names of One Kin
Kindness Being their Brother
And Thought of Just Another Friend
You Will Miss Me Lover
If You Go Without
My Bread Is Your Mana
Made With Honey Upon
It's Crust
Chalice of Wine
Upon our Center
Pour thee Forth Upon Tgese Lips of Alteration
For Goidbye is Ever Gone Once Said
No Fruits Of The Morriw
Remembered or Tasted  Held Again
Loves Starvation
Of Another Soul
Of The Suns Creation
Sep 2016 · 228
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
And All She could Say Was
Sep 2016 · 463
The Story of the FIT Human
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
The Year Was 2017... Globalization and Relocation thru Financial Incentives had been occurring at an Increasingly Rapid Rate...for 4 years
Human Sorting thru the Spheres Program had accelerated, and Talent Acquisition and Identification was Rampant in the Building of Ministry States, and Six Nation Civil/ Financial  Armies....
Ownership of Brick and Mortar Businesses in Each Free Country by Aggressive Interests Had become Maximized
Psychological War had been expanded

Martial Law Is Declared:
      in the event Civil War Breaks out...
     1) physical fitness at military Grade necessary
     2) able to read color based code and signage without computer
          - Rank and Order; For the purpose of Martial Law Leadership Positions/ Ruling Standard: Royal Dictatorship
         - Order of Social Value in the event of Planet Drought and Overheating, Mass starvation
         - Human Potential Project Government assisted for rapid acceleration of Skill to combat business collapse, acceleration pop Intuition and Physic listening ability
         - Disaster Training  and Skills organized
          - Passing of Fake Wills and................... for redistribution of Wealth
          - Fake......., wikipedia installs, and Search engine Lies to alter World Voting Perceptions for Tech  endorsed candidates in UN positions
        - Fake NGO's ,  Subject Matter Expertise Areas based in Branding and advertising as Influencers,  
          Conflict of Interest Rampant throughout; Corruption Widespread,
Secret Hostile Foreign Influence mixed with Oneness Agenda of Globalists
         Interference with mail (taken over by Foreign interests
          - arranged ****** partnerships/marriages for maximum efficiency of family structure in loss of familiar Central Government, increase of wellness and rabid growth of NEW potentials

Prepare: physically fit, for operation
                 eat organic foods
                Elliminate all debt, minimize expenses
                ORDER, reduce clutter, attachments
                ID primary relationships

              At Risk: Forests, Farmlands, National Parks, Utilities, Water
              At risk: Cultural Artifacts(Psychological War Target)
              At Risk: Kids of Philanthropists, Leadership
              At Risk: Family Businesses
              At Risk: Planet, All Life
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Electronic Manufacturing
Components switched thru Cloud, Satellite, or Remote Network
Application: Smart Homes, Appliances, Cars
      Potential Concern: capable of sensing movement,location,  and  listening without occupants awareness.
Legislation Requirement:  MADE,Assembled, and Tested  in USA
Per National Security Standard:
Sep 2016 · 510
Anna Polis
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Dare He See
The Marks
Of His ****** Desire
Upon Their Flesh

Even More Clearly
Their  Mind Awakened Now
Calm Master, Calm Knowing

Eating Worshipful Prayers
For Bloods Bargain
Archers Bulls Eye
Pleasures Point
Number One Concubine
Unfulfilled Undeniable
True Sorrow
For This and Only this
Can All Be Spared
Sep 2016 · 415
Rotting Peach
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Juice Dripping *****
For Deaths Virginity

A Million Expressions of Gratitude
From A Wife
Whose Empty Sorrow
From Sun
To Moon
and Back Again
Bribe Of Silence Wedding
For An Unruly Mans Lust
Legacy Of A ****
Sep 2016 · 205
Bend Over
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Go Ahead

Thats Right. Everything you See
Is the Miracle of Creation!! Beauty in every Stage from Depravation to Unlimited Righteousness

Thats Right.

Take a GOOD LONG LOOK! with a K!!! Look Hard, Look Soft
Look with your Old Ideas of Love, and if you have the Courage,
Than maybe You Now have some NEW ones

Grow UP!! Why as Old as Eternity LOVER
Too Fat!! I'm as Broaddddd as the Galaxies Horizon..
Plus Sized!!
****... Come and Get it      If you Dare.....
And when You Show Up,
Make Sure you Bring Flowers..
The Kind You Caress a Womans' Body WITH
and I Mean WITH
Make Sure you Leave the Thorns on..

Nothin I like Better
Than a Sharp Edge
Caressing This Consciousness
Called LIFE
Sep 2016 · 320
Anu World
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Dr. Poetica
Reaching Out WW
Dispensing Prescription
Tarnished Thot  called NEW

Bi NGO!! Sung to the Sound of OLD
Stillborn  Goose Step  
Blue MOON For a Militant
TREE of Life  
Dying of the Disease called MAN
More Trees in that Garden
Sergei and Yelena !

And Then.....
Humanity defeats the Alien Race
And How!!!!

Sheer Madness
Navigating the Stars

1, 3, 7, 12
10, 100, 400, 700
Hop Scotch Ranking
From Clown  Royale
To down Down Down
Ddddddownward Dog!

Never closer to a True End
Than Now
Never Closer to a True Friend
Than Now

Is Against
The Law

Turn Within
Sep 2016 · 491
Animal Crackers
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Follow the Light
Follow the Dark
Whatever moves You
Awakens a Spark

Sergie Anna or Elon too
It Matters not
Whatever, Who

Paint Your Icons
In Word or Prayer
Revile your Neighbor
Or Love your Lair

If Heaven Presnt
It's Call is Here
For You Beloved
Are Her Sweet Dear
Good Morning!!
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