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1d · 36
zahri 1d
i may seem aimless

with a lack of passion,
ambition and purpose

im doubting myself now,
was it not alright to wander life meaningless

im panicking now,
was it not alright to just hope for the best

cant i be anyone i choose to be?
cant my occupation just be:

am i a failure?
cause you talk to me like i am.
you talk like your a big man
but you are still with me here,
with your own insecurities.

and you dare criticise me of my future,
of my purpose which i still seek?

that kind of hurts.

am i suppose to have some plans and dreams?

my futures kind of pointless,
oh well, lets see.
7d · 35
zahri 7d

constant headache.


dizzy hallucinations.

a constant needle to my head,
puncturing me,
till i cant breathe.
till i can no longer be,
let me be.
this emptiness, and lack of stress.
zahri 7d
yet again, i cannot rest
my hectic subconscious,
from an activity to the next

an imaginary daydream
stroked with colour,
enlighten me
articulate to me

why the morning awaits for me.

midnight comes around again,
leaving me numb and tired

joy comes around,
twice, if lucky three times a day.

but then again,
theres nothing left to say
till midnight comes around again
Feb 17 · 20
oh well
zahri Feb 17
its quite pathetic of me
turning to literature and poetry

instead of facing my feelings
and accepting my reality

i hate it,
but thats how it must be.

its sort of my
obscure, disordered, digital diary.
zahri Feb 17
a laugh,
as subtle as can be
categorized as insanity

a laugh,
a pleading shriek
for an escape,
from reality

its a symphony,
orchestrated by movement
of hurried machines
of hurried beings
a blizzard of flesh,
and a dying scream

paper, worth peoples dreams
words, what does it even mean?

objects morphed into obscure nonsense.
thoughts conjured, in our silly minds
lucid nightmares, and something called time?

psychotic, that's what we all are.
greedy, it's a lifestyle worshipped by few
coping, lets just go to a bar
im sick and tired of living this far.

wait, few? what do you mean?
only cause few got the chance, my comrade, don't you see?!

lets get back to the busy street,
an urban civilization where all corners meet
a sin in an alley, an exchange in a taxi
whats new? its all on repeat.

a greeting, an excuse me, why do we say it?
do we even mean it?

madness runs through our
sane, sane, world

sane enough to be able to ****
sane enough to claim freedom is real
sane enough to know what is not

not sane?
so what is it!?

you tell me, mister.

cause i would love to know.
educate us please, once more.
Feb 16 · 117
zahri Feb 16
i guess im secretly
about the things that are impossible

i guess its my confidence
shattering my sense of reality
altering my memory

but perhaps it does not matter at all
if im happy then
does it really matter if its
real or not?
Jan 11 · 100
zahri Jan 11
an element of surprise
articulate sarcasm
an intellectual lunatic
with erratically mannered attraction

defined structure, flesh and bones
emerging between the layer of
overly sized clothes

suave movements, slender and graceful
quirky poses, a unique character
and many accents, mostly awful

flat-tones, memorable comments
communicated at the same time
such coincidental moments

a laughter, so gentle and sincere
a yell, funky and out in the air

a good morning, a good bye and a have a nice day
Dec 2019 · 61
zahri Dec 2019
a little push,
on black
on white
harmonious movements
that fill with delight

a little smirk,
looking left
then right
tones made by passion
feelings of abstraction

at ease
at awe
oh what a sight
a daze
a rhapsody
my body complied

an exotic melody
despite its familiarity
the end,
what a tragedy,
executed gracefully.
what a talent i do not obtain, but watch from a distance. i still dont complain. its beautiful
Dec 2019 · 38
dance for me
zahri Dec 2019
dancing by myself
in the midst of the smoke
unknown voices
freaking out folk,

let me rotate
with the world
that's slowly killing me

let me behave
as if no one
knows me

**** my soul slowly
**** it whole

ruin me,
with your sorrow

let me dance,
with your pity
let me dance,
with your ignorance

let me dance,
you selfish fools.

for myself,
nobody else
Dec 2019 · 27
zahri Dec 2019
oblivious to everything,
cant you just focus!

dont talk too slow, you sound high
its not funny,
youre a joke, a lie!

strange noises, in a silent mind
brain damaged

dont be so dull, wake up
dont be so quiet, speak up

dont be so *******, speed up
Dec 2019 · 299
zahri Dec 2019
awkward gestures
subtle touch
morning comes,
what a rush.

time goes by,
too fast?
too slow?

awkward stares
emotionless reaction
evening comes,
what a distraction.

stay in bed,
think of the day

think of the things,
i could not say
Aug 2019 · 71
zahri Aug 2019
in solitude, i wonder in a crowded mind
how blissful would it be,
the happiness im trying to find
will i have to go far? or is it right here?
does it upset you,
my gentle fear?

you told me to speak,
my heart trapped in the delirium of trust
in reflection, i saw a lurid freak.

filled with desire
i must!
convince myself that it’s a figment of my imagination
the profanity in my movements
yet the euphoria in my soul

the melancholy smile
i relinquish for your sanity
bestowed upon me
has given me insanity

a desire,
one impulse,
two beings,

Jan 2019 · 158
joyous relent
zahri Jan 2019
the ecstasy in ones face shall not be dismissed
for it is rare
sentimentally received and portrayed
Dec 2018 · 656
zahri Dec 2018
i feel,
too much.
Dec 2018 · 655
zahri Dec 2018
i was just called the prettiest girl,
its been long since ive heard those words
its been longer since ive believed them.

— The End —