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Dec 2017 · 885
Kim Yu Dec 2017
I'm a divine leaf fallen from an evergreen tree, driven away down a foggy river
Like a raindrop who thinks he is mud, I roam from one mud to another like a restless bee searching for pollen on every flower
I'm here, wherever here is, it had been so long I knew where I was or where I belonged
But I'm steadily waking from my slumber, the Absolute Truth pierces sharply through these curtains of ignorance
I've been counting my sins more than my blessings
Because I am the perfection of imperfections
I hail from a place of limitations
A reflection of many endings and many beginnings
I am eternal
I am spirit
For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.
[Bg 2.20]
Jul 2017 · 853
Listening to the Wind
Kim Yu Jul 2017
Am I climbing up the mountain
or tumbling down like an avalanche
crashing down hopes and fantasies that keep me sane?

I pace through forests where echoes are bleak
harnessing warmth in this fire that burns
steadily through storms falling from the peak

Am I pursuing the light
or am I just chasing a shadow?
Dark clouds are due, I seem to have lost sight

O whistle me a tune of comfort for my despair
let me hear your soothing whispers
so I may rest knowing that you are there.
"Your silence weakens me."
Jul 2017 · 1.1k
Spark Seeker
Kim Yu Jul 2017
Spark seeker sitting anxiously in the dark
Counting every second to the sunrise
Blood, sweat and tears flowing down a stream of skin grinded by an infinite hour glass
Grasping for air to rise and mine once more for an everlasting bliss
Shattered by critics, cussed by ignorance and spat on by arrogance
A spark seeker rises like a phoenix above heights no eye can ever see
Persistence is key. Persistence shines light into the essence of mortality
While a spark seeker seeks light in the dark
Captivated by the fruit of blissful infinity.
Spark Seeker (n) One who never gives up. A hopeful person
Jan 2017 · 1.1k
New Beginnings
Kim Yu Jan 2017
Like buds turn into roses and cocoons into butterflies, it's time to spread out your wings, fly high and roam the skies.

Welcome to the New Year
12 new chapters, 362 new chances, make them count.
Nov 2016 · 924
Our Poem About Life
Kim Yu Nov 2016
This is stupid but if you reading this I'd like you to contribute an eight word line in the comments, the challenge is to make one poem from different people, the line you type in will have to correspond with the previous one.
Remember, the poem is about "life", share anything related to it. Lets have fun.
I'll start the party with...

*Life is so unpredictable and yet wonderful...
Your contribution would be greatly appreciated
Sep 2016 · 997
Her Voice Is Getting Louder
Kim Yu Sep 2016
From the sounds echoed behind juvenile play-figures
To the vocal vibrations that reflect nothing but wonders,
Her voice deepens with every height she reach’
Sharpened in the spine of every speech.

Her voice gets louder as the vocal cords grow wider,
Penetrating through dimensions like a path finder,
Echoing through space and times
Compelled by ignorant minds.

Her voice awakens the deaf with larger ears
And puts to sleep loud mouths with smaller ears.
Hear her voice as she’s about to speak
And don’t let her silence say that she is weak.

Let her voice out this acquired volume of integrity,
Let her voice pierce through generations with simplicity.
Let her tone be comprehensive
And the melody as impressive.

Your voice has ripened through the ages
You can now soothe pains of all stages
Use your voice to change a nation
And watch as it rejoices from liberation.

Break the silence.
Put what you feel inside into verbal words.
Apr 2016 · 2.6k
Kim Yu Apr 2016
It's there and I can feel it
I want to reach it but I can't.
I hear it in my speech, I see it in my dreams,
I smell it in the air and I feel it in my veins.
I see it in the eyes of creatures,
I feel it from still and tidal waters,
I even inhale it from all the green that surround us.
I feel it through words that are spoken
And I see it within those that are written,
I hear its melodies, sweet sounds of a silent night
Serenading in a foreign dialect.
It makes me feel whole though it chills me right to the bone
My heart wants to but my mind doesn't,
My mind wants to understand but my heart is too afraid to comprehend
I know what it is yet I can't tell what it is.
Still trying to reach out to it but I seem not to reach it
Part of me wants it while the other doesn't
The me within me wants it
But the me outside of me repels it.
"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey." - Stephen Covey
Mar 2016 · 4.3k
Kim Yu Mar 2016
I honor the place in you in which
the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me,
we are one.
"Open your eyes and realise the universe that revolves around you."
Jan 2016 · 1.5k
Queen of the Light and Dark
Kim Yu Jan 2016
To Her Majesty, the Queen
Queen of the Light and the Dark
The night had swallowed the moon and all its spark,
The ever-shining Sun seemed to be frozen,
The peace and tranquility from the world had been stolen,
The air, the soil, all felt so dry
It never felt so painful to cry.

