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KISS Sep 2016
When your freind
" you should cry all night "
And then I cry all night because
I thought she was my freind
And she betrayed me
By making fun of me
True story of me and a ***** who I  thought was my freind (( sorry for language ))
KISS Aug 2016
I was told that my poems aren't
Poems is that true or should I stick it
To the wall like glue
I say ed to him I don't care what you say
Even though it really hurt
He told me my poems are not good
I should throw them away
But i said with a smile on
My face and tears in my eyes
I don't care what you say
So today I was told my poems
Are not poems
What do you guys have to say ?
This is a true poem no lies are my poems actually poems
KISS Aug 2016
If I died
Or slept
All day
And stayed awake
All night
Would anyone notice
Would they care
That I'm sad and
I'm scared
I'm starting  to read
Skakspere bit you know what
Nobody cares
I'm reading Shakespeare it is so good I can't wait to get to romeo and Juliet this is just a poem lol
KISS Jul 2016
I hate how everyone
Hates me
And calls me a ****
And tells me
I should cut
I wish I was not
Or even breathing
I hate my life alot
It is nothing to be
Proud of it is garbage and I'm told
I am worthless
Depressed sad **** cut worthless
KISS Jul 2016
You can
imagine how much
I hate myself
I'm **** I'm usless what
am I here for
I can't even imagine how much
Everyone hates me I'm a nothing
A nobody and ****
I'm **** usless a nobody and nobody cares how they treat me nobody 2 talk 2 who would actually understand I hate myself so much I can take it my parents off and on my family hates me I hate me
KISS Jul 2016
It's all on me that I'm a failure and nothing it's all on me my cousin learned to cut its all on me that I learned to cut this is not a poem I know it might not rhyme but I hate myself and I hate it all I hate how I love everything so much that I hate so much this is so not. A poem it is my life my parents always fight it's always my fault so I take it out on myself I'm a nobody who cuts I really don't want to but believe me I stopped it was pointless I think
This is part of my life
KISS Jul 2016
I hate how I'm
and yet I'm still
someone who is
and talking
and breathing
who should not be
breathing talking or
I wish I was nobody
but no matter what
I will still be a sombody who wants to be a nobody cause she
already is useless
and stupid I want to
have friends who
treat me really good
but no
I have a ****** up
group of friends.
that I love so much I can't stay away from
I hate that about me how I love everything I hate  so much sometimes I hear
people say how can someone so perfect
feel so Insecure as to scar her skin with cuts and burns as if her pain isn't haRd enough ... I hate me I hate everything about me I hate it all I'm very very ****
I really do feel this way I know it might not make sense but yeah
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