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Kitty Prr Aug 2013
After waiting so long to hear from you
You tell me you want to 'get together'.
I say yes, where, and when.
I always come running to you.

And when I'm with you, it's all I want.
In your arms nothing else matters.
As you touch my body I let go of wanting you to love me.
This moment is all there is.

As I feel your breath on my skin hot with desire,
I am happy.
As I feel you inside me and your body pressed against mine,
This moment is all I want.

Even when you accidentally lean on my hair, many times
I don't say anything.
You are with me, giving yourself to me.
I will grit my teeth and bear the pain with the ecstasy.

As you look at me you hold my gaze.
Not just a fleeting look like other lovers.
You look at me like I'm real, like I mean something.
This moment is right.

For a second, as you hold me after the ecstasy
I feel sad that you don't love me.
But I let that pass,
Right now is bliss and this is all I want.
I think I left it too long after the event to write this, it's not very good and doesn't really express what I wanted to very well.
Kitty Prr Jun 2013
You haunt my mind,
How could you leave and stay here like that?
How DARE you leave and stay here?
Every memory is bitter sweet.

You always made me smile,
Still do.  And it makes me sad,
Missing you.
You haunt my mind, and my heart.

Every day on the bus to work
I pass the bike shop you was going to take me to.
We barely found time to be together,
You never took me anywhere for more than a quick drink.

You was never really going to take me to that shop,
Even though I know you intended to.
But everytime I see it I think of you and smile...
For a moment.  I will go there one day,
And be with you, in my heart, and mind.

I haven't let you go,
But you never said you was leaving.
You haven't left me yet, I just haven't heard from you.
You left me alone, with you.

I read your emails, I read your texts.
I see your smile, your eyes.
I feel your body.  The most real memories I have.
They are echoes,
I guess echoes fade.

But right now you haunt my mind, heart, and soul.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Looking around on a sunny day
Barbeque sizzling, music playing
People talking, laughing.
It's a great atmosphere and I think
"This should be food for poetry"

And still I draw a blank
And I wonder why.
Maybe it's because
I don't really feel part of it.
New job, socially awkward.

I go off to the side
To sit down and write
Looking on from the outside, my norm.
I even brought magazines and poetry book
Downstairs to the barbeque.

I guess I created this
Carrying my barrier of books in front of me.
Easier than trying
Easier than feeling awkward and stupid, again.
But I know I'm not helping.

I have moments of feeling secure.
A confident, capable woman.
Me and my 'moments'
Some moments I would love to 'live in'
Some I do my best to avoid.
Kitty Prr Jun 2013
You're so quiet, withheld.
So distant from me.
Such is the nature
Of our relationship.

How then is it that I feel so much
From you, for you.
Is it just me filling that void
With my own desires?

The sweet talking ideal lover projected onto you?
Yes there is some of that.
But despite your distance
There's no mistaking your passion.

And you only withhold your emotions about me
(Or don't have them, I'm not sure).
In other things you're so open.
I love that about you, and I love who you are.

So yes you are distant
But oh so close and intimate.
You can't give yourself to me,
But I give all I can of myself to you.
Kitty Prr Jul 2013

Sorry just had to get that out.
I have three partial poems,
What the heck am I supposed to do with three partial poems?!?!
Kitty Prr Sep 2013

What did I lose?
It was never mine to start with.


Deep aching need
"Know the difference between want and need"
My fathers words ring loud and clear.

Fair call Dad.
I can live without romantic love,
Without intimacy
So that would make it a 'want'.


Dr Phil "Anger is a surface emotion,
There is always hurt of fear underneath"
(=Heartache and Heartbreak, can't have three the same)

**** you Cat!
You over analyze!

Blah, yuck and horrible stuff.
Feel like crying.

Kitty Prr Jun 2013
The silence teases me
Like the blank page in front of me.
'What now? Come on!'

So I start something with trepidation.
I only have a few words,
I don't know if anything will come to fill the void once they are used.

And if something comes,
Will my pen keep up?
Will physical limitations stiffle the flow?

Does it matter?
This isn't a test.
If it doesn't come now, then another time.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 20*

Christmas blessings, reaching across the airways
Where will they land?
Will they make a difference?
Does 'bless you all' mean anything to an individual?

But I do mean it
Bless you all.
Bless the ones I follow
You inspire and delight me.