Fish came flowing to shore,
Your eyes so divine and so pure
Glitters from your face shone the night sky bright,
Days felt splendid, your presence brought great delight,
Your royal touch restored the peace and tranquility within,
Melodies from your voice keeps birds dancing while the Sun is shining,
And in the dark your smile never fails to ignite a spark.
*All hail Her Majesty, the Queen of the Light and the Dark.
"The Story of a Lion tamed by two Fish"
Jun 2015 · 1.0k
Judge Not
Kim Yu Jun 2015
I was shocked, confused, bewildered
As I entered Heaven's door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
Nor the lights or its décor.

But it was the folks in heaven
Who made me sputter and gasp --
The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
The alcoholics and the trash.

There stood the kid from seventh grade
Who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
Who never said anything nice.

Bob, who I always thought
Was rotting away in hell,
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
Looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus, 'what's the deal?
'I would love to hear Your take.
'how'd all these sinners get up here?
'God must've made a mistake.'

'And why is everyone so quiet,
'so somber -- give me a clue.'
'hush, child,' He said,
'They're all in shock!
'No one thought they'd see you.'

Unknown Author
Let's not play God and be the first to judge others before you even judge yourself. No one is perfect. "Every saint has a Past, every sinner has a Future."
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Kim Yu Jun 2015
Everything has its rightful place but in this world nothing is *perfect
Jun 2015 · 1.6k
Kim Yu Jun 2015
I'm young and wild,
Adrenaline rushes through my vains
I have a roar that rattles a child,
That burns like eternal flames.
I vitiate a jungle with my rampant fever,
Rotate the world, the wrath of my paws,
My tyranny drowns all that preys the river,
My ambitions defy nature's doltish laws
My soul craves a sense of power
To roam freely whenever, wherever,
Let me sieze and live in this hour
Because no one is meant to live forever.
"You are the painter of your own mood and your days are only as grey as you allow them to be."
Kim Yu Jun 2015
I love you today and tomorrow
With all the sorrows that may follow
With you by my side my heart can never be hollow
And without you I rather be solo
Because you are the only girl that holds all my tomorrows
I love you today and tomorrow
Jun 2015 · 837
Kim Yu Jun 2015
Back up a bit as i fuel this fire,
This fire to inspire hearts that seem to retire
From this wonderful life that we acquire, as we move on through it with desire
To fit in this attire that protects us from haywire.
Refire and let the wind take you higher
Light up your fire and let heavens see your everblazing desire.
Lame poetry at its best :)
Jun 2015 · 3.3k
Why Aren't You Smiling?
Kim Yu Jun 2015
Why aren't you smiling, while the whole world is smiling?
In this lovely day why aren't you shining?
Obstacles on your way but even fowls are crossing.
Instead of smiling why are always cursing
the world and her natural ways of judgment.
Life is full of jubilance, why the resentment?
Understand that life is the most wonderful element,
Rich and nourishing, each day lived is a divine fulfilment.
Why aren't you smiling when you should be rising?
Why are you still going backwards, forward is where you should be heading,
You should be smiling even when everything seems to be falling,
Smile each day, life is awesome and worth living.

*"Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"
Live today and worry not about tomorrow.
*Inspired by Jhene Aiko - W.A.Y.S*
May 2015 · 700
Cartas de Amor
Kim Yu May 2015
Todas as cartas de amor são - Ridículas.
Não seriam cartas de amor se não fossem - Ridículas.
Também escrevi em meu tempo cartas de amor,
Como as outras - Ridículas.
As cartas de amor, se há amor,
Têm de ser - Ridículas.
Mas, afinal, - Só as criaturas que nunca escreveram
Cartas de amor - É que são - Ridículas.
Quem me dera no tempo em que escrevia - Sem dar por isso
Cartas de amor - Ridículas.
A verdade é que hoje - As minhas memórias
Dessas cartas de amor - É que ******>Ridículas.
(Todas as palavras esdrúxulas - Como os sentimentos esdrúxulos,
São naturalmente - Ridículas.)

