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Kimberly Rose Mar 2019
Waking up in the still of the night
Waking up while you're holding me tight
Waking up when I feel your little shivers
Waking up to tuck your feet in the covers
Waking up then planting a kiss on your nose
Waking up as you angelically doze
She's waking up while you are sound asleep
So I'm waking up without you next to me
Kimberly Rose Jan 2019
Learn to stay quiet
Do not speak a word
You're allowed to be seen
Not to be heard
Your ideas will not matter
Since you have that pretty face
Otherwise your body
Would be such a waste
Yes, you are brilliant
But never must you tell
You read each novel in darkness
Plotting an escape from where you dwell
Kimberly Rose Nov 2018
My eyelids become heavy with desire. Craving an unknown, improbable future. Color swipes behind closed eyes, painting the image my mind continues to reminisce.
My fingertips ignite with warmth. They wander to where they crave to reside. Charting its surface, memorizing the curvature with a texture ever smooth.
My ears perky of familiarity. Pleasured by the sheer sensual vibration of my name having traveled vocal chords, tongue, teeth, lips.
Surround, engulf, indulge me.
Your venturesome soul sails through dimensional dynamics. Could this be you inhabiting in my senses?
Kimberly Rose Nov 2018
A fear of sleep
A fear of dreaming
Much too deep
Close each eye
Lie in darkness
It hears your cry
Fall asleep
Dream so deep
Close those eyes
Will you ever arise?
Kimberly Rose Nov 2018
I catch a glimpse of flames
Submerged in the swallowing smoke
Stare as it burns in the distance
Full of radiance and life, yet slowly dying
Light increasing, in its path diminishing
The depth of the valley, the vibrancy of color
Where is the point of ignition?
It spreads across the horizon:
milky clouds of white
earthy transparent brown
deep violet filling the air
The sun setting behind the tragedy,
forming brilliant, engulfing layers:
scarlet transfers into a peachy blush pink
Mountains blue as Washington’s Pacific Ocean
Sky breathing life to my favored colored pencil
Thin clouds lay as one with the atmosphere, each varying-
fluffy white into cotton candy pink
to an Easter bunny yellow
This is no dull view for the eyes
Nature, destructive while creating its signature on this piece of art
Engraving the masterpiece in my sights
Each flame once its own morphed into oneself, dramatically altering its appearance, its mass
A single flame has the ability to become a wildfire within an instant
Will I smolder this fire on my own?
  Oct 2018 Kimberly Rose
I feel slowly
My crush for you is fading
Flowing out of a faucet
Like water down the sink
But I know that when I see you
Again, they will come rushing back in as if I were a kid out in the snow who came running  inside for some hot cocoa
Kimberly Rose Oct 2018
A life of blurred conception
With broke legs I chase perfection
I find myself repeating the question,
Why am I not worthy?

I give my all to meet your needs
Inside I break, falling to my knees
My lungs collapse and my heart no longer beats
Why am I not worthy?

You give me standards I cannot reach
You drain my hope, blood to a leech
I cannot help but recite the same old speech
Why am I not worthy?

I can do no more to impress
You drug me through all this distress
You seek others, finding me less

I realize, shuddering with fear
A truth speaking loud and clear
As I watch my reflection in the mirror
I will never be worthy.

— The End —