Bless you who follow me
I hope I touch you in some way.
Bless you who happens across me
May I bring a moments joy

The airways connection can be a special one
People never seen
Often well known
Or completely unknown.

Either way, Bless you
Kitty Prr Oct 2013
"Love is blind" so he must love me
Because he fails to see
How miserable I am, sad and alone
He has no idea, laughing on his own.

The happier he gets, the sadder I feel.
Alone in a crowd and down at heel.
"Love is blind" and he can't see
The broken heart inside of me.

At least he's happy, one of us should be
But why isn't some happiness allowed for me.
I guess it's easy to be happy with no needs to fulfill.
If I could stop needing, but it's not chosen by will.

So hurting and alone, needing love and touch
I take what I can get, to my scraps I clutch.
I'll talk **** and know the power in my words
Enjoying their effect and the desire that returns.
I thought I would try rhyming for a change.  Yes I know 'words' and 'returns' is pushing it lol
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
This is all I've got,
Broken and true.
This is all I've got,
A heart broken in two.

A broken heart
Broken Mind
Broken words
On the line.

Will you take all I have
Broken pieces for you.
Will you take all I am
Broken and bruised.

Would you want me and love me
Knowing the mess that's within?
Would you kiss the broken tears
And help me love again.

This is all I've got,
Clumsy words that clang.
No soft Analogies
Just my crash bang.

This is all I've got
You get what you see.
Not pretty veneer,
'Everything's sweet here'.

A broken spirit crying out
Left dying on the floor
Trying hard to be strong
The weak men abhor.

Waiting for the escape of death
But the broken heart beats on
Aching with every pulse
Bleeding love onto the floor.
Kitty Prr Oct 2013
When did I become a poet?
When did - maybe I should take my notebook with me,
In case I have an idea for a poem,
Become the daily compulsion to take my notebook so I don't lose a poem.

Is it just the accolades, the 'likes' and nice comments
That say you've done well?
Perhaps a hang over from childhood
The little ticks next to each answer
'That's right' 'Good girl'

Or is it truly the creative expression
I have been searching for all my life?
Was it always there
Or has it developed?

When did I become a poet?
When did I become someone whose need to write
Would get them out of bed at night...
Otherwise that poem will be gone forever.
From someone who failed English at school.

When did writing a poem become
More important than sleep?
(Nothing is more important than sleep,
It's a well known fact)

When did I redefine who I am?
From the person who struggles with the written word.
And come to that, How did I?
I have a few other aspects of my life I would like to apply that skill to.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
My darling,
I would care to be your lover
And give you every pleasure.
I would care to be your sweetheart
And sweet to you forever.

I would care to give you my body
If you are careful with me.
I would care to bring you ecstasy
Mine is in watching yours increase.

I would care to be all you desire,
And then even more.
I would care to show you the stars
From the living room floor.

I would care to surprise you,
Entice you, delight you.
I would care to run free with you and please you.
Would you care for me?
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
I get the message
Loud and clear.

I did wonder why
You didn't just tell me outright.
Like I did in the fleeting moment
When I tried to breakup with you.

But I realised
You don't want to breakup.
You still want me available for ***.

It's all we ever promised each other.
It's me who changed
Not you.

I have come to this realisation before.
I seem a little less sad this time.
Perhaps I won't delude myself again.

But I know when you want me
I will come to you
(Just for ***).

And when you hold me
That is when I become weak
That is when I believe in you
In us...
In my feelings for you.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 5*

Crap day
Crap day
Crap day

Crying stings my eyes
Even that's not going right for me today

Yesterday I breathed
And wondered if that's enough.
Today I breathed
And could almost wish I hadn't

**** today.

Wouldn't have minded a **** today actually
Another thing that didn't go my way
Thanks for pointing that out.

Now could just do with a hug
And some decadent food
Yip great coping mechanism, I don't care.

I will probably care tomorrow.

Oh well, today is crap
I will ignore consequences
And tomorrow will look after itself
Pretty much stream of consciousness, don't have the energy for anything else.
Kitty Prr Jan 2014
Not so much a black dog
As a slow grey mist.
To a degree, brought on by circumstance.
But there's more to it than that.

When it's all too much
And all I want to do is lay down
Sleep... Escape... Stop.
Sleep feels like a hug.

I know that's not the way to deal with it
And exercise relieves mild depression.
But when something makes me sad, angry, confused,
Sleep feels good, the drift in makes me happy.