Fernando Pessoa
One of my favorite poems by Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet.
May 2015 · 706
En Mis Pensamientos
Kim Yu May 2015
Viene como una estrella a través los cielos
Rajando mis pensamientos en mil’ fragmentos
Yo pienso mucho en ti, ya no puedo pasar el día
Tu energía se ha vuelto como la fuente de mi fantasía
Pienso en lo que no puedo hacer
La posibilidad de tenerte no se puede vencer

Tu presencia es la porción que me falta
Tu olor dulce que me encanta
Tus labios dulces me dejaron paralizado
En un estado oscuro de un alma perdido
Todavía no eres mi futuro constante
Pero sigues el corazón de mi presente

Te quiero como el día quiere al sol
La arteria pulmonar de mi corazón
Tú eres la realidad de mi sueño
La fantasía que me calienta en el frio
Mi amor es un hueco de tus sentimientos
Tu atención tan lejos pero siempre estarás en mis pensamientos…
May 2015 · 1.0k
The Singing Angel
Kim Yu May 2015
In a dream I inevitably heard her voice
Singing a melody that pierced through the noise
Gentle notes from her golden harp were of a morning breeze
On the highest cloud singing without cease,
Her melody got lower as I moved closer
Her positive energy was just an explicit composure
Her presence gave out an eternal bliss
Nearly fell as she blew off a kiss
She slowly moved her hand on my palm
In a micro-second my broken soul was at calm
I rose like a flower on the first of spring,
She vanished in the clouds and left behind a feather of her wing
But her sweet melody continued ringing, eternally
As I greeted the morning breeze, happily...
May 2015 · 902
Through A Broken Mirror
Kim Yu May 2015
Through a broken mirror I see your recollected smile
To the depth of a vision’s reach I see your tormented soul
Lost soul waiting to come out the materialistic exile
I see you reaching out your hand but the mirror is too cold,
You are trapped, who would have thought we could switch places
Though I feel your broken heartbeats
****** tears dripping down your shattered faces
I’ll stand by you, dimensionally, if your soul fits.
Your remains lie in your illusionary window
Until the end of time your existence remain a story untold
Your soul continues with no hopes of tomorrow
Your dull destiny was long foretold
I’m looking at you through this broken mirror
All I see is loneliness and false happiness
Dimensions repel me from stepping closer
While your soul falls down the infernal abyss.

*Well well, here we are again
Gazing upon you as I revisit your brain
You haven’t changed since our last encounter
Well I had to see you again as we open this new chapter.
May 2015 · 3.0k
Chant Down Babylon
Kim Yu May 2015
Fire, Fire, Babylon shall retire
Mind invasion shall expire
Them ghetto youth we shall inspire
Guide and protect them as them acquire…
A full overstanding of a materialization,
Conquering our souls' conception
Peace upon the mind opens doors to realization
That fi ah ghetto youth's materialism be them destruction.
Free your mind, pure thy soul and free thyness from hate
Babylon wickedness shall encounter its fate
Heavens are open for those who livicate
Them souls in vision to reach the holy gate.
Marihuana elevate I and I to be self-conscious
Jah people we forever righteous
Babylon can search and conquer, them never find us
Jah shall protect us from everything malicious.
Hail King Selassie for his pure wisdom
In holy Mount Zion shall we find our freedom
Jah do save us, Babylon is taking us at random
Rise Rasta rise, the system can never shut us down.
Pretty soon we shall all share the peace and joys
It’s all a matter of internal choice
Right up Mount Zion shall Babylon perish from our anointed voice
Oh yes heaven we shall all rejoice.
"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, no one else but ourselves can free our minds." - Bob Marley
May 2015 · 636
A Letter To You
Kim Yu May 2015
To a father who produced me but was never there,
To a mother who introduced me to a world that gave me fear,
To a father who raised and showed me the steps of life,
To a grandfather who gave me my first reason to be alive,
To a grandmother who gave me great knowledge,
To a cousin with a friendship of great privilege,
To a baby cousin who gave me peace at a glance,
To an uncle who brought me an ultimate chance,
To friends who taught me through heartbreaks,
And to friends who made me laugh through bad states,
Everyone I had met in my life has played their role
And I shall be thankful ‘til He claims my soul,
I have come from pain to worst
Yet I live my life to my outmost best
In exchange to give you my personal appreciation
To your support and tremendous contribution,
This is my first letter to you
Accept it as my way of saying Thank You…
May 2015 · 17.2k
Tsala Ya Nnete
Kim Yu May 2015
Tsala e ya nnete tota
E lerato le popota
Ga e go bone makoa
Ga e go tsenye ka sekgwa.

Fa lefatshe le tlhanoga
Le ditshotlo di tlhatloga
O mongwe fela yo o gomotsang
Ke tsala e e go ratang.

Tsala ya maaka, ramatlhajana
Tsamaya le ena nakonyana
Melato a ka e go bolaisa
Fa go buiwa o a itshegisa.

