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Jessica Head
24/F/Fort A La Corne    If you love the bubbles set them free.
ajit peter
chennai    Poet a dreamer dreaming of a peacefull happy caring world who hopes his words can cause a change
Louis Bitchop
gRAFTION    fuck off
Jon Tobias
San Diego    Jon Tobias is a sucker for love poems and romanticizes everything. He doesn't mean to, but it's what he does. You can check out my ...
Pondering life with words
Cry Sebastian
Hanover    A life can never be captured in a single book.
Terry Collett
Sussex, England    Terry Collett has been writing poetry since 1971 and prose since 1995 and stage plays in 2005. He is married with 8 children and 8 ...
Sydney Brown
midwest    a ball of molecules dancing

— The End —