Short-term gain over long-term benefit.
I know better than that.
But my emotions rule.
I need to find the strength to take control.

Writing this during my breaks
On a beautiful sunny day
I want to sleep.
Want... desire, a force that's always too powerful for me.

The ideal solution would be
Desire what I need.
I need to process that thought.
Here's hoping I desire to.
Kitty Prr Jun 2013
I have feelings but no words.
I want you
I ache

Yes I know where I stand
I have always known.
You love her, I am just a bit of fun.

And I love him,
You're supposed to be just some fun.
But **** you're lovely,
And **** you're interesting.

**** you're intimate,
Beautifully intimate.
You look, and touch, with meaning
And I want you.

I will try not to love you,
Or try not to say it.
How do you keep your distance
And be so intimate?

You arouse such intense feelings in me
I stopped seeing you so I won't love you.
Maybe it's too late.
But I still want you.

I want to just put it down to desire,
Pretend I never felt anything more
And be with you again.
I want you to look at me, touch me, make me feel.

I want you.
This one's messy, I meant it when I said I have no words.  Everything after the first paragraph is a bit forced.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
Talk ***** to me.
Let me know how your body aches for me.
I want to know your every desire.
Tell me whenever I make you hard.

Tell me every time you *** thinking of me,
If I can't be blessed to be with you.
Tell me how much you want me,
What you want to do to me.

Make me know your desire and passion.
Make me know your uncontrollable lust.
Tell me how much your hard **** is dripping.
And make my heart race wanting you more and more.

Hide nothing from me.
Come to me as naked in words
As you would in bed with me.
And ***.

When I know your desire
And feel your passion,
When my ***** is wet at the slightest thought of you.
Then come to me in person.

Don't leave me wanting
And I will make sure
That your desire is fulfilled
And your passion satisfied.

With you hard throbbing **** deep inside me
And the muscles of my ***** stroking your shaft.
We release ourselves to each other and to passion
And our crescendo reaches new heights where even dreams won't go.
Sorry poetic form becomes lacking in the emotion of the moment, so to speak.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
*** is a divine act.
Done right, it is beautiful and wondrous.

The intimacy between two people.
Knowing each other so fully.

Exploring every detail of each others bodies.
Enjoying each others  bodies.

Giving yourself completely to each other.
Receiving and giving pure pleasure.

Whether it's long and slow
With plenty of foreplay.

Or an intense ******
Full of fun and excitement.

*** is sensual

*** makes me happy
(It's scientific - endorphins)

Human contact is beautiful.
Skin on skin.

Touch... Kiss... Stroke... Lick
Wrapped around each other.
One inside the other.

And the ******
The only thing powerful enough to stop the divine act of ***.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 16*

Second guessing
Unsure of what I'm certain
So doubtful
When I should know better.

Old insecurities
Raise their ugly heads.
Years of growth
Fade away in a moment.

But it's just a moment
This too shall pass
We all have days
Of feeling unsure.

I am a strong
Confident woman
Not the scared, insecure
Girl I used to be
Kitty Prr Aug 2013
You know what I expect?
I expect to stop wallowing in self-pity.
I expect to stop feeling miserable just because some guy
Doesn't feel about me the way I feel about him

I expect to get over you.
And I expect to stop beating myself up for it.
So what if I fall quickly,
And make myself get over it when I have to.
That Doesn't make me a bad person.
That's just who I am.

I know who I am.
I know what I have been through
And how much I stuck it out in the past.
We aren't a couple, I'm allowed to move on.

It hurts, I expect that's reasonable.
That's 'getting over' not 'being over'.
But sometimes it hurts less.
People still make me smile, and laugh.
I can be happy without you.

I expect I'll make the same mistake again.
I don't want to,
But I don't know how not to.
I expect my expectations will be my downfall,
And for now, my strength.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
Desire rises up like a tidal wave.
Yearning to reach out to another.
The strong flow washing over me,
And within me.

Pushing out, reaching...
The object of my desire is barely known
Surely you can't warrant such an intense reaction,
So soon, so incomplete.

But it flows, I can't hold it back.
I flow.
Wanting more I drift where the current leads.
Giving into desire, but unable to fulfill it.

Such a waste
All this beautiful passion
All the thrilling things that could be done.
Oh what I would do with this desire.