O go tsenya mo kotsing
A go potise ka fa mosing,
Le phepa la gagwe leina
O le tlhatswitse la wena.

Botsala jwa nnete
Ga bo tlhwatlhwa e bokete
Bo rekwa ka setshego
Le lerato la tlholego.
Fell in love with this poem in my High school days, it's a Tswana poem about A True Friend...very beautiful.
May 2015 · 853
Kim Yu May 2015
As I proceed I see no changes,
Everyone is still wearing the same guilty faces
Violence will forever live on
Just like the movement of the sun ‘til dawn,
Racism is one of the issues unchanged
Globally known yet it remains unchallenged…
May 2015 · 641
What Is Forever?
Kim Yu May 2015
A lifetime commitment
  To distant hopes,
A fall to the depth
  Of the ever-sloping slopes.
Everyday we search for eternal love,
Forever young the inevitable temptation
But forever the sky remains above
Evidence of desirous human emotions.
Forever can be enjoyed
  Like a fountain of one’s desires,
Forever can be feared
  Like Hell’s eternal fires.
Forever is a fantasy of the mind
And an eternal torment to the heart
Forever is depleting any resemblance of our kind
Yet we seek forever as it tears us apart.
We are so obessesed with forever which blinds us from remembering that we are temporal residents in bodies we occupy.
May 2015 · 616
No One Understands
Kim Yu May 2015
No one understands why I cry
myself to sleep everyday
soaking the pillow while i try
to mend the mistakes of each day,
the mistakes of the past
and the mistakes of the future
For all my relationships may never last
since hurting everyone who cares is my true nature.
May 2015 · 673
The Day I Let Her Go
Kim Yu May 2015
The day I let her go
I couldn’t breathe no more
She had just blew her last breath,
The breath that kept me strong and stable
Her positive energy had left me negative and unmendable.
Light became dark, my blood flow stopped…

In a split second my skin was grey
With no regret in her eyes she turned away
Her shoulders froze, I burned.
I had to burn alone in a fantasy we built
With lost souls holding my feet.
Ashes of my heart, life was meaningless…

Hopes and dreams became sore memories
The future was bleak, lost in thousand galaxies,
Life had yet again robbed me happiness,
Though we had to reach this point someday
She meant to me more than the sun to a day.
Tears sealed my eyes shut, pity she never knew…
May 2015 · 980
There’s No Tomorrow.
Kim Yu May 2015
With a distant mind he had, the only thing that crossed it was the girl he loved.
But the distance between him and his heart was killing him slowly
Even the love of the girl he loved was fading like the setting sun,
Slowly as oceans repelled him from stopping the wound of an emotional gun.
Everything was quoted, every book he read, every word he heard,
  every picture he saw, all was quoted to guide him or put him to a stop.
Friends abandoned his wrecked body to suffer for eternity,
To his family it was a long awaited liberty,
He could not predict tomorrow anymore,
The picture of his future and his present was just a metaphor of no tomorrow,
Fragments of the past flashed his head like lightnings in a storm, inevitably.
They had dreamt a dream but led them nowhere,
A journey to go back and stop the seeds he grew from was an impossible option.
He had prayed everyday to see his death but all he got was more respiration
To feel more pain until his mental eruption of drowned sorrows,
There was no more tomorrow
The cracks on his heart eventually broke off…
Kim Yu May 2015
The orientation was that:
The man’s intension was to stop
The invasion of his mind’s
               Population – the complications.

The confusion was that:
He was a prisoner in a prison
Shaped like a prism for
No reason – a mind’s concussion.

The conclusion was that:
He saw no reason or inspiration
       Towards his mind’s destruction
But a motivation towards
Self-destruction – his solution.
May 2015 · 454
Who Am I?
Kim Yu May 2015
What has gone wrong with my mind?
I can’t even interpret every sound
My mind now works like a sinusoidal wave
Trapped in a suicidal cave.
Can someone please turn the next page?
Because even my heart is trapped in this deadly rib cage
I have no love,
That’s why I can’t even go above
God has closed the gate,
Because my heart is filled with hate.
My mind can only think of evil,
Because behind my ear is the devil
My heart and mind are hollow
With drifting blood from my sorrow
I’m too evil to get in the Garden of Eden
I’m too holy to get through the gateway of Hell…
Where should I go?
I don’t even know myself anymore…
May 2015 · 501
Right in Its Place
Kim Yu May 2015
From a world of dreams; fantasies, distant galaxies, false happiness...
Through the storms that have wiped out even a grain of sand, after all the damages that have been made, the losses, the pain, the lies..
Birds are flying sky high, friends have reunited, and frowns have turned into smiles, no more cries, no more lies...
Justice has been served, plates are full of nutrition, the show is over, curtains have closed, everyone has turned to the next page, the new chapter has begun.
The sky is blue, the night is still, stars are shining, heavens are rejoicing.
The wicked have been sentenced, jubilant is a heart at peace.
Everything is right in its place.
May 2015 · 2.6k
Free Spirit
Kim Yu May 2015
Blessed is a soul that lives freely,
Free from the world’s tragedies and pains,
A soul that cherishes life happily
Like a child with no bargains...

