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2.1k · Jun 2014
Daisy Chain Reaction
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
My internal fire burns brighter than the illuminati
Kundalini up my spine, summon the power of Kali
As I stand on the shore of the Pacific Coast
Trynna settle the scores between the ghosts
Of the long since deceased and the Almighty above
I keep tracin my thoughts back to the power of love.
Can I be fierce and still sway with olives and the doves?
Can I be peace and let it hold me, wrap me up like a glove?

My love, my love, I'm exhausted please carry me
Up this mountain of *******, just don't let it bury me
Marry me to the prince, soon to become king
I know he can't wait, so I'll wear his gold ring
Just call me Goldilocks, I can lay in his bed thinkin
My head ringin, I'll check out and into the station, what was I thinkin?

If I don't light this fire, will I lose my inspiration?
For the duration of this verse, I'll perfect my articulation
And convey points, sharper than that of excalibur
None of ya'll out there could meet me at my caliber

I'll pack my bags and head out, move on to the next
Trynna merge the force of the east, with the flow of the west
In my chest I have this sensation now and I gotta listen
What am I missin?
I keep on dismissin my own rhymes, I say they're elementary
But I know if I keep ****** in my own think tank,
I'll be fishin up **** that ain't all that dank

Many great women told me to value my worth
But when girls like Daisy are freezin in their skirts
It's hard to admire the way the world works
When justice isn't served, my well of patience gives birth
To a young, angry ***** who feels stifled and frustrated
Who wants to rule you so hard, you'll be caught masturbatin
To pictures of Castro, and George W. Bush
And when you cream in your jeans, I'll be sure to push
All your genes away from my God-recipe
The thought that we're better than that's not just fantasy

Strapped bare to my back are the tools of my truth
Lotus in one hand, I live the proof
And walk in the light that many of us deny
My third eye sees it all and nothin can hide
So I try and I try, I try and I try
To get it all down and outta my mind
And what I find at the end of the day is no lie
I'm emptier than the bones of the birds that fly

It's nothing
I'm nothing
And so are you
But to say that we're everything would also be true
That paradox ****, now has got me confused
So God, pass me that blunt so I can get high like you

It's the Human Experience, yea, we see it every day
Get stuck in ruts so deep, there must be no other way
That we can dig ourselves out, so we decide to put out
And ***** ourselves to a system that don't give one **** about
Those who would give any amount just to get any amount back
And who forgot these are the same people that enslaved the blacks

So blind, so loyal, eternally devoted
To their simple way of living, they cast out those who floated
Higher than the climbing US debt ceiling could ever cap
Higher still, but we're still treated like India's lowest caste
So we're forced underground, plottin our attacks
We'll sneak up like Swiper on Dora, she couldn't find us on her map

Power is not somethin that's at all out of reach
If I could teach one thing to the people, it would be that each
Individual has the same possibility
To be the messiah of this time, it doesn't have to be
Somethin holy reserved for those lost in translation
Could I be more on spot than a ****** dalmatian?

Yea, Daisy couldn't cry cos all her tears are frozen
But lemme make myself clear, nobody is chosen
By anyone else
Only by themselves
Sometimes I wish my responsibility could melt
Onto somebody else it's a lotta weight to carry
No amount of magic could help me, not even if I was Harry
****** Potter like Abracadabra or Hocus Pocus
Your mind is solid right now, just don't lose your focus
And time's of the essence, so I'll try not to blow this
But wait, lemme **** this,
Breathe in, no exhale, hold it.
Different style...kinda welcome
2.0k · Jun 2014
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
A couple becomes comfy...comatose
Their coffins carved carefully
At the cost of the cuticles
That cut the cloth concealing the cause of calumny.
Cut with claws
Claus? Santa has no clue
But the paws with the claws came from Cope,
The coyote cub who clubbed with truth.

Palms clasped on Aphrodite's coffee cup
Caffrodite, cups
Cups that carry potential - kinetic, energy,
...Chaos conceived carelessly
A ****** tear

This is the C-Section
No concern...know care
Because you are capable

But soon the caffeine kicks in,
And the common carotid is cooked
Compare now, casualties to cows...
Not so different
Still, the crowd plays casual

So dream of a connection concentrate in a container
And swig
Constrict the fists and relax
To be carried off into the cosmos
Consumed by clouds of gas...