Every drop wasted
Every morsel untasted
Every ****** act, a ghost to lay to rest
With an inadequate eulogy played by my fingers.
Sorry I have been in a very particular state of being lately, sorry if I am starting to sound ******.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 24*

Watching the Kardashians on TV at work
He says 'Oh I hate them'
'Isn't she engaged to so-and-so?'
Really? If you 'hate' them why do you follow what they do?

I'm not particularly fussed on the Kardashians
For that reason I don't know
What's going on in their life.
Really not interested.

Because I don't know about them
I don't know them well enough
To decide to hate them.
I guess some people enjoy negativity.

Continuing comments on the people involved
Why are their lives so important to you?
Perhaps if you hate them, avoid them?
Sure it's none of my business

But I can't avoid your opinion
I would be happy to do so.
Please keep it none of my business.
Just like the Kardashians
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 18*

The cat screams for freedom
"Let me out!  Let me out!"
That night he returns shaking,
Terrified "you weren't here when I came home"

Do we really want that freedom
Which we seem to yearn for?
Freedom isn't safe
What you know, isn't there anymore.

Take your freedom in small chunks
And make sure you can make your way back.
The very next day the cat screams
"Let me out!  Let me out!"
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 4*

Falling is just like flying
Until you hit the ground.
Hit rock bottom.
Maybe that's why they call it falling in love.

Feels like flying
Or a bit like dying.
Stomach in your throat
At the sudden drop.

Exiting and scary
Where is this going
Am I soaring
Or am I crashing?

Spinning around.
Which way's up,
Which way's down?
Don't let me hit the ground.

In his arms,
Is he my superman?
Will he catch me as I fall
And keep me from harm?

It's out of my control now
I fell without warning.
Surrender to the trip, wow
Sensations overwhelm me.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 13*

**** John Key
Why not, he has pretty much said '**** New Zealand'
We say we don't want something,
He says we are 'uneducated and ignorant'

Well guess what John Key?
You're responsible for the state of our education system.
We arrange referendums on important issues
He states he has no intention of abiding by the outcome.

******* John Key.
You **** us
You **** our environment
You **** our economy.

***** the masses to promote the elite.
The poor get poorer
So your rich mates get richer
There's one talent you do have.

You don't have a talent for handshakes
Or earning respect
But you know how to keep the poor down.
Take away everything.

Cut their benefits so they can't survive
(Just ask the food banks)
Make getting quality education harder without money.
Take away support systems.

Well you know what?
The poor might get knocked back,
Start to believe there's no point in voting,
Feel powerless... for a while.

But remember
As you make the number of poor grow
They  will realise they are the majority.
They will rise up, so...

You're going to be ******
Not sure this is actually a poem
Kitty Prr Nov 2013
"Stay away from mirrors"
A piece of advice not about evaluating my looks
But about getting out of my own head.
To stop naval gazing and look outwards.

Look outside of myself for what to write about
Things to say, starting lines.
So I'll steal a line "Stay away from mirrors"
More than just good advice.

"Write like you're talking to someone"
What would that look like?
Who do I talk to freely and naturally?
My Mum, my daughter, and my 'Secret Lesbian Lover'

Ok so you want wild, weird, crazy ramblings
Without the input of their side of the conversation?
If you say so...
Duck! This **** is going to get crazy!

Then edit... haven't I covered this before?
(Or did I just think about it)
My poems fall out of me then they're gone.
I can't seem to revisit them to complete or edit.

That is true to the idea of write like you're talking to someone.
I don't really edit when talking much.
I know I should, then I could say the right things.
I am too open, I doubt that will change at my age.

So should I manage to follow this advice
We can expect;
Wild, crazy ramblings which could be about anything.
Possibly made readable if I learn to edit.

I do hope I don't lose followers, this could get messy.
I clearly didn't edit this one, but I did resist the urge to put is a few 'lol's

Thank you Nat :)  Hopefully I will get better at it.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 21*

Today was my daughter's birthday
She turned 20, my how she's grown.
We went out for a nice lunch
And bought stuff at her favourite shop.

Ont the train, I was on my way home
She on her way to work,
She asked me to go have a frozen yoghurt with her.
I love just spending time with my daughter.

I am glad she turned into
The kind of adult I like to be around.
She's intelligent and funny.
An awesome combination.

I love her zest for life.
Her honesty and her wit.
I love her open-mindedness and her intellect.
I love that we can laugh together.

