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kitty heart Jan 9
I sit there watching the clock
Wondering if time will ever stop.
Sitting there
With a blank stare,
Looking at the clock.
kitty heart Jan 7
Ever sense that day I cant say the word,
It pains me when I hear it,
Because I was not heard.
I hated that guy,
So much it pained,
I kept saying it and saying it,
And now it remains.

The thoughts that go through my head,
They jump around,
But I still can't shake his laughing sound.
I had a bad experience last year and one of the ways I cooped was with poems
kitty heart Sep 2019
the word,
it starts with an R.
four letters,
one syllable,
two people.

living that life was hard enough,
but what's harder was not giving up
kitty heart Sep 2019
one night,
a lonely sight.
two hours pass,
never was addressed.
love once more,
has walked out the door.
kitty heart Dec 2018
I write for you,
A sentence or two.
Your life is better,
Than sweet scotch butter.
Your eyes are like candy,
That tastes like so many.
I love all of you.
kitty heart Nov 2018
She cheated on me,
with a man,
I thought she was gay,
looks like I am.

she broke my heart,
in the very two,
my sole is broken,
but I've met you.
kitty heart Nov 2018
What if today is the last,
You will never see me again,
The light is bright,
but I cant see it.

my life is not done,
I've to much to lose,
I hope you understand,
I love you.
I am not going to **** myself
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