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green is m'eye love
feral, verdant
blue was my heart
once the blood was let
my skin bleach'd
the blotted sun

sometimes a violet sunset in Cali

"Mine's mango, what's yours?"


"Your vape. Mine's mango"

"Oh, it's, uh, like coffee mocha"

"You heavy into it?"

"Um, those little cigarette ones weren't strong enough"

"Smoke a long time?"

"Like, thirty years or something"



"So what's your deal, Freddy?"

"What? Oh, cuz my sweater huh"

"Yeah, it's what everyone calls you"


"Yeah, people see you around, they talk"

"And they send you out to get the skinny?"

"Noooo. The skinny, that's funny"

"Cuz I'm fat?"

"Sorry, no I just..."

"I'm kidding. I'm kidding"

"Oh good"

"Ok, well, to answer your question; I got tonsa social anxiety, delusional and and and people never know when I'm joking"

She laughed.

"I like how you just slip delusional in there so you forgot sneaky."

He smiled. He smelled mango.

"It's OK. I'm kinda delusional, too. Can't you tell by my lipstick?"

"Green..... I used to be, like, beige"


"So, like, do you think I'm falling in love with you?"
if I could just let it all out
it wouldn't be so bad

or would it?
absent in traffic
music blares in grocery shops
otherworldly fugue
mountains, canyons lo
winding bends, where none can rest
lost, I cannot stop
I dream of yellow
even petals for counting
I pluck, does she love?
how can I say, lo?
these absconding coyotes
howling to me, nooooooo
still I dream of you
by the sea and juice for us
...shakes the space between atoms
thorn on the vine
wine in the glass
undisturbed visage

spot on the sun
desert I wander
absence of water

love off the page
raging white fire
denuded flower
He is born
He is persistent
He is king of all the land

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