It's such a blessing to have an adult daughter
Whose company you enjoy
And who wants to spend time with you.
She's so outgoing and fun, she keeps me young
My poem-a-day poems seem to be getting less and less poem-y
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 12*

Heat radiates through me.
the heat of summer
The heat of an unventilated apartment
The heat of passion

And I love it
And I hate it
The powerful burning
Intense and overwhelming

the strength of the heat excites me.
No release from it exhausts me.
But if I had to choose
I would choose the heat.

It stifles the mind
and intensifies the body
Enhancing every sensation
Making me aware of every part of me.

Rather overwhelming heat
Than cold death
Where sensation is drained
As your body goes numb.

In this heat I am truly in my body
I honour it as I search for relief
Trying to escape it and revel in it
At the same time

But it's ok
The heat will come again.
Kitty Prr Oct 2013
I am not coping
It's all too much.

Where is my support?
Sitting next to me using your laptop
You don't notice I'm drowning.

You used to be so supportive
You helped me cope and be strong.
Now I have found my inner strength
You have taken your strength away.

I can cope so much better than before
But not completely, on my own.
Just because I Can cope
Doesn't mean I should have to.

I don't want to cope!
I want to curl up in a ball and cry.
I want someone to hold me while I cry.
I am so tired.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 9*

Waiting on my lover
Ready and waiting
Been ready for ages
Ready and willing

What a joy it will be
To finally give myself
Over to my lover's arms.
Surrender to each other.

But the ache in this wait,
The longing,
The needing.
How long now lover?

When I need to show you my love
And you're not there.
When I want to wrap my arms around you
But you're not here.

And all these needs and desires
Are held inside
With nowhere to go
Building up pressure

The release valve seems
So inadequate
Just enough
But not quite right

Waiting for my lover
Waiting because
There is no-one else
Worth waiting for
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
I am not a poet.
I have read many poems.
Beautiful, touching,
Clever and meaningful.

I don't use lovely analogies
Or powerful descriptors.
I write lists.
Clear, concise ideas.

I don't leave space
For the reader's interpretations.
No open wandering paths
For them to meander along.

Everything is clearly defined.
With passages precisely laid out
To direst the reader to
EXACTLY what is being said.

Sometimes when a poem wafts into my head
It is more poetic.
But then as I put pent to paper
Only the skeleton remains.

Even this poem
Had a better feel in my head.
Yet another thing to feel
Inadequate about.

I am not trying to wallow
In self-pity (yet again).
I am just not a poet.
I would like to know what I am.
Kitty Prr Aug 2013
I don't believe in love anymore.
I believe in emotion,
But emotions aren't real.
The don't mean anything.
I don't believe in love.

I don't believe in that ideal of unconditional love.
If it was truly unconditional
You would still love them when they don't love you,
No matter how long.
It doesn't happen, I don't believe in love.

We love someone because of how they make us feel,
Not just who they are.
We fall, we hurt, we spin our stories.
We create our own demise.
I don't believe in love.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 19*

I don't think I have anything to say today.
Except "Sleep"
I want sleep.
I have to go to work soon
Sleeping now is not a good idea.

I don't think I have anything to say today.
I don't think I have anything to think.
Mind numb.
Mindlessly reading posts and playing games.
Just staying awake from one moment to the next.

When I stop, my mind shuts down.
Dull white noise
Inducing sleep.
But I must fight it.
Don't dance on that edge, so tempting to fall.

My hand stopped.
My mind stopped.
My eyes closed.
Still fight off sleep.
This must be the end of my poem.
Kitty Prr Aug 2013
Lost in love,
I'm all alone and drowning.
As I breath in the warm, liquid form.
It's warmth soothes, as my lungs burn for air.

As I replace unrequited love
For air as my life force
My heart ache for what it's not getting.
Lack of love, lack of oxygen.

Not nourishment fills me.
So I live on my love within me which I can't share.
I feed on myself fulfilling my own need,
Aching and loving as one.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 23*

I wore my pretty dress to work today.
In the past I thought it was too nice for work
But I wore it yesterday, and really liked it
And that made me think.

Why would I be uncomfortable
Wearing something I like?
Am I really worried about being different
Or 'looking silly'?

I'm not fifteen anymore.
I don't have to dress down just because others do.
I don't have to 'dumb it down'
Because I want to fit in.

