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Alex Jones Apr 12
The day is over
The sun

My bed awaits me
Tired and sore
I lay there
And out
Of an
Dreadful consciousness
we were studying the effects line breaks had on poetry and I really like this one that I wrote. hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Alex Jones Apr 11
Stiff and sickened
There I lay
My body numb and
struggling not to tear itself apart from the inside out
My lungs cave with every shredded breath
Dragged through my teeth
My chest fills with smoke and I feel like vomiting
I can't hold the weight
Of any more losses
I fear my soul can't handle the pressure
Please don't leave me now
Alex Jones Feb 20
Tell me I'm ****
Tell me I'm worthless
I should just die
so I cry
and there's nothing I can do

Things thrown around
Just one room over
I know what's to come
Whole body's numb
and there's nothing I can do

Blood on my hands
My thighs
My skin
Not again
And there's nothing I can do

Drowning in myself
My thoughts
So heavy
I'm ready
For what I can't do
Alex Jones Feb 18
My scattered heart
your scatter organs
and even more
The single most beautiful smile
ever to be seen
on an even more beautiful person
You were so young
the ripe age of twelve
never to grow old
never to stay young
never to fall in love
but still
you were so kind
so gentle
in a world
far to rough
We all love you dearly
and the memorial was beautiful
I'm sure you loved it from up there
singing and dancing
just for you
I know you're in a better place
where there is no pain
and no longing
and it's so beautiful
but it's always gonna hurt
I can't blame you for staying
I visited you in the hospital every day
and it broke me
that if you chose to come back
you'd return to pain
you'd return to fear
to a world to wretched to deserve you
to be in heaven
and see a place so cruel
I don't think I'd come back either
with love and passion, Aubrey
I'll forever miss you Jenna, til i see you again
Alex Jones Feb 4
I want to know that you see me
                                                 feel me
                                                             hear me
                                                                        miss me
                                                                                     know me
even if you do not
love me

                              that would be enough
Alex Jones Jan 28
I'm feeling drowsy
Not really tired
Just feeling lousy
Not quite wired

Don't want to die
Can't really live
Don't wanna lie
Can't quite forgive

Time moves too fast
Heartbeats too slow
Time leaves us last
Heartbeats must go

I can't do this
Neither can you
What to do
What to do
Alex Jones Jan 28
What a simple question
With such a complicated answer
I'll try to sum it up
Without too much banter
Have you ever just bled
In order to feel alive
Have you ever seen the darkness
And still taken a dive
Have you ever peeled your skin off
And worn it inside out
Have you ever asked a question
Just to cover up your doubt
Have you ever sold your soul
Just so it was free
I write because without it
I just wouldn't be me
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