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Nyasha Chibi Nov 2016
It seems I write best when I am asleep
How unfortunate though for none of these words I can keep
Not like a memory it doesn’t fade
But like a memory it remains vague
Lost deep within the vast bank
Where you don’t withdraw but lose instead

I talk a lot but I cannot speak
Endless words that will not reach
That echo and pierce the walls within
But only walls for I am as good as mute
Denied an end with no beginning to return

I lent my ear, but paid no mind
For all and everything meant no mind
I had no words so I discarded my voice
So another it went and found
I lost my ear when I paid no mind
Now I am plagued with the sound of noise
Nyasha Chibi Oct 2016
Average girls are my type
But beautiful girls with ******* get all the hype
Cute girls are chatty and those will definitely skype
Damsels oh damsels will inevitably start a fight
Elegant girls are rare and as such hold them tight
Fine girls are women that come only with sacrifice
Good girls go bad once we look behind the lace
Humble girls are lovely but lack so much spice
Ignorant girls are like boys non of their friends are sensitive
Jealous girls are adorable but that is all they can be
Kind girls are wonderful it’s unfortunate most come at a fee
Loyal girls are like shooting stars now you see them now you don’t
Most girls just want to be loved but give up way too easily
Naughty girls don’t care they just want to have fun simple
Obedient girls have dark fetishes and boy are they fickle
Pretty girls have a half life and yes that’s science
Queer girls are hot you know, I mean it’s just a game of patience
Real girls are in computers and are just ones and zeros
**** girls on my bedroom wall posters
******* girls are dudes just look at their faces
Ugly girls don’t exist; beauty is in the eye of the beholder in most cases
Vixens will bite you I’d stay far if I were you
Women are not girls! What is that true?
Xochitl is a girl’s name it means princess
Young girls are rare nowadays girls act twice their age
Zippy girls are wild just try to keep your zippers closed.
Nyasha Chibi Jul 2016
Her seduction was a craft
Her body a remarkable piece of art
And before I could play my part
She had me crying, “Stop thief! You stole my heart"
Nyasha Chibi Jul 2016
I have never felt the touch of a woman
But I have loved tens of thousands
I go by one too many names
That’s where I get my confidence.
Nyasha Chibi Jul 2016
Bruce this Bruce that now everyone’s a Jenner
Well next time you yap I’m going to bruise you with my Benson burner
My darling lass always liked it rough
Until one day she came back home sounding tenor
I trembled and shook in disbelief then realized,
Oh this happened sooner
How she liked to use the rear entry and always walked in my drawers
And **** I know I’m straight but she still is a looker
If she wasn’t my **** wife I would make her my winger
Or maybe introduce her as my foreign half brother
But she not only rid herself of ******* but of me her lover
Threw me out of my hard earned manor and
Even took my side girl and sneered, that’s my pleasure.
Nyasha Chibi Jun 2016
The say inherit after seeing the success of other inheritances
But in other circumstances it’s more of coincidence
And sheer luck that one can be of such providence
Revered across the land in his time
By multitudes as much as the grains of sand you can find
Blinded by his love and trust of man
His life he did forfeit in his prime
But his memory is well imbued with mine
The blood of a great ruler courses through these veins
Of Chiefs of Kings of Lordships that string a long line
Chief Chivi Shumba Murambwi
Nyasha Chibi Jun 2016
Dear Sunlight

You think I don’t, but I see you
Hellraiser you take me a fool
Nay I say I’ve got foil under this blazer
So your rays are useless and I can but
I won’t look up to your master like his my saviour
I feel his stare on my back all day blasted gazer
So just go on and tell me what you want from me
I’ve got Benjamin button and I’m not getting older.

Yours Schizophrenia
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