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kt Jun 2016
How does religion ruin ones life.  
well I could give a few instances....

Number one rule. Never ever start washing your feet.
kt Jun 2015
The sparrow
Eyes Deep
  A radiantly sparkle
Softly chirps sweet
Feathers softly sweep
one feather by one open.
kt Jun 2015
I hate photos
Wether good or bad

Weird things happen I guess
When something's want your soul!

Maybe.. (If)I decide to live
If God forgives
Then I'll have
Quit the book
To write, someday
Of course!
University! It's on the way?!
kt Mar 2015
As l look out upon this treached drench ****** land in it's mist of concedences and irony. It's made me turn hard. I have now turned into such a god dam ***** in which makes me the wicked witch!

l was gentle, kind,  and sweet as sweet ....never swore but then l had to become a *****. Just to get by you see. Didn't do it much, but l had the touch.
l was so soft, my hair a flowing, little tittties  were just right!

Now, from all the worries of the pushy thoughts of jesus and the devil. This all has put too much stress upon me. I feel sick to my stomach and this is just not me?
This has broke My spirit. I have now become aesthetically ugly, even for me.

I laugh hard sometimes at these two so called spirtual men? lol! Fighting over me?? "Over little old me?" I laugh quite strongly and hard at times.
Please with much tirenery..l'm not impressed... you've put me under a lot distress. Too much. I say! So get away!
These men of old days..

My spirit is best,
I just need to rest.
l've been through a ruff time
You having helped.

So please leave me alone!
All of you old men spirits good and bad!
I will decide things for me.
Your not jus talking to any Venus Goddess.
My power is all l need.
kt Jan 2015
Your missed my pet,
I love'd you the most.
Not a complaint
from the man with the most!

You were such a dear
I have no portrait to sit near.
l miss you my dear.

I am so sorry
this place was not for you
nor for me.

I hope your well
With some gal!
Handsome and slilkly shining and well
like you used to do, just for me,
when l'd come home
and there you'd be.

You little man
great joy you brought.
Now there's no movement
within your spot.

Oh Boy l miss you so
Please forgive me
and be well pleased
where you are..
sitting with your next queen bee.
kt Dec 2014
I'm the riddler whithout a fiddler
what a joker with out a poker.
kt Dec 2014
I had a dream
just between me.
Me on my own
and but not alone.

I found my pace
As I drempt of this place
A fine replace
That had such a grace.

Beside a tree
there was me.
Where it was free
just to be me.

With my cloak at hand
by the old oak on land
l had a joke
for all the folks

With a tear in my eye
not much of a sti
l looked at the sky
to say goodbye

I seen a cloud
It looked like a foul
he was pretty loud
just sitting all proud

His feathers jesting
but not a pesting
Got you guessing
he was just a resting

I then looked over
over my shoulder
to see what was over
just over the boulder.

Over the boulder there was a shoulder
some big man
with quite a big tan

He said, "come here!"
from his beard
With a big tear
He said...

"What are you doing here my dear?"

I said to him...

"sitting with you!
you big galout!
your just my size!
and not too wise!"

I found my friend
behind the bend
What a day
and what a friend.
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