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Kuk's Nov 2017
Darling it's a shame
that you love the parts of yourself that he deems worthy
haven't you realize that his farsightedness has cause him to loose sight of beauty so close to him.
Kuk's Nov 2017
I want the type of love that requires energy
but doesn't  leave you empty.
Kuk's Jul 2017
I am not her
I can't spend my days, looking over  my shoulder for a shadow of her
choose now
me or who you think i should be?
Kuk's Jul 2017
It's ironic
how she saw the red in his eyes
the knife on his tongue
and still mistook it for kindness
Kuk's Mar 2017
When you start to feel like your earth has shattered from underneath you
Remember this, you are the earth, and nothing can happen without your consent!
Kuk's Feb 2017
life started out simple
no makeup all naturale
years went by, no lipstick
the day she did ,
the crowd choked up
the block says she don faked up
i hear them saying i got
caked up
like being caked up mean I faked up
all this noise fo'real got me f**cked up
too faced,they called me
told me to face the fact
so i ride up, with my lancome.
pop them up with my brushes
crease them up  on their cheek bones
contour them up with the real truth
and i tell them to mac up
cuz i swear  sometimes they be hating son
#jokes #slang #lol #fun
Kuk's Feb 2017
Heres to the dreamers,the ones always creating magic out of teardrops.
Here's to the goonies; the misfits,treasure hunters for souls
Here's to the crazies, going through manic phases
Here's to the one's who sleep on the center of the bed, afraid to lie too close to the edge
Here's to friends you meet that shake the madness out of your core
Here's to being a conundrum, an unapologetic contradiction
Here's to the lover who stayed through it all
Here's to the dreamers;the question marks of society.
#dreamers #Contradiction
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