Fly like a butterfly
And be as free as you can be,
Find peace within the sky
And move as quiet as the sea...

Try to free your soul and mind
And watch as He puts upon you his love
Leave the material world behind
And forever we’ll be together in the heavens above...
Kim Yu May 2015
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
And I don’t seem to reach the ground
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
My heart is lost and can’t be found
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
My mind has been overcame by blazing fires
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
Because I was crooked by voluptuous desires
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
Chased a shadow with no name
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
And I’m hurt but I feel no pain
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
I’ve accepted my fall to the depth
I’m falling and I can’t turn back
Dear life had let go of my hand
I’m falling and I can’t turn back*
Falling but I don’t seem to land
I’ve got a weight of sins on my neck
And I’m falling and I can’t turn back.
May 2015 · 405
A Poem About What?
Kim Yu May 2015
What is the meaning of What?
What is the meaning of my question?
In this doubt do I really form its part?
Or do I just form part of this confusion?

Do I need to know what is What?
What could be the meaning of my question?
Will it be better if I keep my lips shut?
Or should I just continue forming part of this confusion?
May 2015 · 912
A Moment
Kim Yu May 2015
I’ve been wishing for that moment
That moment to address my statement
Not verbally but telepathically,
Not harsh but sweet and gently.

I want that moment with you
A moment for two
I want to stare at your cute face,
Go deep in your heart and find my dwelling place.

I want to go somewhere with you
Somewhere quiet, just me and you
I don’t want anything else but your lips,
Soften them up with a steamy kiss.

I want that moment in the palm of my hand
With words no tongue can comprehend.
I want that moment with you
A moment for two.
May 2015 · 1.6k
A Man’s Heart
Kim Yu May 2015
Even lions have the strongest hearts
But they still fall weak to lionesses,
A man’s heart can tighten in all parts
It only takes a ´touch´ to bring him to pieces

When a man falls weak to his world
A part of him has leaped over a wall
The tricky phase is to retrieve his part
Searching the world with an incomplete heart,
The finder of his heart is always his near-God
But finders only leave men in a melting ***

Men are known to be tearless
They don’t cry and in pain they remain fearless,
Men are fragile and sensitive
Listen to him and see the world in his perspective,
Men will live on ‘til the last survivor
Because men are forever…
May 2015 · 694
A Tree With Broken Branches
Kim Yu May 2015
A tree with broken branches,
Slowly fading as it touches
The hearts of it’s neighbors,
It’s fruits were crying out their flavors,
Carpenters did not see any use for it,
Beautiful colors of the leaves ceased to exist,
Branches couldn’t come together
Because of the tensions amongst each other,
As everyone was passing whispers
The wind had brought the last shivers
To the last branches that were remaining,
While the tree died there standing.
May 2015 · 339
A Thought Of Her
Kim Yu May 2015
A thought of her gave me motivation
A thought of her gave me great sensation,
A thought of her gave me peace at times of war
A thought of her made me change from who I was before,
A thought of her delivered me from hate
A thought of her changed what was to be my fate,
A thought of her gave me warmth in the cold
A thought of her was truly a greatest story untold,
A thought of her turned miles into millimeters
A thought of her had made the world speak of us,
A thought of her made me write these lines
My thoughts of her were about our lives
Every thought of her was followed by a tear
Dropping as it counted how deeply I loved her
May 2015 · 4.9k
The Journey Through My Mind
Kim Yu May 2015
I’ve got a mission
To reach the destination
I was destined to go on a journey,
A journey which is unreached by many,
This is the journey of my life.

I shall walk down the empty streets
Through the boulevards of broken dreams
To the successfully riches
This is the journey which takes years to reach,
The journey of my life.

This journey is not an adventure,
It is a mental journey through nature
With the care & support of my family and friends,
I believe I can complete it with love in my hands…

So journey with me
Let’s push forward…
There’s nothing to rewind,
In this journey through my mind.

— The End —