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Kiefer T Fuller Jun 2016
As he remembers what it felt like to be vulnerable
as he used to come and visit
as he'd kiss her shoulder and run his fingers along her back
as he wiped the make up off her face
as they'd forget the world inside of her room
as she told him it couldn't be anything more
as the visits would cease
as he'd get drunk and rue
as his thoughts would battle between bitterness and nostalgia
as she forgets entirely
as a flame evaporates into a wisp of smoke
until no one knows it was ever there
Kiefer T Fuller Dec 2015
The answer only comes after the question is forgotten.
Kiefer T Fuller Aug 2015
And thus, the storm began with just one single drop.
Kiefer T Fuller Jul 2015
Her crystal glance shattered my soul into a million pieces.
Kiefer T Fuller Jul 2015
Look for the beauty in life,
and you'll find it.
Kiefer T Fuller Jul 2015
4 hours passed...
I sat upon the blue rubber mat
staring at the cold, white cinder block wall
my hands folded in my lap
I felt absent, forgotten, betrayed...

3 hours passed...
I stood up to stretch my legs
then I tapped my knuckles against the plexiglass window slot
"how long is it going to be?" I asked
"sit back down Mr. Fuller." the guard replied...

2 hours passed...
I decided to try and sleep,
I pulled my arms inside of my shirt and lay on my side
I fell in and out of an uncertain sleep
a knock on the plexiglass woke me: "no sleeping."

1 hour passed...
The cell door opened and they brought in another kid
"all the cells are full so we have to keep him in here.
No talking, see that camera? I'll know if you have been."
The guard left, the kid sat down. "How's it going"? I asked...

another hour passed...
The door opened again,
"Fuller." I stood up and followed the guard out,
he led me to my new cell, and out of the holding cell.
He dropped a pile of folded gray sheets into my arms.
"How old are you?" he asked
"12, I'll be 13 in March."
"12 years old!? what the hell are you doing in here?"
Good question...
Kiefer T Fuller Jul 2015
You make it easy to say what my brain doth ponder,
even when I'm distracted and my mind begins to wander,
thinking thoroughly of what my eyes have seen,
I absently absorb the sky and trees,
what lies I see but never accept,
I try to protest with a silent breath,
but my words never help the violence rest,
and the world constantly keeps my smile repressed;
your soul so full of rays of white,
we pass each day with graced delight,
to share a smile I savor each day,
consumed by the crowd as we both shy away,
an angel surrounded by faces of clay,
always passing by, but never to stay.
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