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Kishamore Jan 2017
In between the thoughts of you
I'm trying to discover my lost self...

In between the smiles of you
I'm trying to detect my lost piece of heart...

In between the words of you
I'm trying to find my lost silence...

And now,

In between our discrete and factual worlds
I'm trying to build our own figmental kingdom
that is invincible !!!

© Kishamore
  Nov 2016 Kishamore
Mind has grown
facing challenges
of others and my own.
Happiness diffuses
through the smoke
and peace refuses to
reside within me.
I have lived less, to
others it may seem
but my body is tired
by just the mid day
sun's scorching beam.
Where is the cool evening
I scream and scream
for I want this body
to take rest and breath.
Waiting for my lovely night
when I can smile and
be lost in sweet dreams.
  Nov 2016 Kishamore
Kyle Ray Smith
Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I am Taking You to an Amusement Park.
You Know It? It’s right between Bastardville and LonelyTown.

My favorite ride is depression, it goes so far down!
Abuse is like a Kiddie Ride.
The Bully Stand has the best Food imaginable.

Oooooooo, or have you been to The Freak Show?
It’s by the Broken Home Balloon Stand.
Ooooo, The tension on insecurity, and G-Force on Divorce will drive you WILD.

I love the Rejection food stand, they have some delicacies like the slit wrist salad bar, or even the starvation sandwich.

Shall I Go On?
The final ride is called SUICIDE, often times it breaks down, but when you ride it you won’t want to leave....
  Nov 2016 Kishamore
Victoria Jennings
The pain they give you
Is equal to the love you feel.
  Sep 2016 Kishamore
JK Cabresos
Alone in the room,
my hands are stained
with poetry.

Now when I have found YOU
And I have found my SOUL

Let the world hear my cry
"I have found LOVE
I have found YOU"

I have lost all my wealth
And I have found your LOVE-wealth

I have forgotten God/dess' name
And I chant your name instead

Only one person took me there
Where everyone wants to go in the end
And that place is inner SOUL's LOVE
And that person is YOU

YOU-my Beloved

Gave me a priceless thing
But for that I had to lose everything
My pride, my EGO, my esteem
My dignity, my self-respect
My property, my career
And bow down with grace & humility
To kiss your hand
To accept the fate that had LOVING YOU
As my destiny...

I lost all my capital
To find LOVE's CAPITAL that
I was searching for several births

I have lost my family
I have lost my friends
I have lost my world
I have lost my health
I have lost my knowledge
Just to realize YOU within me

I lost my outer body and being
To realize you within my inner-self

Now NO one can take away my LOVE of/for YOU
Now no one can spend a bit of my LOVE'z treasure
I hold in my heart & soul for YOU
Now no one can invest or divest YOU from my heart
Now no one can steal you from my SOUL

My wealth of LOVING YOU increases multi-fold
More during the nights than days
More in the darkness than light
More amidst isolation than within crowds

In my boat of life,
I lost way in the desert
My 'guiding-star' became YOU
So it guides me back to the ocean
To drown myself in YOUR
Oceanic blue warm waves of existence

For whom I breathe and sing and dance
And write poems and prose and letters

My breathe holder is YOU
YOU - YOU are my suave LOVER

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