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May 3 · 220
Suffer of Severus
kinhanyon May 3
"No one can Know!"

How far is the river would flow,
or even trashed ***

One it brings such a breath for creatures
Two it cost live a dust to seekers

'Lili, if you trully love em? Would you risk your life everyday to keep em?'
Since the eye talks
And the will *****

He did well didnt he? in every step
or single of beat that cracks

For thou! Feel that must not be unseen
or evident as at present
Love to his queen,
This particularly words comes from a potterhead shorts,
May 3 · 60
Pretty Liars
kinhanyon May 3
Saw the line over shadow
Buy the gain bring the sorrow
People seems to be fair
Like someone used to be care

It was an arrow shouted
Devide wind blowed
Find soul between crash
Try breath thou unless

Whenever shadow step out
Thou always stronger to clout
As it write about
Whoever to be hold,
Thou always end cold ...
#liars #truth #unspoken #friends #unloved
May 3 · 155
kinhanyon May 3
Walked through the crowds, carry on thoughts, bring a lot cups of the words

The eyes has stopped and contemplated the purple-orange shorts

And then I'll write to you what those people will come to tale

Twenty two months together, bring pictures to remember

But unconsiously cant run closer - as if they were something I want to bring back home

And it all seemed like it  was yesterday,
We dont know how to speak and win the streak
You're my true friends, may we be found smell of rain
in grey veil-face the gale

And it all seemed like it was yesterday,
Both we create new beat and that's all just repeat ...
If it could be the day - when they say - people will changes but memories stay ...

— The End —