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Red hair
Sun fire
Sweet moments
Subtle tells
Warm thoughts
Relaxing swells
I have not showered
I have not eaten
I have not slept
I have not gotten out of bed

"Just shake it off!"
"Get over it!"
"Be strong!"
"Just pray about it!"

The ache in my head
The ache in my stomach
The ache in my heart
The ache in my bones

"You are just too sensitive!"
"There is nothing wrong with you!"
"You don't have anything to be depressed about!"
"You just want attention!"

I retreat
I cry
I stare
I fear

"You are making a mountain out of a mole hill!"
"If you keep acting this way no one will want to be around you!"
"It's all in your head!"
"I too feel depressed, but I don't let it get me down because--"

Frozen in bed
Frozen in place
Frozen in time
Frozen in space

"You aren't trying hard enough!"
"You are just lazy!"
"Stop faking!"
"You use your illness as an excuse to--"

I feel embarrassed
I feel ashamed
I 'm in despair
I'm in pain

"You are being ridiculous!"
"Stop worrying about things that haven't happened!"
"This is why no one likes you!"
"You mope too much!"

More of the same
We need to openly talk about mental illnesses! End the stigmas.
Today, in Bisexuality-"Pick a sided!"
Why should we? We have the right to-
"Shut up!"

Today, in Bisexuality-"Men can't be Bisexual!"
Yes, they can be, and-

Today, in Bisexuality- "Top 17 List of Gay Celebs!"
Bisexual Celebs have been listed as gay or lesbian. If you could, please-
"We said what we said!"

Today, in Bisexuality- "**** gay marriage! You, people, are gross!"
Then, avert your eyes. And, it's called same-*** marriage for a reason. I'm Bisexual and when you don't acknowledge that you erase-

Today, in Bisexuality- "Y'all say Y'all like girls, but always marry men. It's so stupid!"
Did you ever stop to think it's because Queer women isolate and shun us? Did you ever stop to think most of us are fearful of coming out because we have to deal with Biphobia and always defending-
"******* *****!"

Today, in Bisexuality- "Bisexuality isn't real!"
But, but, but, it's called LGBTQ because the B stands for-
"You are just confused and experimenting!"
But, I'm the B in LGBTQ and-
"Go **** yourself!"


I feel the cold. I'm forced in the void.
We don't have a voice. We are being destroyed.
Abused. Battered. Shunned. Lost.
You ignore our needs, and our lives are the cost.

No funding. No help. No representation.
We are the ******* children of a silent nation.
We ask for help and organizations wait for our week.
We aren't asking for much. It's Visibility we seek.

Using your voice is free. Make noise on your platform every day and night.
We aren't going away. For Visibility, we fight!
Dedicated to ALL members of the Bisexual Community. I love you!
Her skin, smooth
Her breath, minty
Her voice, musical
Her taste, sweet
Her beauty, ethereal
Our souls, connect
Our spirits, awakened
Our love, pure
Our time, undiscovered




I look in the mirror and I do not like what I see
My hair is broken, unhealthy and destroyed
I tried to fit in
I wanted to fit in

She, my mother, didn't know how to manage my wild tresses
She, my mother, didn't know how to love my wild mane
She, my mother, didn't teach me how to embrace me
She, my mother, became a victim of society
She, my mother, then taught it to me

Self love
Self care
Time to accept me and take care of my hair

I'm making a return to my roots and to that kid
I big chopped Ya'll
Yes, I did
I embraced myself and all that is


In love
In awe

Natural me
Smashed against the wall broken into tiny pieces and sharp shards
Crushed and stomped into the ground til there is no more
Withered and nearly dead struggling to survive
Ripped and torn apart drifting in the wind

Some pieces large enough to see with the eye
Some parts too small and only discovered when stepped on
Some pieces never found at all
Some parts always barren and dead

Lost pieces fell into cracks and tears but, always remembered
Lost parts tucked in the darkness but, always remembered
Lost pieces swept out of sight but, always remembered
Lost parts left in the past festering but, always remembered

Time passes
Time passes

Some of the pieces have returned and I am stronger
Some of the parts have been found and I am wiser
Some of the pieces are gone forever and I am better off
Some of the parts have found a way to thrive and I am grateful

Found, is the need for life lessons
Found, is the need to look back and reflect
Found, is the need to forgive but, never forget
Found, is the need to love again

Time passes
Time passes
It starts with a warm smile
Sometimes you can just nicely say, "Hello"
Offer a hungry person a meal
Maybe lend an ear. Listen. Just listen.
Help a stranger in need
Donate your old clothes
Drop a few cans of food off at the local pantry
Hand out bottles of water on a hot day
Pay it forward
It catches on
It spreads
It ripples out
I definitely wouldn't mind a pandemic.
Would you?
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