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Kevin Apr 30
I stand silently by the crystal water
Lost in thought,
Running to find a way

Gently with the back of my hand
I place it on the clear pond
mindlessly sifting through the
stillness of the calm

The reflection of this diamond sky
reminds me of her
                translucent emerald eye’s

Wondering when again-
         they would meet mine
Kevin Apr 23
I saw her in the corner of my eye one day
I thought she seemed different,
          but I never thought
          it could be us

She called and tried,
I missed the signs.
She held my arm,
        but I didn't reach for her hand

Now I view life in shades of black,
Where the white leaves scatter
I'm trying to find the path to her
To tell her one day

Beauty and all,
That she's the only color
Kevin Feb 23
Do you ever notice when you brag,
       When you intentionally talk,
About how he comes over

The poison that stings,
        Drips from your hidden fangs
How the violet drops on to the floor

Unwavering heart of glass,
Became shattered pieces of hope
         The dreams too distorted to realize

Never did you notice
         When mine walked away
Kevin Feb 7
I told myself a hazy moon ago
That I didn't need to see you,

That if I could work harder,
Write faster, draw slower,
and smile I would suddenly...
                                        forget you

Limerence shadows me once again
Eye's like broken shards
Pierces through my cold veins
              with just the slight picture of you
limerence sometimes feels like the most understated feeling at times.
Kevin Jan 24
i love how her vines
curl on her face
her dry eyes
always cut through mine
when she grew
i fell

deep ignorance
became our bliss

i first saw through the lens
of a shattered mind
an empty seed

suns up
it's better now
season couldn't
be any worse

between the petals and thorns
i'd change her mind
hold her tight
water her slowly

until she finally turns
looks at me slowly
and roots from the soil
Kevin Dec 2018
the touch of your violet fingers
gives me an idea

how it would feel
to suddenly embrace
the red curvature of yours
Kevin Sep 2018
Long lost lover, where may you possibly be?
Under the glistening stars beneath my wake,
Above these shimmering rip tide waves in these dreams

Long lost lover, do you ever feel?
The need, the lust, the pain of a crimson rose,
Light as feather drifting through the breath of light clouds

Long lost lover, do you need?
A compass, a signal or a touch of the beatific times ahead
Sudden escape from the grim shadows through the seams

long lost lover, when will this be
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