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zahri 7d
an element of surprise
articulate sarcasm
an intellectual lunatic
with erratically mannered attraction

defined structure, flesh and bones
emerging between the layer of
overly sized clothes

suave movements, slender and graceful
quirky poses, a unique character
and many accents, mostly awful

flat-tones, memorable comments
communicated at the same time
such coincidental moments

a laughter, so gentle and sincere
a yell, funky and out in the air

a good morning, a good bye and a have a nice day
zahri Dec 2019
a little push,
on black
on white
harmonious movements
that fill with delight

a little smirk,
looking left
then right
tones made by passion
feelings of abstraction

at ease
at awe
oh what a sight
a daze
a rhapsody
my body complied

an exotic melody
despite its familiarity
the end,
what a tragedy,
executed gracefully.
what a talent i do not obtain, but watch from a distance. i still dont complain. its beautiful
zahri Dec 2019
dancing by myself
in the midst of the smoke
unknown voices
freaking out folk,

let me rotate
with the world
that's slowly killing me

let me behave
as if no one
knows me

**** my soul slowly
**** it whole

ruin me,
with your sorrow

let me dance,
with your pity
let me dance,
with your ignorance

let me dance,
you selfish fools.

for myself,
nobody else
zahri Dec 2019
awkward gestures
subtle touch
morning comes,
what a rush.

time goes by,
too fast?
too slow?

awkward stares
emotionless reaction
evening comes,
what a distraction.

stay in bed,
think of the day

think of the things,
i could not say
zahri Aug 2019
in solitude, i wonder in a crowded mind
how blissful would it be,
the happiness im trying to find
will i have to go far? or is it right here?
does it upset you,
my gentle fear?

you told me to speak,
my heart trapped in the delirium of trust
in reflection, i saw a lurid freak.

filled with desire
i must!
convince myself that it’s a figment of my imagination
the profanity in my movements
yet the euphoria in my soul

the melancholy smile
i relinquish for your sanity
bestowed upon me
has given me insanity

a desire,
one impulse,
two beings,

zahri Jan 2019
the ecstasy in ones face shall not be dismissed
for it is rare
sentimentally received and portrayed
zahri Dec 2018
i feel,
too much.
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