You deserve.
You deserve to feel what it feels like to receive the love you crave.

In my heart,
I feel the passion of love you crave.
You've been through storms
and fought through them to get to the sun.

I can't say,
I will be the last love you will love.
I can't say,
I'll be there forever to hold onto because we can't define forever even though people say it's endless.

I can't say,
I can hold you together.
I can't say,
we won't have our arguments or disagreements.
I can't say,
we will always see eye to eye in each other.

I can say,
I will use my whole power to make you happy.
I can say,
I will my strength to do everything in my power to be there for you, to hold all your sorrows,
and pain with you.
I can say,
I will smile when you are down. I will hold you in my arms when you need your woman to hold onto.

My heart is yours.
Use my heart to love on.
To learn me and what I can give you.

I can't take the pain you went through in the past away but I will do my hardest to give you happiness and joy. To have faith in us more than ever.
As time pass,
I will hold you dearest to me like you've been towards me.
Love me.
Love me for who I am.
Don't judge the fact I don't prefer the same sex as you.
I'm not perfect.
But love me for what I stand for.
For who I am as a person.

I stand strong
because the way you loved me and taught me
to be strong and have my own mind.

I move forward
even though I was thrown down not just by actions
but by words of hatred.

The words that were thrown
like sharp knives into this soulful heart
that you adore and cared for.

This heart was thrown by words of anger
that the pieces of this heart were shattered.

You've never bothered to ask
how my heart is or how is my heart as a whole.
I've been pushed, shoved, stabbed, and thrown
into the bushes many times
but my heart as a whole is still beating to find love.

To feel a bond with someone that will hold my heart to the dearest of them all.
That I can trust to hold my heart
and make the bond of my mind
become courage of more bond of love.

To create memorial adventures.
This person will not let me cry alone.
Will not let me be alone.
To feel sad
because I am not strong enough or too weak for them.

This person will hold me up so high that I am unable to let go because the bond is strong as steel.

So love me for me.
Not for what you think is perfect in the world or what you thought is right.

She feels. She sees. She breaks.
Through her eyes is her whole world in it.
When she looks up at the sky to see the clouds and stars,
She lets go of the pain just for a moment.
The sky gives her a moment of relief.
A moment to feel the happiness.
Through her heart is her love that she express to only certain ones
that believes in her.
She will be whole again when time heals her wounds.
Stand clear of her because she will not let anyone step in her way of her path.
She is strong. She is scare. She is unique.
Don't come in her life
If you're just here for a moment of your desire.
I sleep but feel my conscious self still awake.
I don't know what is going with me
But I feel more sad than before.
I shed tears of pain.
The pain that went through me by the years of my life.
I'm holding on the edge
But I don't know how long I can keep myself up.
As I let the pain feel through me,
I am shedding the tears that I kept in way to long.
I know today will be heavy on me.
I feel this day will the heaviest than the last three years of this date has passed.
Only because I am growing and feeling more of my pain that before.
Feeling the heartbreak of words and actions of myself and those threw at me.
I am losing my grip.
Encouragement. Self esteem. Happiness.
My mind feels like to let go and get myself together.
It's time to let go.
No matter how much the pain will hurt,
I need to let go.
I will share myself to those who see and feel every inch of me.
I will go on and do my dream.
I will let this pain push to greater things once the tears pass and I soak in this day of her.
I will cry. I will let it out. I cannot hold it anymore.
It's time to be on my own. Time to start me and actually be happy. I don't need others for happiness.
I will let this day to shed every inch of pain then no more until its true feelings of what I feel.
I will live this memory of you.
I will learn to let go.
I am strong.
I am done.
Stand tall. Stand bright. Stand strong.
Hold yourself up and keep moving forward.
Don't stop.
Don't stop because you are in pain.
Don't stop because you are afraid.
Don't stop because you think you are not strong enough.
Open your heart.
Open my heart to wonders of the world.
Let go of the pain that has been thrown to me.
Let go of the bad but keep the good.
I know I am strong as an individual independent woman.
I've fought through my pain.
I've fought through my anger.
I've given words of pain.
I've given words of unpleasant sound.
I don't regret what I've done but I am sorry.
I stand tall now because I love to live.
I stand tall now because I want to accomplish my dreams and goals.
To change my life but others as well.
I stand bright to let others
know I'm still standing tall.
I stand bright with scars and pain
but I stand bright with light in my eyes
to show
I am me and I am not giving up.

— The End —