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16/Bigender/Ohio    just the average bisexual teen who writes about feelings through poetry. I really hope u like my poems
19/F    // loving, listening, learning, and writing it all down //
22/F/United Shitdom    I like to write poems (obviously!) Some poems are personal, some are insightful, some are me narrating someone elses story through my eyes, some are ...
Tiana Marie
19/F    Literature is a symphony, and we read it for the same reason we listen to music: it makes us feel something.
Samuel Louis
19/M/your heart    Aspiring writer, I would love any critique on any of my poems!
Özcan Sh
19/M    Let your words spread out of your heart -I’m just a boy who writes some poetry
Pooja Basnett
F/UK    Scientist by profession & in love with creative writing
18/F    half-time college school student and full-time hufflepuff
A small child knows much more than anyone ever gave it credit for. Expressing is only a matter of finding the means and trying again ...
24/M    I couldn’t find what I was looking for in humans, but I found it in between the lines IG devante_393
16/Following the bees    Včely

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