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  Aug 2018 saks
Cedric McClester
By:  Cedric McClester

You’re no Thomas Edison
Kanye take your medicine
That will make you reticent
And hopefully you’ll jettison
Sayin’ slavery was a choice
You’re no modern day Dubois
Why’d you give that notion voice?
You’re just making lots of noise

Black folks got their feelings hurt
Because you made ‘em feel like dirt
Too bad you were not inert
Instead of being so **** curt
Stop saying the first thing in your head
Give some thought to it instead
Then review the things you said
Before you have us seeing red

Why do you pontificate?
Better if you chose to wait
Then to come out and state
Things we’re sure to debate
You’re not adept at history
And that’s no great big mystery
So why do you do this, you see
When the results are blistery

If your thoughts are in a rush
What comes out your mouth is mush
You’d do better just to hush
Than to make black people blush
Though I accept your apology
But you offended more than me
Which may be hard for you to see
Yet contrition is the key

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2018.  All rights reserved.
  May 2017 saks
They're just lips,
They're just teeth.
But when she smiles...
10 word poem
  May 2017 saks
Always faithful,
Always giving.
This treasure with a
Canine heart
  May 2017 saks
Ayu Prameswari

I'd be one
You read out loud
All day night

(Mar 2016)

— The End —