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CAL 1d
i just want to dance
with you
i want to act like a mosh pit freak
in a ballroom
forget it if the world is ending
just come dance too
CAL 3d
it replays
in a memory that was never mine
screaming in agony
falling out of the sky
the sizzling of flesh
feathers decorating the atmosphere
ash fell like rain
and i fell for him
in a flash of sparkling flame

everytime we touch now

i think i am falling again
for a new god
what did i ever fall for the first time?
CAL 4d
above the speed limit
im high and wish you were with me
i miss you
CAL 4d
cross my heart
hope to die
stick a thousand needles in my eyes

burn my wings
fall for flight
the angels will overtake the night

born of lies
king of thorns bled from his side

now we fly
not our lord
us angels live of another sword
angels lived long before there was any god
do not doubt the angels
CAL Feb 19
anxiety pressing
my heart pounding
ears ringing
eyes unseeing
and i'm pressing on the gas
all there is
the climbing of my speedometer
because where are you
do you care
i think you have more pressing matters at hand
"crash the car" all i could think, "crash the car"
CAL Feb 18
i feel like a dead body
a corpse full of fat


it's such a disgusting feeling
my insides slathered thick in grease
bubbling, overwheling
wretched curds
of fat
i don't even care about it
the fat
that isn't what made me like this
but still it's horrid to look at
lumpy, coagulated

yet squishing, squelching
******* fat
could you imagine
a drowned body
but i'm not dead
no excuse
not even damp
i ate today, a whole three times. i was happy today and now i want to slice open my stomach and scoop out everything with a laddle because eating causes bloating (to the very least)
CAL Feb 17
i feel like you reached back inside of me
and tore apart
all the pretty stitches in my heart
just to watch it bleed
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