It's ok not to laugh at a joke
That's just NOT funny.
I don't have to fake it
Even in a team culture environment.

It's ok to be me,
And it's NOT ok for ANYONE to make me feel otherwise
Not even myself.
I need to be me.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 10*

Why can't I write poetry
About things that matter to me?
Or am I really that shallow that all I care about
Is my own feelings of love, passion and loss
Or how tired/busy I am.

I haven't written a single poem about
Feminism, ecology or politics
Or even Star Trek or Doctor Who.
No Red Dwarf, cats or Cat from Red Dwarf.
Heaven knows I've thought about it.

I've thought "there's more to my life than that"
"There's more to me"
"I should write abut such-and-such"
And then sit there
completely blank.

My cat looks at me, sniffing the air
"How could you possibly not write about me?"
And walks off.
His brother lying on the armrest
The world revolves around him in a different way.

Well be more inspiring boys!
Help me out here!
Okay can't blame you
If even Star Trek and Doctor Who aren't doing it.
Plenty of ideas, so few poems
Kitty Prr Aug 2013
To the ones who have a brain
And know how to use it.
But when a passion kicks in
They seem to lose it.

To those who are smarter than that.
Those of us who know better,
But don't do better.
Blinded by passion.

Those of us whose brains keep tapping us on the shoulder
As we wildly run after our hearts.
Knowing the heartache we're running towards
And powerless to stop it.

Here's to the ones who can converse about
The origins of the universe, time theory, and physics.
Who can't string two words together
When all they can think about is touching who they are talking to.

"Oh... the power and the passion"
Oh the power in the passion.
The power to sweep you away regardless.
The power to take over the body and mind.

"Where the heart leads, the mind will follow"
Perhaps begging the heart to rethink
(Oh foolish mind).
Where the heart leads, I will follow.
Oh foolish, intelligent, me.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
I touched myself late last night
At the thought of a man's arms holding me tight.

I touched myself thrilled at how wet
My imaginary lover made me get.

I touched myself yearning for more
Knowing I can't have all I yearn for.

I touched myself and let desire grow
Being swept away by passion's flow.

I touched myself 'til ****** came
And left me wanting the man with no name.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 11*

Late for bed once again.
Last minute scrawl with my pen.
What'll come out is anyone's guess
To make it half decent I'll try my best.

The other half might be indecent
You never know your luck.
On thing I do sense
My rhymes will run amok.

Rhyming couplets here and there
But you can bet they're not everywhere.
The rhyme shall be as the mood takes me
And self editing is not what I foresee.

So another poem not really about anything.
Just me rambling about the first thing.
That happens to come to mind as I sit down to write
My poem a day, so late at night.

So less for me this time
And more for my reader
And learning to create
Whatever my weather.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
Would you guide me when I need you?
Would you let me lead when I can't go where you need?
Could I trust you when I'm blind?
Would you trust me with your heart?

Take me and lead me.
Take me and thrill me.
Take my body and I will give myself to you.
Take my mind and sweep me away.

If you can, take my heart.
If I dare, take my heart.
There I go again, willing for love.
How do I truly give up on that?

Will you hold me,
And make me believe I'm safe?
Will you believe in me
As much as you make me believe in you?

I want to feel safe
And feel love.
I want to be able to
Give someone all my love.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
I want to learn...
Other languages.
To play the saxophone.
To be happy without the kind of love I want.
To be happy without ***, and ok with that.

I want to learn...
To dance in the rain
(**** glasses!)
How to make men desire me uncontrollably.
To stop contradicting myself.

I want to learn...
To draw and create beautiful art.
To dance - ballroom, latin, rock 'n' roll.
To feel secure in myself.
To find a way to live which satisfies
My multiple personalities with conflicting views.

I want to learn how to be happy regardless.
And I don't want to have to,
For some people it comes naturally.

I want to learn...
How to let go of wanting
(But I think I might like it).
Or how to get what I want.
Or to want what I get?

**** it, this is too introspective.
**I just want wild ***
With a tender, passionate Lover!
Sorry about the ending, it was giving me a headache and my brain rebelled.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 3*

Days disappear
So much done
So little done

No time to get things done.
But is this all life is?
Managing day by day?

Making ends meet.
Getting through the day.
Any day above ground is a good day.

Is that all there is?
I breathed today
Is that enough?

