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heaven Sep 2015
thank you
it has been a great wisdom
  Mar 2015 heaven
E. E. Cummings
why did you go
little fourpaws?
you forgot to shut
your big eyes.

where did you go?
like little kittens
are all the leaves
which open in the rain.

little kittens who
are called spring,
is what we ******
maybe asleep?

do you know?or maybe did
something go away
ever so quietly
when we weren’t looking.
  Jan 2015 heaven
I've learned that when someone asks you if you want to watch the surise, it is not because they have never seen it before, it is because they have never seen it with you
  Nov 2014 heaven
I'm leaving you softly
behind the photographs
next to the dark room of my past

I'll find you roughly
in every surface I touch
next to the mausoleum

I'd miss you fondly
if I could understand
that you have left

I'll call god quickly
just to ask him
how you have been
Missing my mother. It has been two years now.
heaven Oct 2014
ابن أبي داود السجستاني - حائية

تمسك بحبلِ الله وأتبعِ الهُدى ، ولا تكُ بدعيا لعلك تُفلحُ
Hold tightly to the rope of Allaah and the guidance,
And do not be an innovator, so that you might be successful.

ودنْ بكتابِ الله والسننِ التي ، أتت عنْ رسول الله تنجو وتربحُ
And practice your religion based on the Book of Allaah and the Sunan which
have come from the Messenger of Allaah so you will be saved and earn reward.

وقل غيرُ مخلوقٍ كلام مليكنا ، بذلك دان الـأتقياء , وأفصحوا
And say: Not a created thing is the Speech of our great King,
Such was the religious position of the pious ones (before us) who spoke well.

ولا تكُ في القرآن بالوقف قائلاً ، كما قال أتْباعٌ لجمٍ وأسححُوا
And do not be a person who takes no position on the Quran,
As did the followers of Jahm, and they had been too lax (to take the right position).

ولا تقل القرآن حلْقٌ قرأْتُهُ ، فإن كلام اللهِ باللفظ يُوضحُ
And do not say that the Quran is created, meaning: its recitation,
Since the Speech of Allaah, through its recitation, is made clear.

وقل يتجلى الله للخلقِ جهرةً ، كما البدر لا يخفى وربك أوضحُ
And say: Allaah will make himself visible to all the creation, openly,
Just as the full moon is not hard to see, and your Lord (will be seen) more clearly.

وليس بمولدٍ وليس بوالدٍ ، وليس له شِبْهٌ تعالى المُسبحُ
And He was not born, nor has He fathered anyone,
Nor is there anything similar to Him, exalted be the Glorified One.

وقد يُنكِر الجهمي هذا عندنا ، بمصداقِ ما قلنا حديثٌ مصرحُ
A Jahmee rejects this, however, we have
As a testimony to the truth of what we say – a hadeeth that clarifies it.

رواه جريرٌ عم مقالِ مُحمدٍ ، فقلُ مِثل ما قد قال ذاك تنْجحُ
Jareer narrated it, from the words of Muhammad,
So say what he said about that, and you will be successful.

وقد ينكرُ الجهمي أيضاً يمينهُ ، وكِلتا يديه بالفواضلِ تنْفحُ
And perhaps a Jahmee might deny His Right Hand as well,
While both of His Hands are giving out all kinds of bounties.

وقل ينزلُ الجبارُ في كلِّ ليلةٍ ، بر كيفَ جلَّ الواحدُ المُتمَدحُ
And say: The Ever-Compelling descends each night,
Without asking for exact details, magnificent is the One God and most worthy of praise.

إلى طبقِ الدنيا يمُنُّ بفضلهِ ، فتفرجُ أبواب السماءِ وتُفتحُ
Down to the lowest heaven, granting bounties from His Grace,
As the gates of the heavens are opened and spread widely.

يقولُ أَلا مُستغفرٌ يَلقَ غافراً ، ومُستمنحٌ خيراً ورِزْقاً فُمنحُ
He says: Is there anyone seeking forgiveness who would like to meet a Forgiver?
Or anyone seeking bounties of goodness and provisions, so he could be given (what he requests)?

روى ذاك قومٌ لا يردُّ حديثُهم ، ألا خابَ قومٌ كذبوهم وقُبِّحوا
A group have reported this whose reports are not to be rejected,
But sadly some have went wrong and did not believe them, marring themselves.

وقل: إنَّ خير النَّاسِ بعد محمَّدٍ ، وزيراهُ قدَماً ثم عثمانُ الارجَحُ
And say: Indeed the best of the people after Muhammad
Were his two deputies of old, and then ‘Uthmaan, according to the most correct position.

ورابعهُمْ خيرُ البريَّة بعدهُم ، عليٌّ حليفُ الخيرِ بالخيرِ مُنْجِحُ
And the fourth of them was the best of creation after them,
‘Alee, the companion of goodness, through goodness he was successful.

وإنَّهم للرَّهطُ لا ريبَ فيهمُ ، على نُجبِ الفردوسِ بالنُّور تَسرحُ
Those are the people, those who we have no doubt about,
Upon the great camels of Firdows, shining brightly and roaming about.

