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75/M/South Florida    Rough draft for a masterpiece -old songs for new
M/Ohio    Also known as Mike Mezz. I wrote my first story when I was eight. I've always been a songwriter and recorded several of my songs. ...
Jalisa Allycia
25/F/New York    I write, I read, and I talk too much about both. "Only the strong go crazy. The weak just go along." @jalisa.allycia # jalisaallycia
Many of these poems I wrote years ago. They are like art...what is personal to one not so much to another. Enjoy! For more writings ...
Darrell Landstrom
20/M/FL    "It rests in changing." —Heraclitus. Poet, aspiring philosopher, and absolute bibliophile. Feel free to message me about anything! Tumblr: Darrell-landstrom Instagram: Dillon_lynch_99
Aladdin  Aures H
29/M    All Rights Registered®©️/ I'm Making Pause For A While To Clear My Mind , I Speak : English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber, And Algerian, Feel ...
Deb Jones
F/California    I love writing. My writings are confessional poetry. I write them in one go and they do ramble. I rarely go back and edit one. ...
31/M    Father. Teacher. Lover of Wisdom.
18/F    turning my thoughts into bad poetry.
Aaron E
27/M/West Virginia    Cook moonlighting as an Anarchist poet. Writing for probably fifteen or so years. I try to write a little bit every day, and occasionally I'll ...
F/Nowhere    I don't know what I´m doing here...
Fae Kay
23/F/Boston    A neuroscientist's homage to the brain, science and medicine.
Kyle Dal Santo
M/Los Angeles    Wasting words with lower cases and capitals. Ig- raptureisminekarl "Confessions of A Lost Boy" on Amazon
Phyll Spoken Arts
24/M/Locate    who Phyll really is;- Am P.L.O. In initials. common names Phyle.Phylo most used *PHYLL* Male by birth.Last born in a family of three;Hillary,Mitsh & Phyll.
usa    scorpio baby
Oh    I loved this site. One day I was denied access to my own work access because some anonymous person found something offensive. I hate this ...
20/F    baby i'm drowning and you're the shadow above me
Srijani Sarkar
17/F/India    A transparent cloud. I'm sorry, I don't have any silver lining.
Over the Rainbow    Poems are alive. They say a thousand words, keep a thousand memories and show a thousand emotions.
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