I was planning on living life
But then
Life got in the way.

Years disappear.
Treading water
Is our norm

In 365 days
We find a handful
Of memories.

What are the gaps for?
Work, housework,

I got through today.
Kitty Prr Aug 2013
I am lost chasing what I can't have
The love of another
(The love of my own).
A great fortune
(Hope of fame now long gone).

Lost in the swirling cascade of emotions.
Lost in love, lust, attachment
(One, some, all?)
Lost in loneliness, sadness, worry.
The fog of emotions building on each other.

Feeling lost I hold tight to an anchor.
It drags me down.
Drown, or flounder lost and confused?
If I let go what do I have?

Holding on to a man I don't have
Holding on to an emotion that's not real
Holding on to a relationship that's
Stable, 'loving', and unfulfilling.
Kitty Prr Nov 2013
The maestro plays
And the puppet dances.
To do the maestro's bidding
Is his will.

The maestro plays
And the puppet dances.
The creation develops as
Creator watches.

The maestro plays
And the puppet mesmerizes.
Bringing the maestro
Along for the ride.

The puppet dances
And the maestro plays.
Creating to the rhythm
Of the puppet's moves.

The puppet dances
And the maestro plays.
As the creation
Creates the creator.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
This might be the only moment we get.
Make this moment count
Hold nothing back.

Leave me with no regrets.
Nothing unfulfilled.
Give me all you have, here and now.

Because the here and now is all we have
And if you find that in this moment,
Right now, we are not together.

Give it to me, in prose, in text
Email and facebook, google plus.
But don't hold back.

Make this moment count.
And when the next moment comes,
Make this moment count.
Kitty Prr Dec 2013
Poem a day, number 17*

Time of peace
Day of rest
In this time of 24/7
Who really gets that?

If you are blessed
With a day or two off
You spend the weeks before
In a manic frenzy

Fitting in shopping
And organising
Around work
And schedules.

This year our Christmas
Will be the 22nd
The one day we all have
Enough time off.

Then Mr will rush out
To work that evening.
I will prepare myself
For work the next day.
Missed my poem a day yesterday so I did two today.  (not sure if it counts but I am going  with it)
Kitty Prr Jun 2013
Mistakes were made.
Getting involved with you was a mistake,
Falling for you was a mistake.
Choosing not to see you again because it's wrong was a mistake,
And starting to see you again is a mistake.

Ahh sweet mistakes.
The imperfections that make life so beautiful.
I will gladly make mistakes with you.
My intellect shouts 'this can only end badly'
I don't care.
Each moment with you is beautiful,
I choose to experience every one to the full.

Tomorrow can look after itself.
Today, my sweet mistake, I am yours.
Kitty Prr Jun 2013
My lover is silent.
But oh those sweet sentences that fill my mind.
The words he never spoke,
That fill his mouth from inside me.

My lover is no longer.
He touched me and left me,
As lovers do.
And now all I have are the strings I pull
On the lover in my mind.

Hello Lover, I remember you.
I remember every part of you.
I hold you, you won't get away that easy.
You are mine now.

You can control your silence.
You can't silence my mind.
I can't silence my mind,
It's my solace and my torment.

Goodnight Lover,
I will see you again in the morning,
Whether I want to or not.
Whether you want me to or not.

There you are.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
Why do I get so nervous?
I am a trained actor,
Not great, but in character
I  can face an audience calmly

But as myself??
When I stand in front of
The most casual audience
My legs shake.

I become insecure and nervous
(Trying to hide it)
Even somewhere completely relaxed
And free of pressure.

Why am I not ok with me?
What am I so scared of?
I don't think I'm that bad really,
But maybe deep down inside I do.
My work had a talent show for fun because someone was giving away concert tickets and I read one of my poems.  I was a wreck!  There were only 2 serious contestants (and I still didn't win), and there was no pressure.
Kitty Prr Sep 2013
I am not sure how things work here so I thought I would let my followers know that I have written a poem which I have marked 'explicit'.  I guess you will have to make sure your settings allow those poems if you want to read it.  Bearing in mind what my ones I don't mark like that are like, be warned, it's practically pornographic (and I might be writing one even more so soon, although I am not sure you could call it a poem).

There's 2 there now, and I was right the second one is more pornographic.  I am not usually quite like that, really, well, anyway...

Ok, now there's 3, I am starting to see a trend here. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.
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