Below are the circus clowns
Coughing, conceiving, creating.
Is it a crime? To be cut off from contemplation?
Akin to Galileo, craniums will roll
While eyes stay still completely

A quiet kiss to the clavicle of our collective cast
Soothes the commotion to
This clamoring performance
A hush to this cacophony
1.2k · Jul 2014
Kira Ferguson Jul 2014
She walks with purpose
Strides like roots,
Her naked toes break even pavement
To turn the gears at the deepest core
In her favor

She runs the wheel
Collecting coins and gold stars
Which she blows coastal with a mighty gust
Morphing trophies into sea spray

Her neurons work as spindles
Making into thread
The fibers of daydreams
And she weaves it to webs daily
Despite the destruction that comes before dawn

She is creation
She is the West Wind
Bringing bouts of turbulent change and
Who knows but her?
1.2k · Jun 2014
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
I rolled you up
Your insight, your beauty
And all the love you had to offer me
I threaded you with American Spirit
And tucked you in an origami wrap

From grass and earth...
To clouds
One hit
And the world went silent
1.1k · Jun 2014
Butts, Ash, and Beer
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
These harsh evenings have us all turned to jacks
Tonight, we are not but walking puffs...
Hot with split tongues, hard feelings, and morbid musings
Littered on the curb along side blazing eyes and coffee stains
The stars are fading and morning glow consumes them
In gulps

Early morning hours are rushed with nicotine
And infused with rich fermentation
Which churns deep in our guts
Spilling and twisting them for our eyes to see
We are all there, or have been...
Rotting in the space where geometry leaves us without proofs

Roaches we hit
But what a drag it is
To sit street-side with friends
Whose hearts and minds are spinning on a compass
With no magnetic pull
1.1k · Feb 2015
Kira Ferguson Feb 2015
I've spent some time in daydreams
Surrounded by lavish things
Materials that bling bling
But they won't make me queen.
Don's bottled stars
Won't take me far from the reasons why I need the drink.
A better whiskey, a finer wine
Won't free me from my minds confines.
When sober slips in through shadows black
And opens curtains to blinding light,
My truest self, the honest fact
Runs trembling away in fright
Replace diamonds, then, with ice cubes
And let my wealth melt away
I've only obtained nothing
For it was all empty anyway.
And when I greet the crashing shores
Of the Pacific at my best,
I'll be standing there in the ****
Not dreaming of the flesh
1.0k · May 2015
Kira Ferguson May 2015
Carry on, my child
Though your feet are ******
And your hair matted
Trudge forward...
Through mud, through fire
Let your flesh burn and peel
Allow agony to suckle at the breast of your will

When you breathe, your lungs will ache
When you walk, your legs will shake
You will hobble to the feet of comfort and collapse...
Only to be turned away

My dear child, you are drunk and foolish
I have nothing to offer you but a shallow grave
Haven't you known this is only a game?
A pawn is a pawn, just the same
989 · Jun 2014
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
I woke from revolving door dreams
Faces mixed by the illusion bartender
And stitched together by an Amish quilt master
The attention to detail, the intentional flaw
Her needle poked holes through my comfort and weaved me closer to the bodies of old lovers
I weigh out my guilt on a scale with the ashes of yet another "last cigarette"
And contemplate the linear fashion of myself
Then and here, here and now
Now there is a body upstairs,
Heated and dreaming between sheets
It is neither mine nor yours
But love has no figure, it simply just is.
962 · Jun 2014
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
I juiced the oranges
That grew from my limbs
And poked holes to drain sap from my shins
With needles and pins

You suckled from the fruit
Forbidden, it be
And leached life from this succulent tree
No scrapes on your knees

Tangled vines sprouted up
Took hold on my throat
And my small branches, one by one broke
Along with my hope

Do not follow me, dear
Into these woods, thick
The darkness will creep up on you quick
It's only a trick
6, 5, 9, 5
869 · Jul 2014
Sleep Through Summer
Kira Ferguson Jul 2014
The whispers of a thousand ladybugs
Caught in a strand of sunbeam
Became slurred
One more White Russian
Sloshed down and stirred
In the belly of that brilliant star
Gave birth to sweet summer
The seventh month, day five
Seemed silent in comparison to the night before
Where blasts became a long drone
And drowned out that roaring train
Which would (on any other night)
Rattle the blinds of this small home
We see that it is soon to be emptied
And even more quickly, after,
To be full once more
We are at the crossroads
Of interspace and matter
But those thousand tiny wings
Kick up dust off our old albums and memory boxes
And leave them hanging there
Suspended in threads of light
Such big eyes we have
All the better to dream with
Sleepwalkers, forevermore
697 · Jun 2014
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
Threads of muscle fibers,
Over time,
Became twisted into thick ropes
That anchored you to the column of ivory tusks
Which lay the foundation for your slumped demeanor.

Your forward shoulders
Drew your sinking heart ever deeper
Into the hyperkyphotic cave where it may slumber.

Upon your flesh, my palm may rest
A heated plate
To melt those ties of tendon to bone
And set your cardio free from your rib cage

Lifted and soaring
You see me weekly
But when you smile
I wonder
Who this is really for
I love that I love what I do
571 · Jun 2014
Old Ash
Kira Ferguson Jun 2014
Robins tip-toe through weathered plains
Their songs bring blossoms, wind, then flames
Charcoal dust upon wings of change
Settles on my writers block to age

— The End —