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kianna 1d
i play the piano
because my dad said i shouldn't.
i don't even like piano.
kianna 3d
if feelings had a sound
it would be music.
kianna 3d
the first time i heard our song,
i wasn't even listening.

it was at natasha's party-
all of us were playing
spin the bottle
while jamming to music

and i kept looking over at you,
hoping i'd get a chance
to kiss you.

then suddenly i was next to you,
knees pulled up to my chest.
and before i could lean in,
you did it for me.
it was only a few seconds long,
but as we pulled away, you whispered
"i love you, kianna"

that's when our song came on-
call it cliché, but
this mixed melody of
silence and absolute joy-

i think we were kind of like that,
a mix of disaster and beauty-
so young,
yet we thought
we owned the world.

we were the only couple
who found their song that night.
kianna 4d
the blue-haired lady
in the back of the department store
asked me if i was from
"an exotic island".

i wanted to tell her
that if i was from there,
it wouldn't feel exotic to me.

not that i'm from anywhere
kianna 4d
he's so desperate
to be understood,
he forgets
to be understanding.
i don't think he remembers what it was like to be a kid.
kianna 6d
what if
all my life,
whenever i meet someone new
i can't fall for them
because they aren't
kianna 7d
they were broken,
and it was obvious
because whenever he passed her
she looked at the floor
instead of his eyes.
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