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Someone I adored once told me;
You won't see the shadows when you put your face to the sun.
But all i ever thought was;
Who would be there to save the ones in the dark?

My friends got together
Over coffee and secrets
Intertwining fingers
And unfortunately, tongues.
I sat and watched
As my hope dwindled
From my mossy eyes
Love turning me sour.
And I smiled
As my dry eyes
Bore daggers through her
And his stitched her wounds.
envious was I
The room was lit
Seemingly *****
The light was faint
I was unworthy

Ink, drops and drips
The paper sat
Ready for fits
I lashed at it

Lurid was the color
Black was my heart
I scribbled, then lied
this is art

Vague, leaving shade
I left it open
Here, take
This notebook of unspoken.
Roses and Angels.
Quite the username.
My beautiful babe.
With a head of beautiful hair.

Red, like the blood boiling inside my skin,
White, like the snow on the ground burying the old earth.
Red, like the wrath inside, where it's always been,
White, like the corner into which I have been swarmed by mirth.
Red, like roses in the spring that will now begin,
White, like the wings on which I'll fly for all they're worth.

The words on her pages
The words imprinted on my heart.
I love her eyes, and her mind.
I love her with me.
We are simply meant to be.

She broke down my fortress and made herself queen.
Just like we live in poverty.
I love my babe.
Just like the moon and the tides.
We have our phases and our time of meetings.
She is the boat, I am the dock.

She is the Angel.
I am the Rose.
Just like her user name.
For my one and only.
A gust of wind
blows a lone leaf.
Without its roots
it solemnly flies;
Finding nurishment
in these new lands.
Tis a bitter sweet sentiment
for the wind
shall soon return
wisking away
the lonely leaf
and sharing it
with the world.

Every new place
brings new blessings.
A temporary warmth
that sooths
the soul.
It finds companions;
Yet truly
owns no home.
The moments are fleet
as a single heartbeat.
Another gust,
and again,
it flys alone.

the lonesome leaf
shall one day sleep
beneath the trees,
Taking root
in a loving place
for it to keep;
by the stars.
Untill the day
it makes its way,
Its 3am here in Madrid. Ive spent the past 30 minutes thinking this up. Ive tried to write others recently but its been hard to find my feelings. I want to put something up and i feel this is as close as it gets. My heart is a poet, but I'm lost to myself and forgot how to translate its language
You can find your way to the gold
Just shine your light
Walk forward in a positive manner
And make your spirits bright
Rough roads will come about
Adjust, then continue on your journey
Set your sights upward
You will eventually reach your victory
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