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  13h Katie
you’ve got this
natural kind of beauty

like the mountains
or the ocean
or the midnight stars

the difference is—
i can climb on top of mountains
or drown in ocean waters
or lay beneath the stars
i just want to be
on top of you
or under you
or drowning in you

but it’s easier to get
close to nature
than it is to you
  13h Katie
your ability to hurt me
is directly correlated
to my ability to love you




guess i’m f*cked
if i loved you less,
you wouldn’t be able to hurt me
as much as you do right now

but ry ry,
that’s never gonna happen,
is it
  Oct 14 Katie
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
  Oct 10 Katie
[TW: self-harm]

i'm 11 weeks clean and,
the past month has been,
rough to say the least

the urges are only getting worse,
and ive come so close to the blades,
to the flames,
to the sensation

i just want to feel something
im just so,
i need to,
i have to

the nightmares are back
the flashbacks
the trauma
it's all back
can i have the pain back too?
Katie Oct 10
Rush into the room in the dead of night
lights blinking and flashing as he cowers in fright
the air around him seems to come to a halt
if he makes even a peep it will all be his fault
The audience watches as he shakes and trembles
realizing he hasn't seen the man he resembles
The scene cuts, rain falls,
a voice comes and calms
His childhood was here, at this old playground
he'd come here and splash in the puddles when no one was around
flash forward to him back in the room,
tears glisten on his face as he awaits his doom
he thinks to himself 'this is it, I'm through'
and he hears a little jingle and a /voice/ whisper 'boo'
the audience jumps as the man starts to laugh
as he pulls a knife out of a sheath from his calf
He grabs the boy and pulls him out of sight
and they both fade back into the night
A scream echoes through the walls
and the blood pools as the body falls.

My interpretation of a question my teacher posted as homework: Write a 100-150 word summary on the conventions of drama in the form of a poem.
  Sep 21 Katie
I never told a lie to you
that I love you
I told a lie to myself
that you love me..
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