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Kieran Feb 5
Our Mother screams in waves and quakes
Carbon an addiction brought on by her children
On nuclear nights, she cries to the moon
Cool-headed? She no longer is.
We exhausted her and now
Mother twirls around *****,
exposed to the sun
Her skin erupts with blood-filled blisters
and so, she punishes us still
in hurricanes, sometimes hunger.
Did you think we could win?
We still underestimate a single mother
but she will lose the fight
as tumours we suckle
and in turn, we terminate time.
New and improved.
Kieran Jan 22
Cradled in the moon’s light
My soul dims dry
The mind worn in dread
Impulses betray me
But dusk til dawn
Angels sing your name
My ears cry red
I long to hear God’s voice
To bath in morning’s dew
Sliced with fresh green blades
Meeting the suns embrace
Kieran Jan 12
So humanely inhumane
Kieran Jan 6
Tectonic tones
Voices in violins
The brilliance of brass
And wonderful winds
Orchestrating oxygen
Sweet melodies become maleficent
And you conjure up chords
Like a cruel composer
With love,

Your favourite instrument x
Kieran Dec 2018
A tree with no leafs
Reveals the veins of Earth we need

To breathe
Kieran Dec 2018
Maybe the wind changed direction
When we sang about heartbreak
Because we were singing in love

But now I sing alone
Numbing the heartache
Kieran Dec 2018
What is it like?
The fields of Elysium I mean
Today I should be sneaking you wine
After all, today is your Sweet 16
16 years ago on this very day
Our aunties answered the phone
Breaking the silence with sobs of sorrow
All I wanted was to hold you at home
But now you hold me
You soak the ambience with hope
in my lowest moments
the force of your existence cleanses my scope
My heavenly brother
When times are tough and I am not around
I know you take care of our sisters and our beautiful mother
You showed me in that dream
Vivid and clear
I walked into our bedroom
Our sister was asleep but something else was here
A child's curiosity led me
So I peered through our window
To see skies dancing
In a twinkling orange and yellow
Our sister was still sound asleep in bed
That's when I saw you for the first time
A light blue warmth with a cherub's head
You were cuddling our sister
I was in awe, not a single word said
Years have passed and I remember your visit
Anyways I just want you to know
When my eye's of this realm closes in death
I want to see you beside me Bro
One day we will all be together
In our circle of Heaven, as light as a feather
Can I ask perhaps to see you again?
In another dream?
Cheeky of your big brother to ask
On your bittersweet 16
On 25th December 2002, I was at home with my aunts on Christmas day whilst my mum gave birth to my still brother Jamal. It was my first experience with death and marks a pivotal moment in my family's life. I witnessed my mum slowly lose herself to depression and Christmas day became a birthday but also an anniversary of death. I remember having that dream I speak of when I had fallen asleep in my living one night a few years later as I now had my little sister. I told my mum and we cried in joy.
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