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 Jul 2019 Kia
 Jul 2019 Kia
you deserve
the kingdom you’ve built
you deserve
the praise you earn
you deserve
the royal treatment she gives
you deserve
every good g*ddamn thing
this world has to offer

but no king
no, not even you,
two queens
why i have to leave
 Jul 2019 Kia
Can I tell you a secret?

I am terrified of death.
Think about it, before I was born,
How many lives had ended?
How many names were forgotten?
How many stories never made the history books?
So many people have come before me, and yet it is as if they had never existed at all. so many lives will follow mine, and will never know I was here.
Because even as they come to an end... the world will just keep going. Unhindered by the loss. She will not pause just because I stopped going.. no, Earth will continue to turn on its axis as She always has, without favoritism or prejudice. Unending and uncaring. And let’s face it, what have I ever done to deserve otherwise? What changes have I undertaken for the better? I have nothing to show, when this is all over. Undeserving of the immortality that memories create.
 Feb 2019 Kia
She Writes
Caged Bird
 Feb 2019 Kia
She Writes
Tell me this!
How can you cage a bird
When you fell in love
Whilst watching it fly?
 Feb 2019 Kia
 Feb 2019 Kia
i have an Uncle
he steals my money
he steals my ****
and burns it all
in front of me

i have an Uncle
who’s a misogynist and racist
a murderer and ******
a fascist and a terrorist
he stole my Fathers’ lands
he beats my Mother’s womb

he is addicted to white powder
black blood and green gold
he worships forces
to seize control
over every mind, body, and soul
my Uncle belongs in prison
but he owns those too
written on 10/19/18
 Feb 2019 Kia
when he was six, he wanted to be a soldier
and he ran around with sticks and a too-big helmet on his head
and a raging fire of courage in his heart
and his grandfather pulled him into his lap and asked what he fought for.
his chest puffed up
and his chin jutted out
and his little voice squeaked, "I fight for what is right!"
and his grandpa shook his head and shooed him off to play.

when he was ten, he still wanted to be a soldier
and he came home one day with bruises on his elbows
and too much hurt in his heart
and his father asked him what was wrong.
his chest fell
and his chin shook
and his voice quivered when he said, "I fight for what's right."
and his father gave him a hug and talked to him about it.

when he was twelve, he still wanted to be a soldier
and he tried harder than everyone else to prove he had it in his head
and the determination in his heart
and his father got him his first .22 and showed him how to shoot it.
his chest puffed up
and his chin jutted out
and his voice cracked when he said, "I fight for what's good!"
and his father shook his head and taught him more.

when he was sixteen, he still wanted to be a soldier
and he walked around with a broken hand from having too big a head
and too much anger in his heart
and his doctor asked him what he did
his chest burned
and his chin clenched
and his voice was more growl when he said, "I fight for what's right."
and his doctor shook his head and told him not to do it again.

when he was eighteen, he signed up for the army
and he pushed himself harder to prove he still had it in his head
and the motivation in his heart
and his grandfather got sick that year and called him to his bedside.
his chest ached
and his head fell
and his voice broke when he said, "I still fight for what's right."
and his grandfather's hand went limp in his.
 Feb 2019 Kia
Ashly Kocher
Our world is like a cup of coffee
Some black
A little cream
A little cream and sugar
Lots of cream
Lots of cream and sugar
All different
All unique
All tasty
But in the end we are all the same
Brewed the same way
With water and coffee beans
Just like humans
Under it all we bleed red and are covered in skin
Doesn’t matter what color or how you take it
We are all the same in the end....
 Dec 2018 Kia
sometimes i feel i'm nothing but a ghost, silent and waiting in the background
everything changes as you get older but no one warned me that a monster was gonna follow me close behind, dragging me into the dark with it
now i just want time to fly by. i'm only 16 and i already wanna get college over with but whats gonna happen after that?
will i live in isolation,feeling ill never be successful or will i actually be able to claw my way out of the darkness and make it to glory?
its just so hard to see
everything is cloudy and dark.
i hope things get better and this monster will leave forever
just a vent poem. i swear i'm gonna write more happy stuff lol. feel free to DM me anytime if you need a friend or just want to chat. have a great day/night! :)
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