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Savana James
23/F/Toronto    savana is a 23 year old writer from toronto, who hopes you like her work
Aravind Shanavaz
23/M/Sydney, Australia    Director of Photography. Currently studying at Sydney film School. Writes stuff. Loves to travel.
Samantha B
25/F/New Jersey    I write for you & me.
Savanna Paige
23/F/Somewhere Daydreaming    Just A Girl Who’s Proud, To Finally Be Living Her Truth Out Loud... W/ The Help Of Rhyming Words, Of Course! ; )
20/F    Wonder is my home,
PJ Patrick Punzalan
21/M/Philippines    I am strong at the same time I am weak, I could be my best at the same time I'm my worst. I am my ...
19/New Zealand    This is my platform. My hiding place. I love the spotlight. I crave the shadows.
zoe holman
15/F/In My Imagination    Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings.~W.H. Auden
21/Philippines    "Life is a walk to be remembered."
sandy gallagher
20/F    hello. i'm sandy and you are my sunflower. ❀ please face the brightest of days standing tall, my darling.
toonky prescod
14/F    idk.....
15/F    Writing keeps me sane
Anna-Marie Rose
31/F/Medford oregon    Life is hollow at Times Speak words Be remembered Stainless lives are false Stain the world with Your soul! Sometime's the truth is brutal on ...
48/M/Saskatchewan, Canada    What you see is what you get.
Nurdini Izzati Norazmi
17/F    I like poems (duh)
20/F/England    a baby among poets! i know nothing but i hope to learn.
1997 NY/FL life ft. World Adventures
Prescott Emile Sutton
Something subtle was missing.
BJ Donovan
69/M/Charlotte NC    I'm a quilt sewn from small pieces of myself that each of you has touched.
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