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856 · Sep 15
KI Sep 15
She's smiling
Someone made her eyes glow
I've tried, I guess I can't be that reason

Mine is gone
She's my reason
Yet  I can't smile for them
hays la na gid?
647 · May 2017
KI May 2017
Are the words I used right?
I think there are better things to write
It's making me think all night
Leaving it blank, I really might?
no sense
359 · Sep 2017
KI Sep 2017
Sisimulan mo na naman bang mangalimot?
Bakit ka nga ba natatakot?
Hindi mo masagot?
Hahayaan mo bang dito nalang, at i hinto na ang pag-ikot?

Hoy duwag...
Huminto ka na sa pakikinig sa "wag"
Pakinggan na lang ang bulong na tumatawag
345 · May 2017
KI May 2017
Geniuses gathered in front of the old
For the seconds to be created and mold
Einstein's, Newton's story to be again foretold

The system to remove individuality
The simple truth and reality
It's for the "sake" of the "community"
285 · May 2017
KI May 2017
All I can do is move forward
I am no coward
No need for an award
I'll charge with no regard
268 · Jan 2018
First love - unang pagbibig
KI Jan 2018
Pabigla ang pagkawala
Pinutol ng tadhana?
Wala namang magagawa
Kung ang katapusan ay ang simula

Unang pansamantala
Na ibabaon sa alaala
Mga simpleng pahina
Na higit pa sa isang kabanata
KI May 2017
The clock is ticking
I can't stop thinking
Shall I stop hiding?
Shall I start talking

This may be our last
So I'll say it now and fast
It's your choice to believe
I got nothing to achieve

"I love you", I scream
"I love you too" is just a distant dream
2 years left before our paths will eventually separate i don't know if you will be able see this but yah hahaha
231 · Oct 2018
KI Oct 2018
Should it be really this selfless?
I doubt and feel helpless

Am I being selfish,
By wanting someone I can cherish?

To make her smile for me
May forever be a cannot be

A feeling too heavy
An ending of this inevitability
218 · May 2017
KI May 2017
Can you really understand,
What is known as grand ?

All expectations in hand,
Can it be withstand ?

To remember everything
Is not necessarily the good thing

To create a masterpiece
You can't be at ease

Potential can be wasted
Every geniuses are tested

Failures that are just misunderstood
Are things geniuses call good
199 · Sep 2017
KI Sep 2017
Di ko alam pano ko sasabihin
Kung mismo, ako di alam itong ibig-sabihin
Matatakasan pa ba tung damdamin?
Aamin na lang ba kahit alanganin?
195 · Jun 2017
Random #1
KI Jun 2017
Things that remain unproven
Something absurd makes it even
Over ten you can get eleven
Many things can simply happen

The place you know as heaven
Can even be the devil's den
Things that don't "exist"
Are real existence you need to insist
random no sense
192 · Sep 2018
KI Sep 2018
Di na alam ano pa ang ipaglalaban
Sarili lang naman ang aking kalaban
Meron nga ba akong karapatan?
Tama pa ba ang nararamdaman?

Sarili ay sinasaktan
Sarili ay unti-unting nakakalimutan
Pagseselos na di maintindihan
Damdaming pilit na pinanghahawakan
toxic feeling... hayst... hahaha
191 · May 2017
KI May 2017
Not so delicate
Power can't be estimate
No one can replicate
A queen knows how to intimidate
185 · May 2017
I love you
KI May 2017
I've kept it to myself day by day
Something that I can't ever say
All I can do and will ever do is stay
176 · Nov 2018
KI Nov 2018
Bilang na ang ating mga sandali
Kailangang magmadali
Tamang tiyempo, ngayon na ay mali
Wakas na di gusto, ang tadhana na ang pumili

Paubos na ang oras
Paubos na ang aking lakas
Ang paalam ay palapit na ng napakapaspas
Sasabak na sa laban na ni minsan di naging patas
Old poem, may iniba nga lang
173 · May 2017
KI May 2017
A game tactics
Not many antics
No need for drastic
Simply monochromatic
170 · May 2017
KI May 2017
A replacement
An ornament
Something essential
But artificial

