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Lord and lady I beg thee,
Bless my dear traveler,
for the road has not been kind to him.
His spine- gnarled by careless hands,
Does binds him to a body of misery and torment.
A scourge of his own bones!
Like roots for the blades that protrude from & contort
his vertebrae.
Oh! If I were able I would curse the catalyst of his tribulations.
The devastation that derelict did force upon my love, breaks my heart Every time I look upon that beautiful crooked back.
But, instead for the agony of the man I love.
For, his recovery would be a greater reward than any retribution.
To me, you are like the embodiment of summer trapped in autumn,
Your presence, the sun shining through my gray, and cloudy days.

The strands of your hair, red and gold,
Like leaves twirling in the wind leaving me to watch them dance.

Every brush of your lips against mine sends chills down my spine,
warming me from cold breezes blowing against my neck.

When you hold me in your arms,
I'm taken away from my autumn,
daily stressors and pressures disappear So I can bathe in the warm honey of your summer light.
Edited by Samantha Neal
Thrown together by our meeting in spring,
    the season warmed the earth as I warmed myself to you.
My heart-
a glacier ,
  & the possibility of us trapped together inside.
But you: my anthropologist uncovered us, pulling me from a tundra of loneliness.
In your arms my ice melted, and the emotions I had long since buried,became yours to marvel
Edited by Samantha Neal
Sun God shine on me;
Every hour I darken your alter,
with thoughts of loving you in my prayers.

Sun God shine on me;
You  bless me with your company,
And I bask in its radiance.

Sun God shine on me;
In your church,
I am the most loyal devotee.

Sun God shine on me;
For if you are the sun,
I am the moon dancing in the sky alongside you.

Sun God shine on me;
Because if you do,
Baby I will shine for you.
We laughed for hours intoxicated,
with tangled limbs,
on our bed we watched the world spin.
All at once the laughing stopped and my beautiful one,
seeing your jade pools, laced with red pierced my soul.
Your cheeks wet; my heart could not endure the sight,
and before I could ask you said you were thinking of your cat;
that it was dumb because she died so long ago.
I kissed your tears and held you close,
but how could I communicate to you
that your pain is my own?
You needn't apologize or discredit one emotion,
because every feeling you have I want to share.
Every vexation I want to ease your distress.
Every jubilance I want to share your elation.
Sooner than I could vocalize my desires,
you looked at me with a face that I still mourn,
pleading with me not to wound your precious heart,
as if I could ever even dream of it.
I held you tighter and vowed to you I never would.
Mon Couer in that sensitive moment,
you were so beautiful.
Your vulnerable proclamations sent me into a tizzy,
and drunk on the side of you I so rarely see.
I could and can now, only think:
  I love you.
  I love you.
  I love you.
  Jul 2018 Khori Ann Bradford
I want to write but I don’t know what about,
“Write about her” my head will shout,
But it’s not fair to you,
It’s not your fault I feel so blue,
All I can think is “I love you” and that’s how I know it’s true.

I want to write about the flowers and trees,
And the sun kissed scenes
That I see in front of my grey face,
I want to find a place
That I can crawl into for a safety base.

I want to write about the state of the world,
Where everyone who is sad or lonely is hurled
To the back of everyone’s head,
And they have the audacity to have said,
“How can someone yearn for the silence of being dead?”

I want to write but I’m in a place that reminds me only of sorrow
Taking these random pills ignoring the knowledge that this will only borrow
The happiness that I was meant to feel tomorrow.

And so I’ll write about how I will always feel like this,
Just a ghost everyone can see,
An empty shadow that takes the form of me.
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