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Kristina Carmela Jun 2018
There she sat alone at the corner
Her face all calm and fair
There she sat alone at the corner
No one but herself was her care

Then he passed by and saw her
A remarkable work of art
As he passed by and eyed her
She looked and there ensued a spark

As time rolled by they spent it together
Talking of what they would become
As time kept rolling as they were together
They suddenly blended into one

As the light of the sun woke them one morning
They wanted to become more
As the light of the sun lit their paths one morning
Each other they saw no more
Kristina Carmela Jun 2018
Bottoms up they said
I drank straight from the bottle until I thought I was dead

Live with no boundaries they showed
For miracles don't happen when you're in your comfort zone

Don't be afraid they proved
Because every day may be the last of the extraordinary few
Kristina Carmela May 2018
do you silence the thoughts of the jealous?
do you symbolize laughter to the deaf?
do you unveil a rainbow to the blind?
do you offer a dance to the crippled?
do you outline the beauty of a mother to an orphan?
do you strengthen a heart that was born frail?
Kristina Carmela May 2018
It seems as if poets
Have felt the most pain
But to be in euphoria
Is a celebrated gain
For when every time
A write is admired
A smile on a face
Defeats the sadness they hide

It seems as if poets
Have eaten pages of books
A dozen of dictionaries
And novels on nooks
I cannot explain this
But I believe so
That those words we have written
From where we don't know

It seems as if poets
Have hearts that beat rhyme
For it seems just too natural
To call it divine
For every scenario
A piece is inspired
Half a moment later
Pure greatness transpired
An urge to escape, fastened with a belt
Senses of conflict, preparing to melt
Imagine a life concealed as a boy
Thought upon others dancing with joy
Feelings of envy?, questions?, and hopes?
The life of a female ******* in ropes
Cut me some slack, to emerge from this shell
With the strength to stand up, whenever I fell
Forget what they said, they're stuck on rewind
Attempt to look forward, and leave them behind
Letting the sand seep through the glass
Each grain of sand, a day in the past
Setting the scene in dark shades of grey
My very own painting intended this way
Although I did say, that's what I intend
Fine traces of colour mix into the blend
They bleed and descend, like inside a dream
No need to pretend, if you know what I mean?
Unlocking a shutter, to view the next stage
That's just the book cover, before the next page
Was I on the verge of a long waiting game?
As all of the pages were numbered the same
A feeling of doubtfulness hit at close range
And half the way through, I noticed a change
But as I look back, in outbursts of laughter
My worries had vanished into the next chapter
This story I told, is split into two
And it starts with the old, revealing the new
A lesson that change is both patience and time
As every grey cloud has a fine silver line
My last stroke of paint, lets give it a chance?
And it's signed at the bottom
By Claire Torrance
Kristina Carmela May 2018
I pass by a street of broken lives
Of dreams not even dreamt
Of hands as dark as the night
Begging for a piece of bread

I pass by a man with a foot long beard
His teeth no longer complete
With his face of danger bypassers feared
And his hair as gray as the street

I pass by a woman who sits on the side
Her legs tired and her dignity gone
Her ******* consumed by a little child
Who has no idea of what's going on

I pass by a girl and a boy who play
Both so innocent as they enjoy
Not even hoping to go and runaway
But rather revelling themselves without a toy

I pass by happiness as well as sorrow
Through the sidewalk and across the road
I pass by hopes of having another tomorrow
And the hope of having one's own abode
Kristina Carmela May 2018
With every look in the eye you send me through time and space. With every confession of love, you set my heart on fire. For all the times you've kissed my lips, I was brought to life. I was resurrected again and again because of your love. My love for you will always be watered by the grace of the Lord. For only He knows how much I love you. For it is He who is the source of that love, making that love greater than any sort of force or power there is.
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