I'm incapable
So am replaceable
I'm necessary
But sometimes temporary
169 · May 2017
KI May 2017
To be only protected
Everyone is dedicated
I'm really feel conflicted
A power that is really fitted?
163 · May 2017
KI May 2017
Look at me eye to eye
Please tell me it's a lie
I ask you the question why
Is it really a good bye?
163 · May 2017
KI May 2017
To stay on black or on white
To control the dark or the light
Please God hear my plight
Give me power to take flight
160 · May 2017
KI May 2017
I'm known as unimportant
But have ambitions in the distant
Holding a sword makes me reluctant
But it will be extravagant
158 · May 2017
KI May 2017
Movements unpredictable
My enemies are gullible
Horse and man as one
A duo that can't be outdone
152 · Nov 2018
My Heart
KI Nov 2018
It keeps breaking
Pieces gets lost

I try to fix it
Yet it keeps shrinking

It won't go back in size
It simply became a hallow husk

My heart seems to slowly fade
Now a simple ornament
150 · Jul 2017
KI Jul 2017
Where in life am I?
In the harsh truth,
Where nothing bears fruit
In the dreamy lie,
Where dreams slowly die
In the middle of nowhere,
Where everything clear is here and there
Where am I?
147 · Jun 2017
KI Jun 2017
Morals that have been forsaken
Things that can't be forgiven
Too heinous to be forgotten
No way to the place of Eden

The path of no saving
The path of no good ending
133 · Aug 2017
KI Aug 2017
Within the crowd
Silent not loud
Not caring
Only observing
That is an observer
126 · Aug 2017
KI Aug 2017
A beauty that can't be hidden
Not in the garden of Eden
Not in the devil's den
This simple maiden
126 · Aug 2017
KI Aug 2017
She fills the world with insanity
A simple beauty and certain calamity
This faith and destiny
Is her simple identity
118 · Jun 2017
KI Jun 2017
Those great lines you think
Can be gone in a blink
Let that thought sink

Masterpieces created
Can get neglected
Poets and artist can remain untitled
116 · Aug 2017
yes or no
KI Aug 2017
A meeting for confirmation
No need for words nor any action
Please give an affirmation
To this yes or no question
115 · Aug 2017
KI Aug 2017
Something that you tried to keep
But got buried in the deep

Something you have lost
To get what mattered the most
92 · Sep 2018
KI Sep 2018
Paulit-ulit, paulit-ulit
Sa akin ba ay galit?

Bakit ako ang ginawang tagasalo nitong sakit...?

Malas sa akin lumalapit
Binabangungungot tuwing pumipikit

Bakit? bakit?
81 · Jul 2017
KI Jul 2017
Did you ever once wanted to listen to the whisper?
The whisper that slowly becomes louder
The whisper, an advice slowly getting bolder
From "ignore him or her" to "just **** that ******"
63 · Nov 2018
Isa, dalwa,tatlo...
KI Nov 2018
Isa, dalawa, tatlo
Pano nga ba magbabago?

Apat lima anim pito
Kung ang ayaw mo'y ang parte na ako

Walo siyam sampo
"Di bibitaw" ang sigaw ng puso
60 · Nov 2018
KI Nov 2018
If only there is something i can do
Something that spells I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U
But everything after that became a no-can-do
I just wish it's possible to do an undo
di nalang gid tani ko nagconfess or something????
51 · May 3
KI May 3
Magpapadala na lang ako,
Ngingiti, tatawa, at magsasaya
Alam na hangang dun lang ang tayo
Isang sandali, na siguro di naman na aksaya
37 · Aug 25
KI Aug 25
H e's tired
A nother day passes by
D ictating the cannot be's
E nding each day in tears
N o one ever noticed
O ver and over again
U nderstanding nothing
G etting nowhere
H elping himself a final time

— The End —