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2.3k · Oct 2013
Aluminum Resistance
Kris Hernandez Oct 2013
Never put a wanderer by a window

Wilting at the winds that push

Against windows and she dies to be among the buildings

Sky beyond buildings beyond clouds beyond this window

Beyond where she is

“Please let me leave!”  she says, “these windows wear on my self!”

On she cries for metal built squared see-through barriers to be

Broken, open, tilted open.

Open up, air inside

Suffocated being.

On the other side

Of the blue, white, skies, beyond

Pure Air

Beyond complacent seated struggle to learn another lesson

Beyond reflections of natural light which crawl into her lap and

Warm her thighs, she thinks, closer to the window and she'll rest her eyes

To draw her windows to the aluminum resistance

And she shutters to imagine breathing on the other side
441 · Nov 2013
High Sights
Kris Hernandez Nov 2013
A clock tower stands far from my reach.
Its brown, burnished body high above level
and I sit behind thick glass, my eyes far and below.

How will I reach you?

You stand in front and in between clouds and
you, strong, stand tall like anything under.
You stand in front and in between grey and filtered blue and
you, strong, stand tall like burnt brown caramel.

You are high above level.

— The End —