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KRYS Apr 2016
Is a glue
That holds your once-broken-heart

Eventually it dries.
The fear
Evaporates from
Your mind.
You forget.

The glue is gone.
Your heart strung high
As ever.
And then you fall
IT falls.

Fear is the glue that
Holds together
Your broken heart.
It dries. You forget.

Fear helps
You heal.
KRYS Apr 2016
Mama always said that
Repeating something
Over and over
Will wear down it's meaning.
Or lives, are the same way.
Watch the sunset
Often enough
And it just becomes 6 p.m.
Make the same mistake
Over and over
And you stop calling it a mistake
If you just wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
One  day you'll forget why.
Nothing is forever, mama said.
KRYS May 2015
What is the natural night,
of when no technology does buzz
And none can see.
When no cars zoom
and there's lots of room.
Long sleep
No shadows creep.
What is of the natural night?
KRYS Apr 2016
We are just going going going, turning the gears of society's machine.

I complain often,
They want
They take
They ****,
But, we are they.

Are the ones you and I so often
For killing
The spirit of our younger selves,
We are the ones thinking each other crazy
What for?
Doing doing doing what THEY want
Why are you for conforming
To such a cruel world?
Such as society goes.

They are infinite
They are insatiable.
We are they
It's so ******* stupid
Because they are hating and judging and
We promise we do neither.
(Come on, you'd never)
We are the society
We hate
And we refuse
To acknowledge it
It stirs our stomachs,
It makes us feel so bad.

Who cares though, right?
I mean, seven billion people
Can't go wrong.

It's not us against them.
We're them.
It's not me against you.
Because it's us against ourselves.
Them against themselves.
You against you and me
against me.

**** society.
KRYS Jun 2015
There once was a girl
She lived in the woods.
Afraid of the world
Trying to survive.

There once was a girl
Who hid in her books.
Never leaving her room
Fearing them.

There once was a girl
Who waited all night.
Never showing emotion
Until the night.

There once was a girl
Who lived on the moon.
Wondering what it was
To live on earth.

Except they were all the same girl.
On earth.
Hiding from them
Hiding from him.
Hiding from you.
KRYS Jun 2015
White walls
press down on me
Squeezing my chest
Robbing me
Of precious
Precious oxygen

White walls
Make up
My home
The home
From which
I cannot

White walls
I love
But they're

— The End —