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K Sep 10
I didn’t text him happy birthday
And that’s because of you
Everybody looks AT me
But you just look right though

My eyelashes are long
And I know I have long hair
What’s mine is yours
But you just look
Whilst other people STARE

Maybe when you lose me
You will understand
That flights and restaurants aren’t enough
I need you to hold my hand

I am not ungrateful
I understand you care
But do you even think about me
When I’m not physically there?

Take my body
And take my heart
Take all that is an unknown
Have your cake and eat it
And get back upon your thrown
K Aug 31
I look at you
But you look through me

I know you
But can only wish that you knew me

I’d choose you
But you’d choose her

I think I know the truth
But I bet it’s much worse
K Aug 31
my hopes are too high
and my mood is too low

all day I crave to hear
the words that I shouldn’t know

I love you
I miss you
the things I’d give to kiss you

I think it would feel like heaven

but it’d be ten out of ten
not eleven

because if you came back
I know that you’d leave

and my broken heart
just wants to be free
K Aug 13
I don’t want money
I don’t want flowers
I want a connection
I want to talk for hours
I want to know
why your soul is so sad
I want to be your relief
I want to understand
I want to help you
I want you to feel free

But most of all

*I just want you to want me
K Jul 14
I’ve let you see the parts of me
That I don’t like to look at
K May 27
I need to understand
That this body is my home
Probably the only house
That I’ll ever truly own
I know where the windows are
And which ceilings leak
I know how to step the stairs
Without making them creak
I know where the spare key is kept
And I know who’s room is who’s
I know how to keep my mothers carpet clean
So please take off your shoes
I clean my bedroom everyday
I wash the sheets
And rid the stains
I bleach the bathroom
And polish the spoons
But somehow there’s still
Some dirt that looms
But this dirt comes from deep within
It is a stain

It’s just on the skin
K May 21
I miss the heavy butterflies
The ones that used to fly
Around my stomach
And my mind
The ones that used to cry
Everytime I killed them
When it was time to go
With a paragraphed pesticide
Filled with words you shouldn’t know
Heartbreak in eighty words
The worst poem I’ve ever written
I’ve read it to you so many times
And yet you still choose to listen
To a literary lullaby
A poorly put together anthology
Always followed by nothing more
Than a half hearted apology

I can write you another book but
The sequel won’t be mending
You’re watching the same film again
Expecting a different ending
When I was little I used to read
The same book every night
I was always in control
The ending was always in sight
The very hungry caterpillar
Never missed a meal
I knew he’d turn into a butterfly
But I didn’t know I’d  feel
Like I was flying too

I didn’t think he’d crowd my mind
Or fill my heart
Until he died  
But everytime he left my body
His blood was on my hands
I **** my childhood favourite
Just because I can
I guess I have to remind myself
That I am still in control
The butterflies can roam my body
But they can never take over my soul
One day I’ll build a sanctuary
So they don’t have to leave
Maybe if they have more space fly
I’ll be able to breathe
Perhaps we can re write this story
That we both love so much
Re illustrate and re narrate
And keep the old book shut
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