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Max Oct 5
i didn’t know what else to do.
as soon as you left i ran to my room
slammed into the pillows
and i screamed.

i screamed the way they do in movies
when someone you love dies
the heart shattering sound
echos across the house still

i screamed until my throat bled
scratching and coughing
chest heaving
tears streaming down my face

i feel your arms wrap around me
your hands back on my waist
and i screamed.

i screamed because the weights gone
the ability to breathe is back
i screamed because it’s safe again
and god it felt so good.
Max Sep 30
I once asked you to kiss me in the rain,
what I had completely forgot was that
fire dies when it gets wet.
Max Sep 28
I will forever love you.

I told you I pinky promise.

ill be by your side forever.

I will.

just maybe not how you want.
Max Sep 28
wrap your arms around me one last time
because our clock is running short
forgive me my love but now you must let go
for I will be the weight that drags you underwater
but its up to you to decide if you drown or not.
Max Sep 28
he stopped looking at you the same way
his hands often drifted to his side
rather then your outstretched one
his voice became rougher,
the gentle tone slowly seeping away
his arms became less safe,
he didnt wrap them around you the same anymore

dont fret darling,
he might not be falling out of love with you
he might be falling out of love with life
once again.
Max Sep 3
I promised you that I would love you till the day I die.

I didn't realize I didn't have to stop breathing to die,

and im sorry for that.
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