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 Mar 25 kirk
David P Carroll
Now I've found you
But now I've lost you and
The true love we had together
Was so beautiful and true
And now my heart
Can't bear living without you.
My Heart 💖❤️
 Nov 2020 kirk
Sarah Flynn
ignoring me
will only make me
raise my voice louder.

when you try to silence me,
I am reminded of why I spoke up
in the first place.

if you want to stop
hearing my voice,
you'll need to start
paying attention
to my words.

I will not be quiet
until you listen.
 Jun 2020 kirk
Jack P
Have you ever liked someone so much you regret meeting them?
 Apr 2020 kirk
I want to be captivating
I want to be bright
I want to make you laugh
I want to bring tears to your eyes
I want to have something to offer

That doesn’t fade with time
 Apr 2020 kirk
tina kimi
 Apr 2020 kirk
tina kimi
celebrating my youngest son's birthday
with no money but  with my thoughts
another birthday will come and things
may change
 Apr 2020 kirk
tina kimi
 Apr 2020 kirk
tina kimi
I am introducing myself
I am a Solomon Islander(Pacific Islands region)
and yes your right never
heard of it.
we are used to people not
knowing where our country is,
making it more isolated
English is my third language,
yap, I write fluent then speaking
my wish is to visit Switzerland just to
see chocolates and chocolates..
I am sorry hello poetry for not contributing, I wish I could
but in my country its hard getting a visa card.
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