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 May 2014 andrew
 May 2014 andrew
definition 1, noun
an intense feeling of deep affection.
but that does not describe
the way my body is littered
with goosebumps at the
slightest hint of your touch

definition 2, noun
a person or thing that one loves.
but that does not describe
the twinkle i see in your eyes
when you smile back at me

definition three, verb
feel a deep romantic or ****** attachment to (someone).
but that does not describe
how easily i long to be
in your arms seconds after
you walk out the door

definition four, human
the way your hand
fastens to mine when
i say goodnight

the way you make the blood
rush through my body
and to my head

that is love
 May 2014 andrew
and even though it's been years
since i realized i wanted
to lay next to you and squeeze your hand
tight enough that you heard
"i love you more than the stars"
ring throughout that bright head of yours

it's been a month since you had to
tell me you were seriously asking me
to hold your hand in the dark
and let you place your perfectly shaped lips
against my trembling ones

it's been a month since you had to
tell me you were serious about wanting
me to be the person to kiss every part of your
sleepy eyed face at three in the morning

and i could not be more thankful
that you cradle my thoughts in your arms
along with my tear filled eyes
because i am too astounded by you
for words

and i could not be more in love
with the idea that you are in love with me
just the same that i am in love with you
 May 2014 andrew
oftentimes i have told you
i hate the snow even though
it's a beautiful sight to see
but today i awoke to
snow dancing through the sky
landing gracefully on treetops
and some of it fell to my heart
i love the snow because
you love the way it falls and
how the color white isn't a color
i love the snow because it gives
me chances to sled with you
inside snow covered kisses
and frostbitten noses
i love the snow because it reminds me
there is beauty in things other than
the way you look at me
i love the snow because you taught me how

oftentimes i have told you
the snow only creates messes
even though it's just trying
to see itself as beautiful
but today i awoke to
streets covered head to toe
in sheets of a color that does not exist
and i could not help but laugh
to find myself smiling and whispering
your name because it was
almost as amazing of  sight to see
drifts of snow covering bald spots on
the earth than it is to see
you light up when you see flurries
i love the snow because you taught me
not everything in the world is trying
to cause mayhem around me
i love the snow because you taught me how
 May 2014 andrew
worn out
 May 2014 andrew
Dear worn out soul
I am here to pick you up
after daily war between yourself,
parents and school

Dear beautiful person
Your smile shines brighter
than the sun, it is nicer to look at
than the moon

Dear loving boyfriend
Perfection is hard to come by
but nothing could be as perfect
as your heartbeat against mine

Dear best friend
Times are tough
but you will always have a home
as long as I am here

You will always have love
as long as I am here

Dear handsome young man
You've blossomed into a beautiful
tree and your leaves are green as ever
nothing could convince me otherwise

You will be perfect
as long as I have a brain to think so
 May 2014 andrew
when i am upset
i picture your delicate hands
cupping my heavy heart
kissing my tears away;
placing a band-aid over the hurt-
whispering  "it's okay, pretty girl, i love you"
and sometimes
a picture is worth a thousand smiles

thank you
 May 2014 andrew
i get so nervous to sleep
unless you are next to me
almost as if i don't trust
my dreams to be without
the comfort of your arms
keeping them safe

you've always had a way
of protecting me even if
we have't truly realized it

thank you
 May 2014 andrew
the t.v has never been turned up so loud
but today it is masking a missing voice
my room used to go months without hearing
though recently a five day period has been hell

on off days i would write to you
but i'm having trouble finding my voice-
or rather, the right letters to match my fingers pace
it's not that i no longer have feelings
though this off day has become an off month
and i've yet to type a single stanza that
satisfies the way i feel about you

there was a time i wasn't sure
in fact for five years i had convinced myself
i wasn't sure of being sure
and without getting too confusing-
long story short:
i am sure i was being an idiot

maybe i was blind

somewhere along the "unsure" line
i had opened my eyes and told everyone
within ear shot

"i am in love with my best friend"

though, you came closer than ear shot
and i was more of a ******* idiot
than i ever have been

the moral of this story,
and what i guess i've been trying to say
is that my tv has passed 8
to mask your missing voice
even though the noise drives me crazy
without your voice i am empty

(and not hearing your laugh drives me insane)
 Mar 2014 andrew
Terry Collett
The show's not over
till the fat lady snores,
I should know,
I was there, 1973  
or 74 and Mahler
still playing
on her Hi-Fi,
the last movement
of the Ist symphony.

We liked that, made
love to it, wondering
what Gustav
would have made
of that, the fat dame
and me, empty
whiskey glasses
on the table, curtains
drawn against
the night sky and moon.

The first time
she snored,
her soft whiskey breath,
her globes caught
in moon's glow,
her closed eyes
like upturned shells.

Her Scottish tongue
soft but sharp, her
flab sufficient
to keep warm
if needed,
but it was along ago,
she's gone now,
so I heard, my fat
dame lover, my ***
making love bird.
In memoriam Annie.
 Mar 2014 andrew
Bleed* like me I *promise it will hurt.
That is how I flirt,
I run to sorrow,
I do not borrow...
I rob souls.

Do you accept this dark blessing?
I cannot guess...
but I will stress.
For I am heartless and artless.
There is an endless winter in my heart.
 Mar 2014 andrew
Jessica Head
I am always scared. I'm always stuck at tha same house. "You know I want to go home too. Right.?" I got addicted to drugs, always hanging around the drugdealers. Getting high, that feeling everytime. Its a bad feeling, but it feels good.

When I go home, sometimes late at night. I am depressed, always have all that time to think. All I Care about is getting high.

I will quit in an nother day.
               *wrote this while i'm high.
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