سعيدٌ وسعدٌ وابن عوفٍ وطلحةُ ، وعامرُ فهرٍ والزبيرُ الممدَّح
Sa’eed, Sa’d, Ibn ‘Awf, Talhah,
‘Aamir of Fihr, and Zubayr the praiseworthy.

وقل خيرض قولٍ في الصحابة كلِّهم ، ولا تك طعَّاناً تعيبُ وتجرحُ
And speak with the best terms about the Companions, all of them,
And do not be one who speaks ill of them, pointing out their faults and criticizing,

فقد نطقَ الوحيُ المبينث بفضلِهم ، وفي الفتح آيٌ للصَّحابةِ تمدحُ
Since the clear Revelation has spoke of their excellence,
And in (Soorah) al-Fat-h are verses about the Companions, praising them.

وبالقدرِ المقدورِ أيقِن فإنَّه ، دعامةُ عقدِ الدِّين ، والدِّينُ أفيحُ
And regarding the pre-ordained Qadr, be convinced, since it is
The pillar that combines many affairs of the Religion, and the Religion encompasses much.

ولا تُنكِرَنْ جهلاً نكيراً ومُنكراً ، ولا الحوْضَ والِميزانَ انك تُنصحُ
And do not reject, out of ignorance, (belief in) Nakeer and Munkar,
Or the Pool or the Scales, surely you are being advised sincerely.

وقُلْ يُخرجُ اللهُ الْعظيمُ بِفَضلِهِ ، مِنَ النارِ أجْساداً مِنَ الفَحْمِ تُطرحُ
And say: Allaah, the Great, will remove, from of His Grace,
Out of the Fire, people, burned severely, who will then be tossed.

عَلى النهرِ في الفِرْدوسِ تَحْيَا بِمَائِهِ ، كَحِبِّ حَمِيلِ السَّيْلِ إذْ جَاءَ يَطْفَحُ
Into the river in Firdows, wherein they will regain life by its water,
Like a seed taken by a flood that comes and wipes things away with its abundant water.

وإن رَسُولَ اللهِ للخَلْقِ شَافِعٌ ، وقُلْ في عَذابِ القَبْرِ حَقّ موَُضحُ
And surely, the Messenger of Allaah will intercede,
And speak about the punishment of the grave, that it is the truth, made clear.

ولاَ تُكْفِرنْ أَهلَ الصلاةِ وإِنْ عَصَوْا ، فَكُلهُمُ يَعْصِي وذُو العَرشِ يَصفَحُ
And do not make takfeer of those who pray, even if they commit sins,
Since all of them commits sins, while the Owner of the Throne forgives graciously.

ولَا تَعتقِدْ رأيَ الْخَوَارجِ إِنهُ ، مقَالٌ لَمنْ يَهواهُ يُردي ويَفْضَحُ
And do not hold a belief like that of the Khawaarij, for it is
A position held by only those who desire it, and it is destructive and disgraceful.

ولا تكُ مُرْجيًّا لَعُوبا بدينهِ ، ألاَ إِنمَا المُرْجِي بِالدينِ يَمْزحُ
And do not be a Murji’, one who plays games with his religion,
Surely, the Murji’ is joking about the religion (ie. not taking it seriously).

وقلْ : إنمَا الإِيمانُ : قولٌ ونِيةٌ ، وفعلٌ عَلَى قولِ النبِي مُصَرحُ
And say: Eemaan (faith) consists of statements, intentions,
And Actions, according to the explicit statement of the Prophet.

ويَنْقُصُ طوراً بالمَعَاصِي وتَارةً ، بِطَاعَتِهِ يَمْنَي وفي الوَزْنِ يَرْجَحُ
And it decreases sometimes, due to disobedience, and sometimes
Because of obedience it grows, and on the Scale it will outweigh (other things).

ودعْ عَنْكَ آراءَ الرجالِ وقَوْلَهُمْ ، فقولُ رسولِ اللهِ أزكَى وأَشْرحُ
And keep yourself from the opinions of people and their stances,
Since the stance of the Messenger of Allaah is more befitting and easier on one’s chest.

ولا تَكُ مِن قوْمٍ تلهوْا بدينِهِمْ ، فَتَطْعَنَ في أهلِ الحَديثِ وتقدحُ
And do not be from those who play games with their religion,
Attacking the people of hadeeth and reviling them.

إِذَا مَا اعْتقدْت الدهْرَ يا صَاحِ هذهِ ، فأَنْت عَلَى خَيْرٍ تبيتُ وتُصْبِحُ
If you keep this belief all your life, O holder of this (poem),
You will be upon goodness, day and night.
Al-haa iyyah
by Ibn Abi Dawud Assijistanee
  Sep 2014 heaven
E. E. Cummings
it is funny, you will be dead some day.
By you the mouth hair eyes,and i mean
the unique and nervously obscene

need;it’s funny.  They will all be dead

knead of lustfulhunched deeplytoplay
lips and stare the gross fuzzy-pash
—dead—and the dark gold delicately smash….
grass,and the stars,of my shoulder in stead.

It is a funny,thing.  And you will be

and i and all the days and nights that matter
knocked by sun moon jabbed ****** with ecstasy
….tremble (not knowing how much better

than me will you like the rain’s face and

the rich improbable hands of the Wind)
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