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Deep inside,
down in the dark,
they stir.
As if to say,
you can't see us but,
we're here.
You know they are,
but you try to ignore.
The stirring,
the nagging in your mind.
Deep inside,
down in the dark,
they hide.
The demons of my past,
really of my present,                                          
because they're still there,
stirring, nagging,
desperate to escape.
But I keep them locked up tight,
down in the dark,
deep inside.
I need to break free,
to jump from this nest.
You're smothering me
please, just give it a rest.
The things you say,
you think I don't know.
I just want to leave,
but have no way to go.
You need to let me be me,
stop trying to control.
I'm not little anymore,
I've suffered so much pain.
I know how to live,
and how to make my own way.
You can't tell me how anymore,
I've grown and I know,
how cruel the world can be.
You're smothering me,
please just let me be.
I'm my own person now,
and the more you try to restrain,
the further you push away.
You're smothering me,
please just let me be,
please its okay.
If I need you, you'll know.
I need to break free,
to fly from this nest!
I miss you,
I need you,
Why'd you have to go?
I know you're still with me,
but I miss your warm embrace.
The way you could make it all better,
with just a little wink.
I miss you daddy,
I need you daddy.
Why'd you have to go?
You've been on my mind,
an awful lot lately.
I keep wondering if you'd be proud,
of who I am today,
or if you'd say I'd lost my way.
I'm afraid you'd be disappointed.
That you'd look at me and say,
where are your plans,
what are you doing?
I just wish I could talk to you,
at least one more time.
That I could say,
I love you daddy,
and here you say it back.
I miss you daddy,
I need you,
I know your still here with me,
But why'd you have to go?
This poem is for my daddy just because I miss him and he's been on my mind a lot. Love you daddy.
I don't know,
what to do.
I don't know,
what to say.
I feel so,
Wandering through life.
I thought I had a plan,
yet I feel so lost.
I'm not sure what I want,
not sure where to go.
It may seem that all is,
clear to me,
that I know just what to do.
Yet I feel so lost,
I need a way out,
out of this fog.
Can anybody help?
Is anybody there?
Some days its real,
The smile she wears.
But most days its not,
It is nothing more than a mask.
A mask that she puts on,
So no one will see.
The hurt deep inside.
The feelings that churn.
That smile you see,
She has learned to wear it.
So no one asks questions,
So she doesn't have to explain.
Her beautiful mask,
If only you knew,
What truly lies underneath.
You can love them or you can hate them.
They are good and they are bad.
There is the angel of love,
There is the angel of death.
The angel of love,
He brings good things to life.
The angel of death,
He just takes it away.
Now the angels of love and death,
They can be alike.
They are both uncontrollable,
They are both unpredictable.
There are also many more differences.
They angel of love adds to your soul,
Although the angel of death takes from it.
One fights to keep your heart beating,
While the other fights to stop it.
The angel of love brings only that,
The angel of death brings only sorrow.
The angel of love, he is benevolent,
Nevertheless the angel of death, he is merciless.

— The End —