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Khadro Jama Aug 2
It used to be easy
It was then I gave up all morals
It was fun
Playing games to survive
It was aHidden pain.
I forgot I built a wall
That was then.
Now its different.
Now its real
I'm in charge now!
Khadro Jama Jul 24
Living life
Not realizing I'm just
A part of something
A part of dreams
While living as one
Its like trying to solve a mystery
Being a part of a puzzle
Brings you close into the game
You live in.
Khadro Jama Jul 24
Taking smalls steps to recover
Each encounter I gain something
I'm along way from ready
Like an unpolished rock
Gotta keep moving
I've acknowledged my reality
Each step I take
I grow
Be better than yesterday.
Shining like a ruby.
Khadro Jama Jun 11
I stayed after you hurt me
I stayed after you stopped talking to me
dealt with your BS.
I kept loving you,
even though you'd lie to my face.
While ******* your side *****,
trying to tell me shes just a friend.
I kept believing you regardless
Until I stopped caring.
You broke my heart
You broke my soul &
left me shattered.
I can't trust anyone to love me
I thought you'd be mine forever & after.
You were my love
My better half.
My best friend.
My husband.
Khadro Jama Jun 11
Don't think I'll be the same person forever
don't think for a second
that your sweet full of BS words mean anything to me
every wrong turn you've taken
every disrespectful word you've ever spoken
I lose 50% of why I should even stick around
keep stacking up them points for ***** Bye!
why should I care about selfish *******
I miss being solo!
I thought that having friends meant shyt
Nah! instead we just a bunch of people constantly bringing each other down  in disguise " Trying to be helpful"
***** you just waiting for that day I fall on my knees
Can't trust No One by thy self at the end of the day.
seasons be changing
Never the same.
Khadro Jama Jun 11
Stay down!
Down to live Just another day
Hidding out,
  living cautiously.
people out here
poping them guns, shooting
Ending lives left and right
I don't go out anymore.
days pass by
always looking over my shoulders,
wondering IF I will get shot by accident.
Just being in the wrong place w/ wrong people and time.
it's enough to get on these dumb ppl map.
ppl out here can't take a joke.
They don't know how to use the correct words
to handle their business!
Always trying to act grown,
can't even hold their own.
ppl out here
living in their Mamas homes but still, think they have the Right to take another Mothers kid.  
why? because you couldn't handle the truth?
y'all are an Embarrassment to the rest of the world!
what happened to those days where your word meant something?
instead" its I'm pop yo **** when I see you!"
I wait to live another day.
Ppl out here don't understand the value of LIFE?
I rather worry about gangsters
they got codes and rules.
instead, we got all these wannabe gangsters
who think just cuz you use or sell drugs
you the shyt or something
baby, sit your *** down
Im Tired of  
hearing dear Brothers & Sisters dying on the corner of that one parking lot at night.
It's Not safe anywhere!
ppl out here don't know to Speak up or forever keep your mouth zipped.
ppl out here trying to fill the shoes of the criminally insane
Leaving parents to grieve.
Live until tomorrow,
Because tomorrow carries No promises!
Khadro Jama Apr 24
There's pain in air
Hurt hearts and broken dreams
Shattered reality
Wanting to fade into darkness
Lie down in the foggy road
Lose my self into the now
Trying stay above
Got chains dragging me into purgatory
I was already part of this half dead land
What is feelings?
I don't quite understand.
Something I'm just drowning in.
Looking deep from with in
Tears fall down my cheeks
Leaving me into this hollow land.
Half-dead yet alive.
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